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Little Sister
Just laying with their arms around each other was almost bliss for Aren. She listened to what he said but was silent for a little while. Once she thought they had calmed down and realized just where she had taken them, she chuckled just a little.

"We were young then, Rann. I'm not entirely sure we even could have done anything then. Now we're older, maybe not yet wiser, but in better positions to figure things out."

He wasn't the only person to be blamed. When Ra had finished questioning her, she was released. Typical of Aren at the age, she ran, leaving Rann behind. A door that had just opened for him still eluded her then. However, it seemed she had at least caught up to him with the Force and its uses. That was what she had used to get them here.

"I've been here once before. It's a place called Ragoon VI. One of the other people on Dorsis brought me here soon after we met. Oddly, he rescued him then. All I'm good at is getting into trouble it seems."

Letting out a sigh, she wasn't trying to keep anything hidden or secret from him. They might have been through a few adventures, but a great deal of time had passed. Somehow it seemed that time didn't make a difference. This time apart had given them both the chance to grow up and they were able to better face what life would bring to them.

Rann might sense some surprise from her.

"I'm not sure if I can get us back to Dorsis!"

Rann Thress Rann Thress
Lord of Rannon
"I won't make that mistake again." he said, smiling

Much like Aren, Rann's mind was concerned with a great many things following their arrival on Vjun. Namely, power. He sought to grow stronger while on the planet, and served the ruler there with all his heart. He had pushed Aren out of his mind all the while. Not thinking about where she had gone. He simply could not worry about it with dangerous missions and perilous training day after day during his time with the Hand.

He lifted his head and observed his surroundings. This planet was beautiful, almost blindingly so. Compared to the Jungle-like terrain of his homeworld Onderon and the toxic world of Vjun it was breathtaking. Serenity and peace washed over Rann as he gazed over the planet. He felt a calmness in his heart speak to him and he allowed himself to relax, realizing the tension he carried in his shoulder.

He stared at Aren and blinked rapidly upon hearing of their current predicament.

"We are stuck here? I... My... Uhh....."
he struggled to maintain composure. Shock, more than anything, grew inside his mind, paralyzing his thoughts momentarily.

"Ragoon VI. I've never heard of this world. As far as being stranded goes, we could do worse. Are there people here? Speaking of Dorsis and what just happened. Who were those people? Why were you there? And uh... why are we here? How did you do that?" he asked.

He was quite sure he hadn't blacked out, and he hadn't heard of whatever power Aren had used to transport the two of them how ever many light years away from Dorsis. A thousand emotions started flooding back into his brain, and he struggled to keep any of them in check. Panic at potentially being stuck on this admittedly paradise-world first and foremost.

Aren D'Shade Aren D'Shade
Little Sister
She was quiet in the face of his shock and questions. Until she knew that Rann was done. It showed that the girl had grown in some aspects. No longer the child she had been when they met, Aren was still young though. Old enough to listen and give intelligent answers to him.

Shaking her head slightly, he smiled at her and said he wouldn't make the same mistake. What that mistake was, she didn't know. That was just Aren being dense and not understanding what wasn't spoken.

Not wanting to meet him in the eyes, she looked up at the clear. blue sky.

"It's possible..."

Turning to address his other questions, she did finally roll over to look at him. Her head rested on his arm and she met him in the eyes.

"I never met anybody in my short time here. It was only part of the day. On Dorsis, I only know two of the people. Well, technically more, but you and Lan-Dai are the only ones I got close to. I met Lan-Dai there, he rescued me and brought me here. Probably why when you got me out of that cage, I teleported us. This is a safe world and none of those people can find us. At least, I hope not."

Lan-Dai might be able to figure out where she had gone to, but none of the others.

"You know me, Rann. I still like to collect droids or at least be near them. Dorsis is such a perfect place to find them. So, I found myself there again and attacked by the same thugs that attacked me the first time I was there. At that time, he found me and well, I already told you."

Shrugging her shoulders a little, she fell silent and chewed on her lip.

"It's hor to say how actually. I just wanted to escape and had learned from another Sith of the teleportation ability. So I just used the Force and here we are."

Aren was pretty sure she could get them back but certainly wasn't in any hurry to do that.

