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Selling this booty for cred!!!


To all those scorned by Light Siders,

This assassin is desperate for cred and willing to take up even the easiest of kills, for the right price!

Also, due to low incomes, will be willing to go as low as to offer bodyguard duty to any Dark Siders who feel the need for protection, politicians we all now everyone hates you. Even the Light Side ones are evil...

Anyways, any other merc jobs that pay will be accepted to.

So yeah, desperate for coin/threads

Lemme know what ya got?!

Akabane Jarvik

Well-Known Member
Katarine Ryiah said:
Can I pay you to switch to the lightside? [member="Wenwynig"]



I need you on my team to defeat anyone that gets in my way during my field operations. Sign up here.