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The Golden Rule

Hello there,

I'm here to announce June's member of the month in place of [member="Stephanie Swail"], as she is currently working through some matters offsite.

For June, the MOTM is [member="Josh DragonsFlame"]. Since he became active again with the SJO earlier this spring, he's been great at creating and driving threads and has generally been helpful.



We saw quite the influx of new and returning writers over this spring, which is great. After four years, this faction is still chugging along as one of the largest and most active Majors on the board.

Special shoutout to [member="Draven Dursden"], [member="Helly Reyne"], [member="Yuroic Xeraic"], [member="Jairdain"], [member="Velero Faren"], [member="Matsu Ike"], [member="Xan Priest"], [member="Kiriko"], [member="Iakchi"], [member="Tyrius"], and [member="Katarine Ryiah"].

This faction is nothing without our writers, thanks for continuing to stick around to write awesome stories. Cheers for a lovely summer.