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SJO 'MOTM' - May

Stephanie Swail

Look what they've done to my dream
Hi all!

May breaks, nearly half-way through the year.

Thank you from all your SJO Staff for your creativity and participation with not just our Faction development, submissions and Doms but also encouraging new writers and members to get stuck in.

Now it's time for our 'New Member Shout-Out' and 'Member Of The Month'!

We want to wish all our New Members well here who have joined through April and hope they will find their footing and enjoy their journey with us.

We also want to thank those New Members who have brought lots of energy to the Faction by making waves across all areas, so thank you [member="Kiriko"] for really getting stuck in!

Now the chance to thank one member who has shown great passion and dedication in helping new and old writers branch out with stories and Faction development. A great Silver both IC and OOC, and they deserve a big pat on the back from us all.

Our March Member Of The Month is [member="Tanaski Yumi"]
Please wear our special Rank Tag with pride in your signature if you wish for all of May.

Thank you ALL for everything you do.

Keep the ideas coming, keep getting involved and keep having fun out there because we are showing that nothing can knock the spirit of the Silver Jedi writers.

Also, please feel free to come to any of the Staff or myself with questions, concerns or issues you feel we can help you overcome and make the Faction even better going forward.

And remember...May the 4th be with you. Always.

Worst Jedi
Factory Judge
Way to go [member="Tanaski Yumi"] and [member="Kiriko"] (Superbear!)

And welcome to everyone whose joined the SJO. I hope you all enjoy your time here :)

[member="Stephanie Swail"] I have an issue, there aren't enough cookies! Vee keeps eating them all with her coffee :p
Me? An Assassin? Nooooo
I'd be lying if I said I was not expecting this anytime soon but I am happy to be awarded this title regardless, but I have to say thanks for the great time I've had here. Level Up Music


Well-Known Member
Thanks guys!

(does this come with a cookie as a reward? Is there cake? Brownie? Pie?)

And congratulations [member="Tanaski Yumi"]
Guardian of the Breath
Well congrats to yah @[member='Tanaski Yumi'] and hmm...

Kiriko said:
Thanks guys!

(does this come with a cookie as a reward? Is there cake? Brownie? Pie?)

And congratulations [member="Tanaski Yumi"]
Congrats to ya too fuzzy freeze bear [member="Kiriko"] and guess would this do?