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Approved Tech SG-PS Shot Round

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Intent: IC purpose is for hunters to effectively target, engage, and take down small game and fowl with a pistol, either revolver or magazine fed. OOC, the purpose is to expand Mythosaur Munitions' product base. In either case, the bullet is designed for small game hunting and while capable of improper re-purposing to military use, the shot would have negligible effect in any armed conflict.
Manufacturer: Mythosaur Munitions
Affiliation: Mandalorians, hunters galaxy wide
Modularity: None
Production: Capable of Mass Production, currently on Limited Production
Material: Lead shot, plastic casing, brass base, chemical propellant.
Description: The SG-PS shot round, or Small Game - Pistol Shot shot round, is designed to allow small game hunters to track and hunt more effectively using a slug based pistol. The shot allows the hunter to take down the smaller game more easily without requiring more precise accuracy that a standard bullet requires, though this comes at a cost of higher recoil from the shot shell.
Bullet Weight: The shot weighs slightly more than a pistol round, but not overly so. Obviously, in bulk the overall weight would be higher, though hunters normally would only carry a handful to a few dozen of the shells.
Caliber Range: The SG-PS round is normally found in the larger calibers of pistol ammunition, namely .38 caliber (though called a "thirty eight special", the bullet is actually a .357in/9.1mm diameter bullet and 1.55in/39mm overall length. The .38 is the approximate diameter) and higher. Anything lower and the round is completely ineffective against small game. Anything higher than .45 caliber (.452in/11.5mm diameter bullet and 1.275in/32.4mm overall length of the round) and shot shell is superfluous on small game and too powerful for the shooter in a pistol form.
Range: The SG-PS shot round's range is a few dozen yards only. Anything further and the shot loses power and accuracy. At such a point, a regular round is preferred.
Cost: SG-PS shot rounds generally cost the same as Regular rounds per box, though with all Specialty ammunition sold by Mythosaur Munitions, the number of rounds per box is reduced to save manufacturing costs and maximize profits.
Strengths: Highly effective against small game and fowl at close range, reduces a need for accuracy with pistol hunting, fits pistols (both mag fed and revolver) from .38 to .45 caliber.
Weaknesses: Completely ineffective beyond maximum range (a few dozen yards), more recoil than Regular ammunition, completely unavailable in any caliber outside of the listed range, fewer rounds per box when compared to Regular ammunition.

Lord Ghoul

You probably don't need a submission for this, considering it doesn't do anything special and already exists in real life.

Nevertheless, approved pending secondary.
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