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Factory Denied Shadowkat Suit

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  • Intent: To give Marina armor to go with her newly found hobby
  • Image Source: Dustin Brown
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Classification: Anti-Blaster, Stealth
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances:
    Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Very High
  • Kinetic: Average
  • Lightsabers: Average


[*]​Shadowkat Suit

[*]​Shadowkat Gauntlets
  • ​Durasteel vibro-claws
  • Magnetic palms
  • Ultrachrome vambraces
  • Hidden dart/grappling hook launcher
  • Holoprojector
  • Holomap
  • ​Hidden retractable blade

  • The Shadowkat suit was built to withstand a moderate degree of blaster fire should the wearer find itself in a situation where such an outcome is inevitable.
  • The main purpose of the Shadowkat suit is to provide the wearer the capability of stealth. The blackened coat of the suit, along with the padded shoes, all contribute to the nature of the suit.
  • While the suit provides elements of stealth, it's not effective in most cases. The wearer can still be seen by the naked eye and tracked by most sensors.
  • Any weapons outside of blasters, which have been noted to be on the rise as of late, pierce the Shadowkat suit with little issue.

The Shadowkat Suit was designed as a prototype for future stealth armors to be designed after. The main purpose of the suit is to provide the wearer an impeccable level of stealth. Nearly every component of the suit is included in order to advance the purpose of the suit. Stygian-triprismatic polymer, enhanced with Crystadurium shards, is the main component of the suit. The polymer was treated with Nightshadow, a coating that baffled sensors, making the user nearly invisible to most sensors. In order to make the suit flexible and keep the user agile, a bodyglove made from Maalraas hide and Zeyd-cloth serves as the underlay of the suit.

The Shadowkat suit comes with many components and gadgets as standard that give the user a technological edge in the field. the Shadowkat Shades give the user increased awareness thanks to the optics suite built within a compact package. The polarized lenses of the shades protect the user from sudden bursts of light such as flashbangs. The Shadowkat suit comes with a utility belt which holds several gadgets and weapons such as grenades, smoke pellets, and emergency food & energy capsules, plus much more. The Shadowkat gauntlets provide the user with a myriad of tools. The durasteel claws serve as an excellent melee weapon, especially when the ultrasonic generator was activated, greatly increasing the claws lethality. The gauntlets also comes with a hidden blade for assassination, a holomap and holoprojector, a dart launcher, and magnetic palms for scaling buildings.



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Nah but in all seriousness this is overall a bit under powered if you wanted to make it lighter or bump another rating up that would work otherwise I can approve it as is.
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