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So What I'm Obsessed?

Okay... This idea is one I've always wanted to do but I've always known that everybody, unless they are a fan, will shoot it down. But whatever, I really want to do it.

So this new arc that I want to do is coinciding with my last decision, which resulted in Onyx becoming insane and obsessed with one thing... that thing is his ancestor: Revan. So we don't know what happened to Revan. We don't know if he died, or if he became one with the force, all we know is that he was about to be killed and then he burst into a ball of lightning and dissapeared from the known galaxy. Some theories are that he died while others say he is still alive.

Now I for one, as a fan of Revan and Star Wars, believe that he is still alive. And there are many ways he could have survived such as going to the Well of the Dark Side, by being in a cryo state until someone woke him up... so many good possibilities. And I for one think it would be fun to search for him.

No, I won't actually find him. Mainly because he could be considered a "God" like character and wouldn't be allowed on the board. But wouldn't it be fun to try and find him?

So my ultimate plan is this: Onyx, with some help from a few friends, will search for Revan. The main search will take them to Korriban where they will search for the location of the Star Forge. From there they will journey to the, now ruined, Star Forge and search for Revan there. Due to the corruption it gives off, which Revan and many others were aware off during the Old Republic Era, Onyx will be driven completely and utterly mad. In the finale thread, Onyx will try to reconnect with the light, realizing all the corruption that had poised his mind, only to be blocked out. Believing he is doomed he attacks the members of his team, who will fight back and ultimately defeat him. Before they can finish him, one of the team members will instead offer him mercy so long as he gives up his search for Revan. Onyx agrees and they leave him.

So yea. That's my idea. Anyone interested? The ending is pretty bad, I know, however I need this to happen for his next arc to take place. So yea.

Darth Vazela

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There is a flaw in your story. You won't be able to explore the Star Forge, because it was completely destroyed, not just ruined, but scattered across the Lehon system in fragments.