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Selka Ventus

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
NAME: Selka Anthirri Ventus
RANK: Master of the Force
SPECIES: Human (Korun)/Firrerreo
AGE: 42
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'5"
WEIGHT: 130lbs
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Varies
SKIN: Dull gold


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :


  • Decent droid repair tech

  • Can throw a punch, use a knife, fire a blaster

  • Knows the Jedi Order intimately; can pass as a Jedi easily

  • Unique affinity with some Force-related artifacts

  • Highly skilled with Force Drain/Force Absorb and related disciplines

  • Broad selection of minor/obscure 'utility' Force abilities, like fuzzing holocams, making herself forgettable, passing for dead, etc.

  • Has incorporated a good chunk of the personalities of Je'gan Olra'en (former Sith Lord, Jedi Grandmaster, Selab Grandmaster) and Velok, as well as a portion of their more recent memories

  • Familiar with street ratdom and with high-level corporate operations

  • Skilled in makashi, soresu, and shien


  • Selka's core powers are competent but unimpressive; especially bad at sustained, precise telekinesis

  • Not publicly a Force-sensitive, requiring a high degree of discretion and limiting her options in most circumstances

  • Grew up malnourished; some resulting physical difficulties (for example, her oxygen potential is low, meaning she can't run for terribly long, and has to fight in a measured way)


Anthirri Ventus was born on Metellos to two industrial laborers, the middle of three children. From an early age, she went by 'Selka' (not her true name). Her youth could best be described as a mixture of debt, bad food, and long hours, punctuated by moments of amazement and terror as her older brother Antal discovered his Force potential. Selka saved for two years to pay his fare offworld. This was prior to the organization of the modern Jedi Order under Teferi Efreet and Ben Watts, and the Jedi Temple on Coruscant had not yet been built. Antal vanished from the family radar on his quest to become a Jedi. Selka assumed the position of primary breadwinner after her mother died, her father having sustained serious injuries on the job. Her younger sister Miral struggled between labor opportunities and gang connections.

Antal returned, or rather was delivered to his family by friends, after a handful of years incommunicado. Selka's younger brother had lost his right hand to a Jedi lightsabre, and electric judgment had taken a portion of his brain function. Sith tattoos decorated his skin, and his Force connection was gone.

Metellos is not a kind world, and the economics of Metellos are especially harsh. In a layoff market, Selka was forced to gamble, almost literally: she borrowed tens of thousands of credits from a Huttese crime lord. A portion of the money went to her family, for her father's and brother's medical care, and the rest she laid aside to pay the exorbitant tuition of one of Metellos' few open-enrollment colleges. Her chosen course of study was droid programming. She lasted two semesters before withdrawing with an average of 49%.

She concealed her failure from her family, instead telling them that she had been identified and recruited by the Jedi. The last of her tuition money paid for her ticket offworld. At the ripe old age of nineteen, she presented herself at the newly constructed Jedi Temple on Coruscant and identified herself as the sister of the Sith Knight Antal Ventus. Tests revealed that she was Force-sensitive in an unimpressive sort of way; she embarked on Jedi training.

Three years elapsed. Selka spent those three years in earnest Jedi training without result, sending the entirety of her stipend back to Metellos as remittances. From time to time, when necessary, she stole to have more money to send home. Instructors noted that the Force was weak with her, but that holocrons seemed to like her and respond well to her. In spite of the holocrons' attention, Selka acquired no functional Jedi skills at all. She was kept on as a Jedi student for longer than she should have been, likely because of her Sith connection. When she was quietly reassigned to the Agricultural Corps, she found her mounting frustration and meagre Force talents absolutely unequal to even that modest task. At the age of twenty-three, she washed out of AgriCorps; a brief stint as a cleaner at the Jedi Temple ended when she broke a Jedi Knight's teeth. She was dismissed with an excellent letter of reference and almost no marketable skills. She did not tell her family.

In order to keep the remittances flowing, Selka found piecework in droid repair, and acquired a talent for bartering passage or lodging as necessary. From fixing assassin droids to trading favors, she did more than a few things she didn't like. So far as her family knew, she was a Jedi Knight.

She traveled with the Vagrant Fleet for a time, getting to know Jorus and Alna Merrill, and was on the Silk Holdings payroll. Things were finally looking up. However, Selka was present on Ahto City during the Sith Empire invasion, helping run Silk's kolto business. When Matsu Ike struck the city with a storm and Republic allies sank a third of the city, Selka suffered head trauma and lapsed into a coma.

