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Approved NPC Silver Jedi Field Artillery

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Bombshell Genius

A MobileMortar-4 on pre-mission checks



  • Availability: Common
  • Deployment: Mass
  • Strengths:
  • Mobility: Capable of engaging a wide variety of enemies in hit-and-run operations
  • Infantry and soft targets: its ordnance is very effective against infantry and unarmored/lightly armored vehicles
  • Weaknesses:
  • Cannot fight effectively at close range: their ordnance's blast radius impose a minimum range to engage an enemy and infantry can close in and kill the gunners at close quarters - and hence they can be problematic to use in urban warfare
  • Fragile vehicles: can't withstand heavy firepower
  • Description: The Silver Jedi Field Artillery is borne from a need, made apparent on Barataria, that there were situations that called for mobile firing platforms for field artillery over the more traditional, heavily-protected artillery platforms that the SJ usually used on the battlefield up to that point. With the understanding that suppressive fire was to remain the domain of infantry, and that heavy weapons infantry was used in other tactical situations where mobility isn't as crucial, or where vehicle-mounted artillery cannot be deployed, a platoon of SJ Field Artillery comprises one squadron of one-man 24 MobileMortar-4s, with 12 of them being deployed in assault configuration and 12 of them in mortar configuration, while being issued 35 proton torpedoes or mortar rounds apiece, respectively. SJ Field Artillery is expected to conduct hit-and-run attacks against targets as well as supporting infantry as required. However, the vehicles cannot typically withstand enemy artillery or armor fire, making them rather fragile speedsters.


The Flesh Of Fallen Angels
First of all, your image breaks the size rule imposed by the Codex Staff as it current size is 1211x 657 px instead of the required 1000x750.

Make sure this links back to the main homepage, not the discussion forums.

Mobile firepower
This is not a good enough strength. Please expand or swap it for something else.

Limited ammunition: when they run out of ammunition they are unable to fight beyond their sidearms
Same as above, I will need something else regarding this weakness in particular as I feel it's not good enough.

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