Rann Thress Rann Thress
Lord of Rannon
Rann looked at Aren thoughtfully and smiled after calming down and relaxing again. He felt pride in his chest for Aren. She had become so strong, it was attractive to him.

"That's incredible. I can't even imagine having that power. The possibilities...I.... Incredible." He set his free arm under his head and rested. He hadn't really done much on Dorsis but he still felt exhausted. Hearing that they'd probably be safe on this planet was good enough for him for now. His ship remained on Dorsis, along with all of his possessions, but they'd probably still be there. At any rate he was sure if it turned up missing Aren could help locate it somehow.

"This is a beautiful world, Aren." he said, sighing, "It's much more scenic than any other place I've been recently. I could think of worse planets to be stranded on, for sure. And far worse company." He smiled again and lay his head against Aren's. He felt a peace on this world, something similar to the planet Kashyyyk when he had visited the Silver Jedi Order so long ago.

This was different, however, in that it felt more wild and untamed. The energies here also helped to calm and sooth Rann.

He lifted his head and looked down at his lightsaber laying beside him. He thought about his past with the weapon, all the things he'd done with it, the journey he's been on. Then he looked back at Aren.

"Aren I'm incredibly thankful you're alright. Although I can't help but wonder why you were in danger to begin with."

He thought about it, wondering why such an event came to pass.

"I've never been one to assume that the Force controlled my actions. I choose to believe that I have agency. But I can't help but feel as if I was meant to be there on Dorsis. That you were, too. That they all were. I don't much care for them, I'll be honest. But I care about you, Aren. And I don't want you to be in danger like that again. Whether it was the Will of the Force or not."

He chuckled and shook his head "Sorry I'm rambling. You're safe. I'm alive. That's all that matters right now."

But he couldn't help but wonder what it's all for.

Aren D'Shade Aren D'Shade
Little Sister
"I could teach you! Well, sort of. Since we parted, I've learned so many things. Teleportation was probably the hardest, but some of the other skills I have aren't as stressful or use as much Force to accomplish."

He commented on the world around them and Aren smiled slightly.

"When I was first here, I didn't like it at all. It's so remote, quiet and doesn't have the technology I love so much. I ran from here and just disappeared for a while. Eventually, I found my way into Sith space and was picked up by my Master. I tried to steal droids from him. Go figure, right?"

The day he had discovered his lightsaber was the day she had started putting her first complete droid together. Each of them still had their items. EL was also on Dorsis so they would have to find a way to return there and collect their things.

There would be a slight coloring to her cheeks when he mentioned he couldn't think of a better company than her. Not giving him any further reaction to that statement, she stared up at the sky with Rann. Listening to what he was saying, she shrugged her shoulders a little. Just a small movement and she took on a thoughtful look.

"I'm not sure who it was that wanted me captured, but one of the people there trying to rescue me is Lan-Dai and it wasn't the first time that happened. Before I found the Sith, I was on Dorsis trying to free droids. A group of thugs attacked me and he was there to protect me. After that, he brought me here. And you know the rest of the story."

Letting out a breath of a laugh, she just rested her head on his arm and closed her eyes.

"We're both rambling a little. Speaking of that, what happened to you after we were brought before Ra on Vjun? She questioned me and then let me go. I never saw you again until today."

Rann Thress Rann Thress
Lord of Rannon
Rann chuckled when he heard that Aren tried to steal from the man who would be her Master. It sounded just like her. He listened very thoughtfully and attentively until Aren asked him what happened to him on Vjun and after. His smile disappeared and he exhaled slowly.

"I uh... She uh."
he stammered.

He didn't know what to say. He felt the light on this planet all around him, and it brought conflict to the darkness of the memories he was recalling.

Whatever his past, he decided he would not lie to Aren.

"She became my master, after we were split up. She... taught me very much. She trained me hard. She sent me on missions with her other apprentices. After the Sith came to Vjun I just didn't go back. I haven't seen her since. Don't know if she's alive. I feel she is, but I'm not in a hurry to go back."

"That training became my life. The missions, my purpose. Nothing else mattered. It's.... not something I'm proud of. I'm enjoying my freedom as of late. Owning your own ship, which is currently however many light-years away, never paying for fuel because most stations are run by weak minded. Not proud of that either."
He chuckled again, smiling once more.

