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Approved NPC Sir Humphrey Pemberton

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Name: Sir Humphrey Charles Ethelbert Pemberton
Loyalties: Vitor Avendahl
Role: Vendor of Hunting Arms on Wildlands Game Reserve; Protocol Droid

Development Threads: If needed.

Age: N/A
Species: RWW-series Protocol Droid

Appearance: Apart from being constructed from durasteel, Sir Pemberton wears pompous clothing that is known to be worn by Galidraani nobles. That, of course, goes hand in hand with the fact that his personality matrix is completely identical to a stereotypical Galidraani noble.

Personality: A boastful and immensely self-confident droid, Sir Pemberton is a pleasant company to wealthy and well-mannered folks of the upper class since his personality tends to be a clone of theirs. Sir Pemberton is not one to shy away from criticizing anything that is not up to his standards and will demonstratively show his displeasure at anything he detests. Nonetheless, in his role as a vendor of hunting gear on the massive habitation sphere the Wildlands Game Reserve, Sir Pemberton is quite helpful in delivering what the client needs and demands.

Force Sensitivity: No.

Weapon of Choice: Double-barrel shotgun within his right hand. Basically his right arm is a double-barrel shotgun, the muzzle of which is at the palm of that arm.

Skills: Standard Protocol Droid skills.

Wealth: N/A

Combat Function: None. Can only shoot at obvious threats when in such situation.

Notable Possessions: His wardrobe.

History: Sir Humphrey Pemberton's story has not always been one of a wealthy, noble gentleman that serves the needs of those that share his interests. No. Sir Humphrey Pemberton was bound for scrap once upon a time. Serving an Axxilian lower class family, Sir Humphrey Pemberton or then known only as Ritto the stupid RWW droid, he was found useless when the family hit a rough financial patch.

Despite Ritto's complete devotion to the family and his commitment to it through its roughest days such as burying their firstborn child, he was still quickly discarded without second thought by the family.

Thus Ritto found himself on the way to a scrap yard on Ord Mantell. Fortunately for him, a crew of mischievous scrap lords hailing from Vorzyd, found him as a fortune and reconstructed him and remodeled his matrix. Being stupid little teens with pathetic and weak sense of humour, they gave Ritto a new identity and personality.

Sir Humphrey Charles Ethelbert Pemberton, a Galidraani noble.

A year later, Vitor and Corondex's arrival on Vorzyd resulted in numerous bloody engagements. In one of these bloody engagements, the scrap crew had been part of the collateral casualties thus leaving Sir Pemberton with no master. Interested in the droid, Bal Kadyr - One of the three lieutenants of Wraithguard - brought him to Vitor in case he had any need of what seemed to be an advanced protocol droid.

Being pragmatic and growing up in a poverty-stricken family, Avendahl was a man that could never learn to dispose of things. For him, every little thing could find its worth. Even Sir Humphrey Charles Ethelbert Pemberton.

Hence, after using him a while as a personal assistant when June was not around, Vitor found the perfect job for Sir Pemberton.

A vendor droid on Corondex Arms' hunting equipment shop on the Wildlands Game Reserve space station.

There he fits perfectly with the wealthy and pompous clientele.

Intent: Enrich the lore of the Habitation Sphere that Maleagant is supposed to sub when the factory is open.

​Image Credit: Found via Pinterest Search
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