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Sniper for hire

Like the title says, I'm looking for IC work. My qualifications are as follows:

- Mandalorian

That should be enough, I think.

Black Phoenix

You are sniper. I like sniper. Maybe sniper will be friend? I'm not insane. I just like talking like this ... really ...
I freelance all over and I'll accept payment in cold hard credits or material payment agreed upon before hand OOC'ly. Name a job, name a price, we'll negotiate, and see what happens.

Noah Corek

Factory Judge
Factory Judge
@[member="Arrbi Betna"]
Sorry,but that's good to hear.
@[member="Akio Kahoshi"]
We already have two members going to do the rp and then sign in,I'm just making sure some level of redundancy is in place.
@[member="Noah Corek"]
I'm a bit confused lol Was there an IC thread you wanted me to join in on? I know I need to check in, I'm working up to the post level. I'm in three threads already so it's just the posts that are left.

@[member="Akio Kahoshi"]
I'll read through it and pop in when I can. Also, I remember seeing some of your old posts/threads over at t-g-c. Interesting to meet the person who made them.


Fast Talking Face Reader
We could use you in the Silent Hand, if you're interested in a crime syndicate.
Assassinations! You know you want 'em!
@[member="Noah Corek"]
Thanks lol I'll see what I can do.

As a hired out private contractor, sure. As a in-faction assassin, no. If you have a specific contract, lemme know and we'll talk business. Otherwise, I'm taking the paying jobs that I get in order.


Fox Fire! New OOC Account
@[member="Arrbi Betna"] I'd hire you for tons of cash and all the gear you could ever desire, but I fear then @[member="Black Phoenix"] might think I'm cheating on him lel.

Black Phoenix

I like sniper. Sniper good. Dominion need more Sniper. @Vulpesia @Arrbi Betna
Seriously I'm not insane, I just really like talking like this and as long as I'm still in charge of the sniper division (which I never even was) everything is k.