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Special Forces Archive



Recorded Name: Vernon Blackwater

Designation: SF-5861

Alias: "Deadshot"

Allegiance: The First Order

First Order Branch: Special Forces

Military Branch:Special Forces Ground Control

Military Rank: Sergeant Major / Technical Sergeant

Current Occupation: N/A

Species: Human

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Height: 6'5

Weight: 200 LBS

Skin Color: Tan

Eye Color: Light Blue

Hair Color: Black

Status: Alive

Years of Service: Classified

Force Sensitivity: N/A

Known Strengths:

Marksmanship: Within his training SF-5861 has shown to be a deadshot within his training though this may be to his cybernetic eye that may be enhancing it- though he can hit a coin from 100 yards away with a blaster pistol. His commanding officers even put him on Ground Control rather then just being a Tie Fighter. Even his teammates record that he has a better shot than a seasoned fighter- though whats to say when you haven't encountered it.

Martial Arts: SF-5861 within training shows to excel within hand to hand combat even being able to defeat some of the higher ranking officers within the first order further reports show that he might've been prone to this within his younger years and such giving him more spacial training. A further pulsation within, his father being a recorded Martial artist that was registered shows that SF-5861 got his talents from his father.

Slicing: His training has included the average slicing protocols but SF-5861 has shown to go above and beyond by even slicing into some of his Commanding Officers personal terminals and locked terminals not even meant for his eyes- he had received a week in the brig for such and extensive PT for such but his commanding officers noted his talents. Even when other challenging officers have problems with terminals and holopads he typically can slice into it within a few seconds if given the right equipment and such.

Mastery Piloting Skills: His piloting skills are extraordinary being trained and mostly living on the star destroyer, though typically he likes being on the ground even though he has elegant piloting skills, though from time to time he will typically go to pilot just to get a kick out of his enemies.

Known Weaknesses

Alcoholic: SF-5861 has been noted to have drink alot within his former life and still clenches to the bottle when offered a habit that should've been drilled out of him during his basic training.

Angry personality: SF-5861 has been known to have started a lot of fights within the cafeteria and training grounds, getting in a brawl with three cadets getting him sentenced to the brig for another week and janitorial duties.

Patience: SF-5861 has shown to be weak to having patience usually not being able to wait for others and wanting to get the job done or not being patient for anything at all.

Imperial Medical Record:
A scar is slightly visible near his cheek.



Armor Description: His normal standard issued SF Armor, though with the tube removed and in his pack- its almost a play off of Deathtrooper armor due to him removing the tube.

Armaments (Armor)

First Order Special Forces Armor
Knuckle Plate Vibroblade

Armaments (Weapons)

LL-30 Blaster Pistol
EMP Grenade
Scout Pistol
Chemical Loaded Grenade(Loaded with Fex-M3)
Disruption DX-7 Pistol
EMP Grenade
Thermal Detonator

Armaments (Tools)
Cutting Torch
Computer Spikes
Security Spikes
Vehicle Repair Kit
Vehicle Tool Kit
Thermal Detonator tape
10 day rations