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Smuggling Pals


Basically, I thought it might be a cool idea to get a couple more people together and start a crew. Once my characters current Rp thread (Drifting) is over, I'll likely be heading over to Nar Shaddaa to look for work and some more crew members/passengers to come along.

The long term intention is to have 3 people including myself as permenant crew members (primarily to generate some great long term RP, but also to hit the minor faction requirement so we can keep better track of movements/repairs/etc by way of the faction's news feed page) and maybe up to 3 short/midterm passengers at a time, who could each maybe bring in new storylines to spice up the voyages.

If anyone is interested in joining the Vors-Ka's crew, or being a passenger for a while, let me know either here or in a PM so that we can get the ball rolling!

Cheers for reading. ^_^
The Spacer
I kind of have my own ship, but I want to be part of a crew more than I want to pilot a ship. There's also some potential force training in my future; by the time I'm done, Jedi smugglers will be all the rage.


@[member="Kale Arkin"]
If you end up loosing your ship somehow, then come find Cytheria! :D
As for the Jedi thing, that could be really interesting - I'm still not sure where Cytheria stands on Jedi/Force users in general, so that's going to be great for character development.

Currently I'm roleplaying in the Drifting thread still, but the moment I head off to Nar Shaddaa I'll put out a general shout for crewmates, if you're still interested. :)