Enter Je'gan Olra'en, the galaxy's greatest mentalist and a man with a too-recognizable face. He copied her memories and personality, finding them both very useful for a cover identity, and paid for her continued care. Selka Ventus slept soundly, and privately. 'Selka Ventus,' however, was also an ambitious and active employee of Silk Holdings. 'She' became interim CEO after Jorus Merrill's retirement. When Olra'en was privately unmasked and secretly killed on Rudrig, Selka was awakened. She fell under the wing of Danger Arceneau. Unable to fill the CEO position effectively, she took a position on the Board of Directors instead, and began attempting to reconcile herself with her two other selves. One was the partial copy of Olra'en's memories which he'd implanted to give her at least some idea of what 'she' had been doing. The other was her longtime, hidden status as a Child of the Emperor to the Whiphid Blackguard called Velok.

Eventually, over the course of years, she consolidated her identities. She continued to serve on the Silk Board of Directors and play a role in the highest echelons of the Tion Hegemony. She assisted Spencer Jacobs and Rave Merrill in the design and creation of the Deicide Oculus. She followed Velok's memories of an expedition with Tahira Solo and made contact with the Order of Shasa on Manaan. She secretly joined the One Sith, making contact only with a handful of top personnel.

Ostensibly on the Republic side at the Second Battle of Manaan, she oversaw the evacuation of Silk Holdings' kolto facilities and the kolto itself. Sadly, a sizable fraction of the kolto evacuation transports were intercepted and captured by the One Sith. That was the plan, anyway, and it was going well until multiple Republic allies opted to use explosives on the Silk facility rather than let it be captured. For the second time, Selka Ventus was injured by Republic allies attempting to create a Pyrrhic victory in Ahto City with explosives -- it even took place in the same facility where she'd been rendered comatose years earlier. She was rescued by Darth Nephthys and kept in 'custody' of a Vong detachment; when the Vong and Selkath troops wiped each other out, Selka emerged the sole survivor. She escaped the doomed city in a personal submersible, and stumbled across the Progenitor being captured by the One Sith.

Unwilling to let the noble Firaxa be transformed into a Sithspawn or an experimental subject, Selka reached out at long range and used Force Drain to euthanize the Progenitor, unknown to other members of the One Sith. She later confessed to the Order of Shasa, imported two near-Progenitors from other kolto-producing worlds within Silk's purview, and swore not to reveal the Shasans' identities to the One Sith. During this period, she remained on occupied Manaan, publicly, as a guarantor of Silk's good behavior. In private, and in disguise, she assisted One Sith forces at various invasions and system annexations, building her bona fides with their leadership. During their assimilation of Khomm, she secured two hundred thousand immature Fringe clone troopers and returned them to the Fringe Confederation for a substantial sum.

During this period, she began to reveal herself as Velok, in person or remotely, in whole or in part, to a handful of carefully chosen persons. These included Dissero, Jared Ovmar, and Ordo. She also underwent extensive thief training under Sicarius, with whom she successfully stole the Hapan Queen Mother's palace chandelier. At around the same time, she was sponsored as a candidate for Republic Chief of Senate by the Hapan senator, Persephone Callas.

She angled for a second term as Silk's CEO, but instead found a position trying to fix the mess left at Akure Executive Interstellar -- part of the Silk Family of Companies -- by Rave Merrill's temporal suicide. She became CEO of AEI and a minority shareholder, while continuing to sit on Silk's Board of Directors as a peripheral name. Her shares were minimal as prominent executives go -- around 3-5% for Silk and AEI each -- but her personal fortune was still relatively immense after the initial Silk cash-out. After a successful stint as interim CEO of AEI, she cashed out fully, resigned from the Silk Board of Directors, and invested in a cybernetics startup called iBorg Prosthetic Augments. She was outfitted with a Spark neural implant.

Her Dark Side allegiance and Sith connections were absolutely unknown; so far as anyone in the Jedi knew, she was simply a former AgriCorps member who washed out for lack of Force strength. She did business with Tion companies, but in the end, who didn't? In short, her background checks remained pretty fething clean.

Her ambitions hit a snag when her Force Drain specialization burned her out. She lost all Force-sensitivity. She regained her talents through sustained experimentation, but in the interim, she devoted much of her attention to business endeavors. She sold her stake in iBorg to Vitor Imperieuse, and became a senior name in the Foundation Trust -- the majority owners of Iron Crown Enterprises.




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