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Approved Location Selvaris Compound

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Intent: I am making this location to allow anyone joining the House of Gaizragi faction a place to actively travel to as it is the headquarters of the clan.

Image Credit: https://www.deviantart.com/rob-joseph/art/Keepers-of-The-Void-Eden-s-Compound-407575985

Canon: N/A

Permissions: N/A

Links: https://www.starwarsrp.net/group/house-gaizragi.38/info


Military Base Name: The Elmdrum Compound

Classification: Compound

Location: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Selvaris

Affiliation: House Gaizragi: https://www.starwarsrp.net/group/house-gaizragi.38/info

Population: Sparse
The total inhabitants currently total at 87 but this number is growing steadily.

Demographics: Mostly Mandalorians, some Lothites, a few others who have since become Mandalorians.

Accessibility: The base is located in the dense jungles of the southern hemisphere along the largest mountain range on the planet. The location is hard to find unless you know exactly what you are looking for and is not desgined to stand out. The security is high and you must get explicit permission to enter unless part of House Gaizragi.

Description: The base is surrounded mostly by a wall and partly mountains and a fence. The central building sits halfway between the top and bottom of the mountain side allowing limited access without either a jetpack or access to the lower entrances. The main gate opens out to the valley with a nearby lake. The lush green mountains along woth the slight camouflaged color of the base let it blend in from a distance or orbit.

•Main gate:
The main gate and the wall protect the base from wildlife and potential aggressors from immediately accessing the base.
•Central building:
The Central building is halfway inside the mountain and is on the side evlivated from the lower sections. It contains the armory, living quarters, command, and most other major components to make a functional compund.
•Landing pads:
The landing area has 6 landing pads marked out to land the Mandalorian ships and is fully equipped to refuel ships and bring in repair equipment from the warehouses.
The three warehouses contain many of the supplies for the base although most of the food, medical supllies, and infantry equipment is kept within the central building.

Rating: HIGH
Outer defense: Walls on southern, western and easter side. The mountain covers the north with a perimeter fence on the mountain. Their on spot lights along the walls and perimeter, some always lit up, which if a motion detector is triggered will light up all of them in that area. It will also send an alert to the base of an intruder. There are also 2 laser cannons (can be used against ground units). The main structure of the compound is mostly inside the mountain and a mobile shield generator protects the central part of the compound.

The base was first built in 831 ABY by rich Rodian to base his private army. After he was killed, while away from the base in 838 ABY, and the army dismantled the base was left abandoned. Two scouts for House Gaizragi found the abdonded base in 850 ABY letting who escaped Krownest of House Gaizragi retreated to this tucked away base in the unknown regions. They have sense repaired and rebuilt the base to he fully functional and are regrowing their numbers at this location.
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