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Approved Tech Sondari Dumb Torpedo

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Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud


Intent: Specialized Torpedo that is resistant to Anti-Missile and Jamming
Image Source: [X]
Canon Link: Proton Torpedo
Restricted Missions: None
Primary Source:


Manufacturer: United Trade Conglomerate
Model: SDT-36
Affiliation: Trade Conglomerate, Fel Empire
Modularity: No
Production: Limited
Material: Firegem-Baradium-357 warhead, TibannaX, Reflec

Classification: Torpedo
Size: Average
Weight: Average
Ammunition Type: Proton Torpedo
Ammunition Capacity: One. It go Boom
Reload Speed: 30 min resupply while in Hanger-bay
Effective Range: Battlefield
Rate of Fire: Low
Stopping Power: Extreme
Recoil: Low


  • No Guiding Systems, point and shot
  • Stealth Shielding from Sensors
  • Large Explosive Payload
- High Explosive Capital Ship Destroyer: Larger amounts of damage then ones average Proton Torpedo when up against Capital Ships.
- Anti-Jamming and Invisible to Scanners: Without on board guiding systems and a pressure tip, this weapon is a Dumb Round that is also difficult to find.

- Flies in a Straight Line: Without a Guiding System, this weapon is easy to predict and shoot down.
- Starship Mounted: This weapon is difficult to aim as well as requires experienced calculations, thus they are unable to be effective while being mounted to a Capital Ship.
- Extremely Vulnerable: Before launch or during boost stage weapon is highly unstable.


The Sondari Dumb Torpedo was designed by military specialist with an understanding on a reliance on Jamming Technology by many fleets. Thus the blueprints for a weapon that was unable to be jammed was created. The Weapons Engineer Thomas Sondari figured a way for a Torpedo to be stripped of its guidance system and still operate in a four dimensional battlefield. He had to get a little ancient with the methods, but he was able to produce one of the first Dumb Rockets for the Company. The engineering group also decided on reducing the fuel tank for the TibianX as once the missile left its pod, there was no way it could course correct and it dumped nearly all its fuel in the first 5 mins of flight. Once the fuel ran out, it would travel through the empty space at its max velocity till it hit its target or the onboard launch timer expired and manually detonated. Being as it was coated by Reflec, and it traveled in dead space, after the fuel was dumped it was very nearly impossible to detect through space. Due to this, the torpedo was very deadly after it was launched.

With all the extra space made by the reduced fuel tank as well as the removal of the Guidance system, a larger payload was added. It was an executive decision to place a dangerous mix of Firegem-Baradium-357 as the weapons warhead. A single Torpedo has the capability to cripple a Frigate should it be aimed at the engine. The High Explosive mixture is very dangerous to handle and unstable, contact with outside elements cause an uncontrollable reaction. These weapons were handled with so much care, Ray Shields were needed in transporting them from armory to Starship. There was no messing around with these weapons, however, they were devastating to enemy craft.

Cairyn Midore

Use may be fatal.
Interesting idea. You list Reflec as one of the materials, yet make no mention of it anywhere else in the submission. Where is Reflec being applied?

Jaster of Clan Awaud said:
Reload Speed: Weapon can only be reloaded while in Hanger-bay
What's the reload speed in the hanger-bay?

[member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"]
Jaster of Clan Awaud said:
- High Explosive Capital Ship Destroyer: Is able to knock out a capital ship with a well placed hit.
This, and anything else in this submission which resembles this, needs to be changed. We do not approve ship-killers, we do not approve submissions which allow writers to declare damage on others, and we do not approve superweapons - which a single torpedo capable of destroying capital ships of varying sizes with a single strike would clearly fall under, especially when applied to any circumstance where it is used on something other than a capital ship.

Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud
[member="Lily Kuhn"]

Changed meaning to "Larger amounts of damage then ones average Proton Torpedo when up against Capital Ships."

Did not mean to make it sound as a super weapon. Apologies.
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