"Exploring the galaxy. Nothing like it. My ship's still crewed by those robots you hacked, by the way. So I've always had a reminder of you around. Makes me a little eager to retrieve it."

Aren D'Shade Aren D'Shade
Little Sister
For a few moments, her heart was thumping hard in her chest until Rann answered her question fully. Her first thought had been the two of them had been lovers and her heartbeat slowed back down to normal as he continued. That wasn't the case at all and he had gotten his training from Ra. This was a relief and any tenseness Aren had been feeling drained away.

To the best of her knowledge, she was the only apprentice to Adrian but Aren wasn't the kind of gal to socialize usually. She would rather spend her time working in a lab or playing with her droids. Eventually, she would have to figure out a way to get them back to Dorsis to pick up their things. Right now though, she just wanted to be with Rann.

Listening to him speak brought a smile to her face. It had been so long since it was just the two of them. A sense of calm came to Aren and she let out a happy sigh.

"When we went to Voss with my brother, I picked up the pieces for EL. So in sort of the same way, she reminds me of our time together too. Yours is much larger though. We should make a shelter until I can figure out how to get us back to Dorsis. Do you know how to make one?"

Since Aren had spent almost no time in nature, she really did not have any idea where to begin. Working together, they should be able to create something. At least she hoped so.

Rann Thress Rann Thress
Lord of Rannon
"Your brother? That's not a person I've thought of in a while. Also I like your little droid." He smiled and rose to his feet, stretching his legs and arms, feeling just a hint of soreness from his activities earlier that day.

"I shoulda stretched, probably, before doing all that. Oh well. Yeah I can build a shelter. It's not going to look pretty. But it'll work. Let's try to keep from disturbing this forest too much, though. Grab any fallen branches or sticks."

As he spoke he went about gathering the materials himself as well. He thought to himself that he could use the Force to hasten this up, almost do it instantly, but decided it was better to take it slow, so he could spend more time with Aren. He wasn't in much of a hurry to go back to Dorsis, upon reflection. His most valuable possessions were on his person, and he was just happy to have Aren once more. She was worth more to him than his Ship.

Rann dumped his collection of branches and sticks into a pile under some trees, and decided he wasn't going to collect leaves one by one. That was going too far. He instead used the force to and gently pull everything towards him, sticks, leaves, and other foresty debris. He quickly got to work setting up the basic frame and foundation for their little shelter.

He thought with a smile that he didn't mind that it was a little small.

Aren D'Shade Aren D'Shade
Little Sister
She hadn't really thought much about Arekk either. Their paths had separated and that was that. Aren might not ever see him again, but they had not known of their relationship growing up. They had done just fine before meeting and she would continue on with her life without him.

"If we don't get back to Dorsis soon, my droids will probably start freaking out. EL hopefully will keep her circuits together and be able to control the others. Do you remember that little spider droid? I still have him!"

Clamping her mouth shut, Rann probably wasn't interested in learning about her droid companions. Once she stopped her rambling, he asked her to look around and find fallen branches. Wandering off, she was confident no animal was going to attack her.

Working together to accomplish something was nice and it kept Aren's mind off the fact there wasn't any technology around her. Making a pile of limbs and branches, she picked it up with the Force and returned to the small area they had landed in to make camp.

"Do you want me to make a fire?"

Not even noticing the size of the shelter, she just looked at Rann. Almost like a person that had been out in the desert too long. Even Aren did not realize just how much she had missed him.

Rann Thress Rann Thress
Lord of Rannon
Rann was kneeling down facing their little bundle of stacked sticks on sticks on leaves.
"Fire'd be good."
he said, focusing on the shelter a little bit before turning back to Aren, noticing her staring.

He smiled at her. "I'm not going anywhere, you'll have plenty of time to look at me. I'm sure."
He chuckled and rose to his feet, turning away from their shelter to the wood Aren had brought with her using the Force.

"Oh and yes, I do remember your droid a little. I'll be honest though, of things associated with you I remember you the most."

He glanced back at the shelter, if you could call it that, and spoke, "It's not going to be big. Sorry I uh... I only know how to make a shelter big enough for one person. I don't know if I can make one bigger that it wouldn't collapse on us if a slight breeze rolled through. So it's gonna be a little...cozy. I hope that's okay."

