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Approved Tech SK & JK

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тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂


Intent: Personal Pistols (2) For Halifax McCade

Image Source:

Canon Link: Mando Ripper

Restricted Missions: N/A

Primary Source: Mando Ripper


Manufacturer: ​Halifax McCade

Model: SK & JK

Affiliation: Halifax McCade

Modularity: Yes. Pistol parts/ attachments

Production: Unique

Material: Dallorian Alloy


Classification: Slugthrowers

Size: Handheld

Length: 18 cm.

Weight: 0.20 kg.

Ammunition Type: Slugs

Ammunition Capacity: 13

Effective Range: ​55m

Rate of Fire: Single action / Semi-automatic


1. Red Dot Sight Scope
2. Progressive / Staged Trigger


1. RDSS: The small illuminated red dot allows for greater accuracy and targeting.
2. Progressive / Staged Trigger: Allows different firing rates based on how far the trigger is depressed. I.E. when pulled lightly, the weapon will fire a single shot. When depressed further, the weapon fires at a fully automatic rate.


1. No Way I'm Hot: The alloy used in the creation of the pistols prevents it from overheating during repeated firing.
2. Accurately Correct: The pistols are very pinpoint accurate with the modification of the red dot sight scope.
3. One Shot...Multiple Shots: The upgrade to the trigger allows the pistols to have various rates of fire.


1. Karking Recoil!: When set to semi-auto, the pistols have a heavy recoil that at times can have an affect on the accuracy of the pistols.
2. Ammo{less}: The two pistols have a minimum capacity of thirteen rounds per pistol; translating into missed shots could be costly.


The two pistols, SK (Sith Killer) and JK (Jedi Killer), are modified Mandalorian Rippers upgraded by Halifax McCade. The two pistol's barrels had been swapped out and upgraded in favor of barrels constructed from dallorian alloy; to prevent overheating and potential melting from continuous firing. A red dot sight scope was mounted behind the barrel to allow for pinpoint accuracy, if it was used. The ripper's trigger had been removed with a new trigger, the progressive / staged style, added for double rate of fire options.

With the addition of the semi-auto rate of fire, if utilized, gave the pistols a nasty recoil since the pistols were naturally powerful. The pistol's clips, mounted underneath the barrel and outlined with dallorian alloy, could only hold thirteen shots before being swapped out.
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