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Approved NPC Sharukan Empire Testoran Guard

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Linna Beorht



Intent: A standard elite Sharukan Empire force for occasional appearances, including opposition for ORC as necessary.
Image Credit: “EQ-RIUEN” by Limkuk, found at

Role: Ship-to-ship boarding, elite guard for dignitaries
Links: Sharuka, Sharukan Empire


Unit Name: Testoran Guard
Affiliation: Sharukan Empire
Classification: Infantry


Availability: Rare
Deployment: Limited

Strengths and Weaknesses: The Testoran Guard are all of the Sharuka species, meaning they come with a slate of strengths and limitations involved. They have extremely precise muscle control (Sharuka make excellent surgeons and snipers), and have good physical endurance. However, they are not as physically strong as humans on average, and must rely on their basic power armor to enhance their strength. Without the armor, they are fast and agile but only as strong as your average adult human civilian, despite their elite training. The Testoran Guard specialize in squad-level tactics. They are excellent at ship-to-ship boarding operations and elite personal security duty. However, they are not as well-rounded as other elite special forces: piloting and fixing ships, using heavy/special weapons, and long-term guerrilla fighting are outside their expertise.


The Testoran Guard have their founding roots in the few Sharu who retained their memories on Rafa many millennia ago, sacrificing themselves to protect their people. The Guard was formally created during the emigration and formation of the Sharuka civilization, a couple of centuries before the Gulag Virus. The Guard originally served as protectors for new colony worlds; a handful of Guard were sufficient to handle the average pirate vessel. In time, their specialization in ship-to-ship combat became their defining feature as a unit. They undergo extensive variable- and null-gravity training, and their field disruptors, weapons, and high-grade vibroblades are more than capable of getting them through most ships’ shields and armor. Once aboard, their approach is straightforward: destroy security systems and defenders the hard way. No tricks or toys, just skill and pride and implacable tenacity.

Jairus Starvald

[member="Linna Beorht"]

I really dig the Sharuka and this unit doesn't look unbalanced whatsoever. We usually provide some leeway too for opposition groups that are meant to serve as antagonists for your stories, so this is pretty much on the money.

Looking forward to see more from these guys.

Pending secondary approval!
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