He smiled at her sheepishly. He suspected she wouldn't mind, but he didn't want to just spring it on her. "If it is a problem I could always make another or sleep outside."
he said, quickly following up. He didn't want to come off as disrespectful or creepy or forward or anything. He wanted to go about this the right way and he certainly wasn't in a hurry for anything.

Aren D'Shade Aren D'Shade
Little Sister
When Rann turned around and caught her staring and pointed it out to her, Aren couldn't help but blush a little. Quickly looking away and up to the sky, she nodded when he said a fire would be good. Not noticing he had stood up from the shelter he had made, she went about clearing an area away from it to place the fire. Even she was intelligent enough to know a fire next to shelter was a bad thing.

Laying some dried leaves on the ground, on top of them she put some smaller sticks and focused with the Force. After the leaves started smoldering, she put a few logs around them. The small fire needed air to keep going, but her job was done. Resting back on her hands, she laid back slightly. Looking at him, her view was oddly angled and she sat up to face him. Listening to what he had to say, she glanced at the small shelter.

"Cozy is nice."

Patting the ground next to her, she invited him to sit with her.

"How long do you want to stay here? I'm not in any hurry to get back, but I know we can't stay here forever."

There was a small touch of almost sorrow in her tone by the time she finished. Maybe she was afraid of losing Rann again. She had been running from certain things for so long. Perhaps that fear had kept them apart and now she was scared of not having him around anymore.

Letting out a sigh, the young woman was confused and lost. Granted she was with Rann and that made her feel secure, she just didn't know what to do. Deciding she didn't want to run any longer, she would stay here with him and figure a few things out. Then they could return to Dorsis and go from there.

Rann Thress Rann Thress
Lord of Rannon
After finishing work on the shelter, Rann smiled at Aren and walked to go join her, sitting down next to her close to the fire.

"You're very skilled with the Force, Aren. I shouldn't be surprised, but I am." he said, nudging towards the fire. He hadn't thought to use the force to create a fire. He hadn't thought it possible. Then again, Rann was taught some very unnatural skills himself. He shrugged and looked around their little campfire.

"It's nice here. Different from Onderon, from home, but familiar too. It's nice here. Beautiful, and I can't say it enough. I could let myself drift away here forever. Wake up one day and realize it's been years and still not want to leave."

He sighed and looked at Aren, smiling. "That said. I agree, we can't stay here. I think a few days, a week at most, then we head back to Dorsis however we can. It was quite a big deal what happened and I can't believe people wouldn't recognize either of us if we went back today or tomorrow. I mean, jeez who knows if it's still happening!"

He laid back on his hands and looked forward at the fire.

"We go back to Dorsis, grab your stuff, grab the ship, and leave the system as fast as possible, I don't care where we end up. I think, I feel it's a bad move to stay on Dorsis."

He looked back towards Aren, sensing her apprehension. "But it doesn't matter. Where we go, we go together. Or we will be together soon. I feel that."

He sit up and leaned over, putting his head against Aren's and putting his arm around her shoulder, holding her tight.

Aren D'Shade Aren D'Shade
Little Sister
The lack of technology didn't yet bother Aren and her attention was on Rann. She listened to what he had to say about his home and how he compared it to here.

"I've never been there. Knowing me, I probably wouldn't like it much. If it's like here that is. Maybe this could become some sort of vacation retreat? Though the next time we come here, we bring my droids and the ship. At least, then we'll know we can get back to society."

Chewing on her lower lip slightly, Aren wasn't positive she would be able to get them back to Dorsis. Her choice to bring them here had been done in a moment of stress and almost without thought. A snap decision and replicating it might not be possible. That was something they would have to work on later. Right now, she just wanted to enjoy these few days of company with Rann.

"It probably isn't a good idea to stick around on Dorsis. I almost wonder if I'll ever be able to return there in the future. Every time I've been there, something has always happened. Getting mugged to being captured and even hunted by a Ren. That was scary."

Smiling when he said they would be together soon, she rested her head on his shoulder.

"After we get back, what do you plan to do? I've been away from my Master for a while. I should probably inform him of what happened and maybe learn some stuff from him. Are you still in contact with Ra?"

