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Sierra Momoa

The Remnant

NAME: Sierra Momoa
RANK: Initiate
AGE: 24

SEX: Female
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Dark red
SKIN: Bluish grey
Can fly

Naturally darksided
Hollow bones
One lung

Sierra was born an only child to a world that simply had no need for another darkside servant. Far from her ancestor’s mother world of Dromund Kaas and Vanr she grew amongst the Dagobah waste and bog to womanhood. Taught in the ways of the Vanr largely by her mother, she later came to resent her father for weakening the former skilled huntress with his neglect. While her clan consisted of about a dozen, the girl was nearly solitary in her generation, few children her age kept her company. The Momoa clan grew primitive in their harsh homeland, hunting for what was needed and reading trails, the dense humidity gave them the lean hungry look of war painted savages…

By adolescence Sierra began to notice a decline in her clan mate’s practice of beliefs, This unnerved her in a way that she could not shake, the realization that she very well could be the only one left who had faith in the old ways both frightened and intimidated her…She would soon face her trails with an uncertainty of the future and her place in it.


The promise of being rewarded a saber of her own spurred Sierra to face her trails dauntlessly. Tasked with slaying a dragon snake she set off into the bog and over the mountains. While finding the beast took several days, her battle with it was short lived. The serpent proved weak, falling dead beneath the murky depths of swamp land and fatally boosting its killer’s morale to a careless intensity… She waded deep into the muck to claim her prize- a canine of the fallen dragon snake.

It was then the true victor emerged; a swamp slug and its hunger not yet sated by the meager portion of reptile. Not only was the slug massive, it was unstoppable. After a barrage of desperate rifle fire was unleashed from the panicking apprentice, she fled back into the muddy forest until her legs collapsed beneath her. Sierra lay in the muck a moment to weep. Ashamed of her cowardice she remained alone unable to face her clan after the failure.

The misfortune was not entirely due to her own lacking, her inexperience with guns had left her with an over estimation of their power. When hunting she had worked solely with blades and her own viciousness. She trained for a steady week before returning to her foe- but this time she did not rely on foreign weaponry. Another day she waited, keeping watch from the vines on several dragon snakes- prey of her new enemy. When he did emerge she pounced upon him, but the slug’s fragile antenna had already made him alert. The slug attacked, nearly swallowing the girl whole, but her blade was ready and challenged the beast’s thousands of teeth confidently.

Holding her blade against the roof of its mouth she planted her feet to prevent its jaw from dropping down on her like a guillotine. she was anchored. For hours they struggled and the creature slowly tired and descended into the swamp waters to rid itself of the threat. Beneath the water Sierra was battered by organic debris and nearly drowned before she was ripped from her prey. She surfaced from the filthy water gasping for breath and with one less weapon. The fight was far from over and when the Slug rose again, Sierra was dragged beneath the water this time sucked in by the slug‘s massive weight. Nearly crushed she fell against the marsh’s mud floor and inhaled its thick juices through trodden lungs and several broken ribs. Near death her trap was sprung…

Far above them the vines concealed Sierra’s secret, a string of thermal grenades which hung by a thread- the opposite end of which she held tied to the fingers of her right hand, when pulled roughly the pins where ripped from their shells and the grenades set to explode were dropped. The force of her push to the swamp floor had them well on their way to detonate and they did so on and around the slug. The giant gastropod was critically wounded and fell, stunned and maimed. Sierra pulled herself to the surface and claimed her prize- the slugs eyes- while it still breathed its last breath.

Then the news of what the Mandalorian's did on Dromund Kaas came and Sierra was shocked, the whole world decimated with her people as she swore bloody vengeance upon them. The sith were being fought all over, the empire crumbling but there was more that would be able to get done and she would be there when the time came to fight.

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