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LOA Short break

I was advised to take a leave from the site for a few weeks, as well as with my life getting busy I had planned on taking a LOA. However, the drama has gone on for a month and threatens to burn me out. With work and unnecessary drama, I think I will follow my instincts and rest for two weeks. I will post on the threads I owe, but I wont be joining new threads. I will likely be stepping down for my two weeks as an admin as well for the Mandalorian Union.
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I am happy to have chatted with you during our threads together. Don't give the drama power. It helps to keep in mind that we are a diverse group. Some will understand you, some will not. Gravitate towards those with whom you can be yourself without demanding explanation. Don't let differences get to you. Come back when you are refreshed, and let's have some more fun!

~With sincere mixture of feelings,

Signed, Your IC Antagonist, OOC Friend