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Approved Tech Skosk Australis Beskaram

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Skosk Fett



  • Intent: To Create Juggernaut like armor for Skosk Australis that has appropriate weaknesses when dueling or when entering events
  • Image Source: Pin Interest Mandalorian Closet https://www.pinteres...650329515570998
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: Very Heavy
  • Resistances (For each category choose from: None, Very Low, Low, Average, High, Very High, Extreme Ratings of High, Very High, and Extreme will need to be added as strengths with elaboration.)
- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Extreme
- Kinetic: High
- Lightsabers: Extreme
-EMP/ION:Very Low

  • Jetpack
  • Beskar Plating and Gauntlets
  • Wrist Dart Launcher (Left arm)
  • Wrist grapple cable (right arm)
  • MBE Comm System(
  • Basic Helmet Scanners/night vision
  • Five Hours worth of life support, and a temperature system and seal to make the armor space worthy
  • Special Integrated Ballistic gels to add a protective cushion from kinetic force , and kick back of heavy weapons being used
  • Layered Protection: With a layered protection the first layer contains a Beskar Helmet, Shoulder Plating ,Chest Plating, Forearm plating, Gauntlets,Shin Plating , and knee plating. The second layer containing Integrated Ballistic Gel within the helmet, the neck area, and underneath plated areas to help deal with trauma and blunt force. The last layer containing armorweave that is the weakest precautionary layer to protect the feared hunter. Overall the Beskaram can take a heavy beating before wavering, from most ranged weapons and melee weapons as a result.
  • Jet pack: Due to being slower with the heavy and bulky armor, a jet pack was implemented to help get the hunter around the battlefield.
  • Gadgets: The heavy armor is designed for military and bounty hunting engagments. Therefore, has a dart launcher with an ammunition capacity of fifteen darts of varying choices on the left arm.The right arm fields a grapple cable designed to capture of pull in targets. The helmet fields basic scanners, and MBE Comm and night vision. This gives the mandalorian berserker the tools needed to communicate with allies and deal with potential threats.
  • Space Worthy: As a Siege expert Skosk Australis must, be able to fight in many conditions on the battlefield, one of them including space. These suite contains a special life support system that can last for five hours as a result and can be resupplied when needed.
  • MBE System Strengths:
  • -Resistant to commonly used jammers and monitoring
  • -Small and light enough to be carried by an individual
  • No Emp/Ion Protection: Emp/Ion based weapons can fry electrical systems such as the MBE Comm system, thus putting the wearer in a bad situation of not being able to coordinate militarily to units on the battlefield . Only until after the battle can these systems be repaired, as such the armor also relies on electrical circuits in order to activate it's jet pack. Should an Emp or ion based weaponry hit the wearer of this armor, the jet pack will be rendered useless. The same can be said for the scanner function and night vision for the Hud of the helmet. Meaning the warrior would only be able to fight in normal vision without scanner systems to identify targets , or during night time due to the night vision relying on electrical activation.
  • Heavy: While this armor offers major protection to the wearer, its heavy nature only allows even an athletic beast like Skosk to have a quicker paced jog without the assistance of the Jet pack. Only an athlete is capable of actively using the heavy armor in battle.
  • Hit the big guy at the ankles: In order to give the Juggernaut mobility, the ankles are relatively unprotected and are a vulnerable target to go after.
  • Joints: The joints are only protected by armorweave and therefore can be targets for foes attempting to devastate the giant.
  • MBE Weaknesses:
  • -Requires proximity of MBE-1 unit to function, cannot directly connect to other MBE-2 units.
  • -Organic, susceptible to sudden changes in temperature
  • -Loss of an MBE-1 with an active telepathic link results in a delay until telepathic link can be reestablished with another nearby unit.
Upon Becoming a Captian of the Mandalorian Empire Military, and a well respected siege expert that represented Clan Australis. The old Beskaram that the famed Hutt Mercenary wore was not meant for long term military sieges. As a result, new armor was needed for the established warrior and his rising military career. The giant workhorse needed armor that could better suit bounty hunting , or military campaigns. This armor was uniquely made upon promotion to suit those needs. The Beskaram designed to be a tank on the battlefield , taking punishment for the veteran of eighty fifth street. It's design Paint job consisting of red , and black a favorite color of the berserker . This Heavy armor , a well deserved welcome back gift after suffering years in hibernation .


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[member="Skosk Australis"]

Skosk Australis said:
Manufacturer: Mandalarms
  • Link the manufacturer.

Skosk Australis said:
MBE Comm System
  • Is this some kind of submitted technology? If so, please link it.

Skosk Australis said:
No Emp Protection: Emp based weapons can chew up the wearer of this unique armor and harm the individual.
  • Is this also true of Ion weapons?
  • Secondly, EMP blasts only really cause damage to electronics. They can't harm a person. Please revise this weakness.

Skosk Australis said:
Hit the big guy at the ankles: In order to give the Juggernaut mobility, the ankles are relatively unprotected and are a vulnerable target to go after.
  • Given the heavy resistances of the armor, please expand this weakness to include all joints, not just ankles. The joints are, at any rate, only protected by the armorweave undersuit, and thus exposed.


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[member="Skosk Australis"]

MandalArms, unfortunately, doesn't have Armor as one of its operations. You'll have to have to pick a different manufacturer.
Alternately, since this is Unique, you can just list your character as the manufacturer. Your call.

You will also have to add the relevant weaknesses of the MBE-2 to this submission for transparency. :)

Skosk Australis said:
No Emp/Ion Protection: Emp/Ion based weapons can chew up the wearer of this unique armor and harm the individual.

Netherworld said:
Secondly, EMP blasts only really cause damage to electronics. They can't harm a person. Please revise this weakness.
  • You still have to address this.

Skosk Fett


I put an IC buddy and ooc buddy as the manufacturer, hope that works instead. I revised the Emp/Ion weakness to describe how such an attack type can exploit the user.
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