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Codex Denied Sergeant Freya Solveig

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Tegaea Alcori

Firemane Industries CEO
Image Credit: Taxer-Jinn on Deviant Art: http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2012/197/1/f/female_soldier__camo_colors_by_taxer_jinn-d57g003.jpg
Name: Sergeant Freya Solveig
Loyalties: Firemane, Tegaea Alcori and Siobhan Kerrigan
Role: Firemane master-at-arms, head of security, lead trainer.
Development Threads: N/A
Age: 25
Species: Human
Force-Sensitive: No
Appearance: Has long blonde hair, a pretty if somewhat scarred face. Has very impressive, athletic body, and is above average in height.
Personality: Gruff and reserved except to those she trusts, in which case she can be bawdy and amusingly crude. In stressful situations or combat becomes extremely focussed. Extremely loyal to certain individuals.
Weapon of Choice: Mk1 bolter with all types of ammunition, but favours the new APE ammo. Also proficient with vibroknife, blaster and explosives.
Wealth: Moderate. In addition to her Sergeant’s pay she has received bonuses from her employers for her service. By the time she’s 30 she should have enough to retire comfortably, though not luxuriously.
Combat Function:
Strengths: Extremely talented in standard infantry operations. Good at leading small teams in tactical situations. Talented marksman and highly skilled in use of the bolter. Brave and loyal to her employers. Strong and fit. Talented in unarmed combat.
Weaknesses: Only human. Is not a strategic leader. Is not proficient in use of heavy weapons, vehicles or piloting. Is stubborn and sometimes hard to get along with.
Skills: Trained in traditional unarmed and melee combat skills.
Notable Possessions: Has bolter serial number 00004, the oldest still in working order, a gift from Tegaea. Gold necklace and pendant from the Order of the Torch. The Order is a society dedicated to the spreading learning and enlightenment via unconventional teaching methods.
Other Notes: Freya Solveig’s origins are kept hidden by her, but it seems that she followed a very similar career path to her two bosses, Siobhan Kerrigan and Tegaea Alcori. Growing up on Denon where zombies and plague had decimated the population, she grew up with every day being a battle for survival. Before she was ten she could already shoot, memorise locations and take orders.
When she was sixteen she hitched a ride aboard a merchant ship, enlisting as a deck hand and eventually found her way to Fondor in the early days of Omega Pyre’s transition into the Protectorate. She missed the very early battles of Vandalhelm and Dahomey, but fought at Bespin, Eriadu and Roche. She was present for the Protectorate liberation of her homeworld, during which time she was introduced to then Exarch Tegaea Alcori and her partner Siobhan Kerrigan.
Seeing a kindred spirit on the younger girl, Tegaea made her a corporal and put her in charge of her handpicked squad, later Siobhan’s during the final battles of the Reaver War. Freya fought with courage at Gehenna and was awarded a medal for her efforts.

When Tegaea Alcori was forced to leave the government of the Protectorate, Freya joined them in the formation of Firemane and was promoted to Sergeant. She was put in charge of training recruits and teaching the Eldorai modern weaponry. She has since refused efforts to promote her, preferring the NCO’s role of getting into the action and yelling at people. She is extremely loyal to Siobhan and Tegaea and is something of a confidant for them and an insight into how the company’s employees are feeling.

Matsu Ike

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Hi I'll be handling this.

Now it is very good there are just a few nitpicks.

Can you please link the bolter in the sub. While I know what it is others who see her may not.

Can you add a blurb on the Order of the Torch? Something to describe it as the Order is not canon, legends canon or an article on here. If there is one in your minor faction please link it as well

Do that and I will gladly put my stamp on this.

Tegaea Alcori

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Edits made. Added in the bolter link and the APE ammo too.
Also added a short section on the Order of the Torch.
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