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Aren D'Shade

Little Sister
Just laying with their arms around each other was almost bliss for Aren. She listened to what he said but was silent for a little while. Once she thought they had calmed down and realized just where she had taken them, she chuckled just a little.

"We were young then, Rann. I'm not entirely sure we even could have done anything then. Now we're older, maybe not yet wiser, but in better positions to figure things out."

He wasn't the only person to be blamed. When Ra had finished questioning her, she was released. Typical of Aren at the age, she ran, leaving Rann behind. A door that had just opened for him still eluded her then. However, it seemed she had at least caught up to him with the Force and its uses. That was what she had used to get them here.

"I've been here once before. It's a place called Ragoon VI. One of the other people on Dorsis brought me here soon after we met. Oddly, he rescued him then. All I'm good at is getting into trouble it seems."

Letting out a sigh, she wasn't trying to keep anything hidden or secret from him. They might have been through a few adventures, but a great deal of time had passed. Somehow it seemed that time didn't make a difference. This time apart had given them both the chance to grow up and they were able to better face what life would bring to them.

Rann might sense some surprise from her.

"I'm not sure if I can get us back to Dorsis!"

Rann Thress Rann Thress

Rann Thress

Loyal Follower.
"I won't make that mistake again." he said, smiling

Much like Aren, Rann's mind was concerned with a great many things following their arrival on Vjun. Namely, power. He sought to grow stronger while on the planet, and served the ruler there with all his heart. He had pushed Aren out of his mind all the while. Not thinking about where she had gone. He simply could not worry about it with dangerous missions and perilous training day after day during his time with the Hand.

He lifted his head and observed his surroundings. This planet was beautiful, almost blindingly so. Compared to the Jungle-like terrain of his homeworld Onderon and the toxic world of Vjun it was breathtaking. Serenity and peace washed over Rann as he gazed over the planet. He felt a calmness in his heart speak to him and he allowed himself to relax, realizing the tension he carried in his shoulder.

He stared at Aren and blinked rapidly upon hearing of their current predicament.

"We are stuck here? I... My... Uhh....."
he struggled to maintain composure. Shock, more than anything, grew inside his mind, paralyzing his thoughts momentarily.

"Ragoon VI. I've never heard of this world. As far as being stranded goes, we could do worse. Are there people here? Speaking of Dorsis and what just happened. Who were those people? Why were you there? And uh... why are we here? How did you do that?" he asked.

He was quite sure he hadn't blacked out, and he hadn't heard of whatever power Aren had used to transport the two of them how ever many light years away from Dorsis. A thousand emotions started flooding back into his brain, and he struggled to keep any of them in check. Panic at potentially being stuck on this admittedly paradise-world first and foremost.

Aren D'Shade Aren D'Shade