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Gilamar Skirata

Life before death. Journey before destination.
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[*]Operations: Starship Construction and Modification
[*]Tier: T2
Named after Gilamar's late wife Silvia Skirata, Silvia Shipyards is a small shipwright company based out of the Outer Rim world of Manas. Built off of the foundation of the Ironclad Guild, a workshop that operated out of Ketyadyr, Silvia Shipyards has taken talented shipwrights and dockworkers from across the Galaxy. A melting pot of ship building traditions, its core strengths lied in a Mandalorian-Mon Calimari fusion of design. Providing a steady stream of work for local Nasvalo, Mandalorians in Exile, and other transient workers. Somehow they always end up with full copies or slightly edited versions of MandalMotors ships...

After meeting entrepreneurs on the Outer Rim planet of Manas in order to secure ships and parts for the Mandalorians in Exile via MandalMotors, Gilamar began spending more time on the planet. Securing territory in the Canyons of Manas he began working and finding work in Navaslo factories. Befriending many of the locals and seeing a general lack of serious industry on the planet and in the Outer Rim as a whole (that wasn't seen "spacer trash" stations) Gil put his skills to use and contacted Zeke Farthen secretly from MandalMotors and was able to smuggle one Vencuyot II shipyard station into orbit over Manas. After the Galactic Alliance dissolved, much of the Sulustan, Quarth, and Mon Calamari talent from the Alliance sponsored shipyards made their way into the Outer RIm with the rest of the Alliance Remnant, providing Silvia Shipyards with a strong base in several different styles of shipbuilding.

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