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לוֹחֶם מְפַקֵד
Hah! I saw you're thread on the omega pyre page and I knew you where going to the CIS!

@[member="Jonathan Walsh"]
@[member="Jonathan Walsh"]

Last time I saw you Walsh was over in the Protectorate. And at that time you were my superior. Funny how things change ain't it.
I don't believe I take orders from you Sir Aedan, I believe I have at least a couple years on you. I am glad to work with you again however. You did great in the battle of Masus Polis.
@[member="Aedan Miles"]
I never said you took orders from me. But I no longer take orders from you I actually lead my own band of people now. CIS is helping us get on our feet as such I take orders from the Grand Marshal only if you wish to give me ADVISE I will happily take it and I believe the proper term is Pirate Lord Aedan these days. @[member="Jonathan Walsh"]


Togorian Barricade

You're a low ranking cannon fodder, unfortunately. : /

Soon you'll be a knight and then you'll have other cannon fodder to meat shield for you though. *sage nod*

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