His arm around her was comforting and she felt secure and safe with him. Instead of having her arm squished by him, she also wrapped her arm around him. Everything was calm and good around and between them. Right now this was more of a reunion and renewal of feelings between them. Who knew what the future held? It didn't matter at the moment and Aren chose to live in that.

Rann Thress Rann Thress
Lord of Rannon
"I'm not really in a rush to go home to Onderon. There's nothing there that I don't have out here." he gestured outwards, "The galaxy is much more expansive then I thought it was. It makes Onderon so....small."

Rann listened attentively to what Aren had to say, and pondered for a moment. He took his gaze off her and looked around to the world around them. It was beautiful. He could see himself coming here for the rest of his life, maybe even beyond.

"I would like to come back here, absolutely. Maybe get a bit better at shelter building. Maybe even a house!" he smiled, looking at the little shelter he had constructed.

Rann felt the familiar tug of sleepiness on the edge of his consciousness. Looks like he'd have to go sleep under that shelter soon, put it to the test. He looked back at Aren, taking in her features. He couldn't help but smile. He didn't realize how much he had missed her all that time. He'd definitely try to make the best of the time together on this planet. He laid his head on hers and sighed, happily.

He continued listening intently, hanging onto every word. He couldn't help but laugh when Aren told him of her problems on Dorsis.

"Geez I can't imagine the adventures you've been on without me." He chuckled more. "A Ren? As in, Knight of Ren? Wow. What'd you do to tick them off? Bet that was fun. And speaking of your master, who? You've been trained in the Force, just like me, and don't quite exude the Lightside, just like me. I'm curious. And uh, no. I haven't been in contact with Ra since I left Vjun. I don't know where she is, though...I suspect she'd call for me to return if she needed me. A mission, or something. I owe her that much."

He did wonder what Ra was up to, where she was, but he didn't think about it too much. He wanted to focus all his attention on Aren right now. Hell, forever.

When Aren asked what he would do next, he blinked and looked around, sighing.

"And what do I plan to do? I don't know. I.... I don't know. I kinda just.... do. I was on Dorsis because I was on Dorsis I... I don't know. Like I said, the Galaxy is so vast, so many planets I've never been on, so many opportunities no each one. I don't know. I don't like placing too much faith in the Force, but...well. I don't know."
He smiled sheepishly, rubbing her shoulder. "I'm sorry, wish I had something more.....gallant to say. Something a little less....bummy."

"I'm not trying to be cheesy or anything. But uh... Anything I could want to do, it's with you. So if that's an answer, that's my answer. Theres a whole galaxy out there and....I want to see it with you."

He lifted his head off of hers and kissed the top of her head.

Aren D'Shade Aren D'Shade
Little Sister
"I'm not in any rush to go home either. You'll have to visit sometime, though. My master has given me almost a whole floor to myself! There are so many things in there. Not all of them deal with technology even. Many of them have it. I imagine you figured that out. Why are we talking about coming back here like we've already left? We can plan to return after we have actually left."

Smiling as she spoke, she fell silent and just laid there. After a moment, she joined in on his bit of laughter. Nodding when he asked if her encounter had been with a Knight of Ren. Waiting until he finished, she tilted her head up to look at him.

"My master? Adrian Vandiir. He's really only a few years older than me, but has so much knowledge! That's too bad about not hearing anything from Ra."

Shrugging her shoulders, she had the feeling Rann would be meeting up with his master again soon. Same for her. Just as he was saying he didn't put too much faith in the Force, Aren found it almost speaking to her. Closing her eyes, she sensed Rann was started to get tired. Maybe he had the right idea, even if he hadn't said anything about it yet.

"Perhaps you should learn how to listen to what the Force says and admit that it did bring you to Dorsis. If it hadn't happened, then I have no idea if I would even still be alive."

Sighing, she just snuggled back against the side of Rann.

"I think I would like that too, Rann. C'mon, let's get some sleep unless you want to sleep under the stars."

With the silence of the world around them, she might not be able to get to sleep easily. However, she didn't feel that would be an issue.

Rann Thress Rann Thress
Lord of Rannon


Rann smiled and nodded at Aren D'Shade Aren D'Shade . "You're right, we don't have to plan to come back just yet. I'm okay to live in the moment now."

