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Somebody to Thank

It had been a very long time since Ra had reached out to connect with somebody she had made a previous purchase from. However, she had the feeling she should with one person specifically. Listening to the Force on this, she arranged a time to meet with John Locke.

Headquartered on Kiribi, it was a neutral location to meet. Not that she would do anything, but it was nice to meet in places like this. Here it was his grounds and what he was familiar with.

With everything that had happened to Ra in the recent past, having any extra ace up her sleeve would be welcome. She hoped this man might be just such an ace. Somebody she could call on for aid and in her turn help him out if he needed it.

So she broadcasted her arrival and followed the directions for landing that given to her. A small ship of her own was what she arrived in, nothing special and it held no markers of any faction alignment. According to everything she had been able to learn about John, he did business with many people. So she also came as a neutral entity and not under any governmental flag.

Once landed she was greeted by a droid with male programming. He nodded and requested she follow him after introducing himself.

Having worked with the metal Lords, Ra was very comfortable around droids now. He was not yet on quite the same level as her companions, but in time maybe he would become a free droid and join them. With the withdrawal of the Metal Lords, she had needed to purchase ships that were easier to support. In that search, she had found John. Now here she was to just make the formal connection with him and lay plans for the future.

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