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Shriastae Tivale, Prodigal Angelii

Belle of the Brawl

NAME: Shriastae Tivale
FACTION: Eldorai Matriarchy
RANK: Angelii
SPECIES: Eldorai
AGE: 39
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'10" (1.8m)
WEIGHT: 121 lbs (54.8kg)
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde
SKIN: Fair


  • + Implausible Fencing Powers. Shri is a really, really good duelist. Given a proper weapon, she's easily a match (or better) for a Jedi of her relative experience. She's studied heavily of almost every Eldorai school of swordplay, and can make a sarix do some pretty impressive things, even when compared to a lightsaber. Naturally, this is almost entirely due to her...
  • + Combat Clairvoyance. Shri is a "Sciian," the Eldorai term for a Force user. She has an extremely strong affinity for Sense-type Force abilities, able to read the emotions and surface thoughts of others and feel the currents of the future with a certain degree of clarity. This makes her a formidable opponent in close combat, but leaves her vulnerable at range, because she seems to have...
  • - Crippling Overspecialization. Despite her incredible extrasensory prowess, Shriastae has no telekinetic or self-affecting Force abilities at all. She can't lift a rock, shoot lightning, heal her wounds, or make herself move faster than the Eldorai norm (which is admittedly pretty damn fast). This makes her even more vulnerable during certain kinds of battles, because she should...
  • - Never Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight. Sure, Shri's precognition would make her an incredible shot if she were to spend the time to learn how. However, due to pride and generally specialized training, she's rarely picked up a blaster for any longer than it took her to pass her marksmanship tests. Shri carries a blaster on her, but finds more pleasure in not using it than she does in being practical. Then again, what would you expect from a...
  • ~ Teen Genius. Snot-nosed little punk.


Shriastae Tivale is the youngest of Vaelistraee Tivale XI's six children. Naturally, this means that she grew up with an enormous inferiority complex. Her eldest sister, Faerimma, was even a low-ranking Sciian, and all four of her other siblings were old enough to be quite established by the time Shri was born. Her early life was full of disappointment and general loneliness as her large family continued on without her.

This all changed around the age of thirty when, midway through puberty Shri's Force sensitivity flared. I was a subtle thing at first, as telekinesis seemed far from her forte. However, after some impossibly-fast reactions (even for an Eldorai!), she was tested and found to be a Sciian of intimidating potential. That potential alone landed her a scholarship to Tsivian Kalas, one of the most prestigious military academies on all of Kaeshana.

In less than a decade from her admittance, and Shriastae Tivale surpassed everything she was supposed to be instructed in for over twenty years. Her prowess with a sarix was uncanny, and her grasp of squad-scale tactics, military history, and other rather specialized, soldierly things was pretty incredible. Naturally, she received an invite into the Angelii warriors...one of the youngest candidates in the history of the order.

While Shri has proven herself quite capable in drills, exercises, training, and war games, she has yet to be tested in the field. This leaves her a bit insecure in her abilities, and she yearns for the day when her abilities will be put to the test.