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Approved Tech Silence Shroud

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The Butcher
  • Intent: To create a special sub to aid in Al-Khali's experiments
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Al-Khali
  • Manufacturer: [member="Seras Goto"]
  • Affiliation: Individual Character Name (Seras Goto)
  • Model: Experimental Sensory Deprivation Nanites
  • Modularity: N/A

  • Production: Unique (Seras Goto)
  • Material: Nanotechnology
  • Sensory Deprivation: Designed to paralyze vocal cords and auditory capabilities of people within Al'Khali
  • Designed and programmed to within the area of Al-Khali to infiltrate the throat and ears of organic species. Disabling their ability to hear or speak to cause disorientation.
  • EMP/Ion Weapons: The nanites are not shielded or protected from emp and ion weapons making when struck with them that the nanites can be disabled. Within the air the nanites can be hit by splash and burst effects from shots.
  • Short Lives: The nanites are desiugned to only last for a few hours and replicate. Since most of the experiments in Al-Khali are decaying they need to burn out and not spread infectious materials
  • Area: Designed to be present within Al-Khali once they pass the walls of it the Nanites deactivate within the person making their range and use limited to a single location
  • Inhalation: Designed and requiring that the body is exposed. The nanites can't infiltrate armor or clothing diabling the senses of the people. If you ears and mouth are covered it blocks out the capabilities of the nanites.
  • Water: While Faustin is a snow covered world usuaully in a blizzard the nanites can't be submerged under water.
Designed by Seras as a means to experiment within Al-Khali, the silence shroud is made to disable two of the senses of most species within the galaxy who are on the planet. The nanites work to disable those who can inhale them or are exposed to them. The auditory senses for hearing and the vocal cords. it keeps her experiments from screaming and alerting or calling more to the facility. THeir screams being something that can be blood curdling to many and a draw for more of the infected on the world. Within Al-Khali they will work on people not wearing armor and can have a disorientation effect as a byproduct to it. Losing two of your senses can throw some off balance but it is not always the case. Given their size ion and emp's that are used can disable them and they are only set up to function within the perimeter of the facility.


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[member="Seras Goto"]

Pretty straightforward, just a couple questions and we'll be good to go.

Seras Goto said:
EMP/Ion Weapons: The nanites are not shielded or protected from emp and ion weapons making when struck with them that you can deactivate the ones in your ears and throats.
  • The way the above weakness is written, it comes across as the EMP/Ion works only once the nanites are already inside the person. Can they be disabled also while they're in the air/ground/what have you?
How do these nanites fare in water?
The Butcher

Yes and no, shooting the air wouldn't be very effective as it isn't thick with them.... but I did rewrite it to hopefully be more clear. Also added submersion in water since the planet they are on is snow and ice.
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