Rann listened to Aren speak about her master, feeling a tad bit of jealousy. He'd try to hide it, he felt secure enough to believe that Aren's relationship with her Master was just that, as a Master and Apprentice. He nodded and shrugged when she mentioned Ra. The call would come, sure. But it wasn't something that ate at him.

He sighed when Aren started speaking about the Force and it's many forms of control throughout the galaxy. The idea that his fate wasn't his own to make ate at him. But at the same time, she did have a point. He was there for a reason, and maybe without the Force she wouldn't be alive. "When you put it like that, it makes it a bit easier to swallow. I just don't like the thought that my every action serves the Force's will. I don't want to be a Slave, I want to be free. But yeah, enough talking under the stars. We have that nice little shelter, I say we go use it."
Rann fought the urge to remain this close to Aren, and tore himself away from her. He rose to his feet and pulled her up to him, softly.
Together, they would walk the couple steps to the small shelter made of sticks and leaves, crawl underneath it, and lay together under the cover. Rann wrapped one of his arms around her, pulling her close to him. He couldn't help but smile. His stomach was floating, his mind exploding with emotion and a little anxiety. Butterflies filled his body.

This was much better then the cuddling under the stars, he decided. And with how comfortable she made him, and how happy she made him, it wouldn't be long before Rann would be soundly asleep, quietly snoozing the night away.

Little Sister
Sometimes living in the moment was best and that was the case tonight. Aren didn't want to think about tomorrow too much. Smiling when Rann said that her wording allowed him to accept the Force controlling him now and then better. Shrugging her shoulders slightly, she understood what he meant.

"You know, I don't actually allow it to control me either. So we're the same way in that manner. I sometimes listen to it though. Surprised about that? I willingly turn off the tech around me and just listen. That doesn't happen very often."

He agreed they should go to bed in the shelter and she stood up when he helped her to her feet. Walking side by side was nice and the solitude of the world was comforting. At the moment, they didn't have to worry about anything or have something waiting on them.

Laying down, the shelter was small, but it allowed them to be close. After her trying day, sleep took her quickly, and soon enough the two of them were drooling and snoring together.

The next thing she knew was the sun shining down on them through the twigs of the shelter. It had held through the night and she was happy about that. Just taking a little bit of time, she rested in the arms of Rann and wouldn't make a move until he woke up too.

Rann Thress Rann Thress
Lord of Rannon


The sound of nature woke Rann, and he took a second to gather his senses. He looked down at Aren within his arms and blinked a couple times. Was this a dream? No, this was real. Must be why he had such a good nights sleep. He felt a yawn approaching and brought his hand to his mouth to cover it, yawning as quietly as he could into it. He looked down at Aren and blinked once more, smiling, before very carefully leaving the small shelter.
He rose to his feet and stretched his arms out wide, trying to wake his body up from it's slumber. He looked down at his robes and brushed off the sticks and leaves and other forest-y debris he had accumulated through the night. Rann yawned again into his hand and turned back into the shelter.
"Are you awake yet?" he said quietly. He figured she was, even if she was still asleep when he woke up he doubted she'd be able to sleep as soon as he shuffled out from under the sticks and leaves. No matter how sneaky Rann could be, he didn't think he could ever be that silent.
He glanced upward at the sun, it seemed brighter than yesterday, but Rann just figured that to be because of how sleepy he was.
Suddenly his stomach rumbled. It had been at least a full day since his last meal, he'd have to do something for food soon. And little protein pellets wouldn't cut it. So Rann figured he'd push his luck,
"Hey, are you hungry?" he said, kneeling down to the shelter.
He wasn't the best hunter, or cook. But for her, he'd try to be.

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Little Sister
Even if Rann had slept well, she really had not. Without the constant sound of technology and the city around had kept her from sleeping soundly. When he started to stir, it brought Aren out of the light sleep she had been in. Allowing him to climb out first, she stretched a little in the small area now given to her.

Letting out a slight grunt when he asked if she was awake, once he had moved away from the door, she crawled out herself. Giving herself another stretch, she joined him when she finished and held a hand out to him. Her own stomach growled at his question and she nodded.

"Yeah, it's been a while since I've had anything to eat. Let me see what I can do!"

Walking to the edge of the clearing, she sat down and closed her eyes. Reaching out with the Force, she attempted to find a nearby mind of an animal. This creature, let out a growl of its own at being woken up from its slumber and came walking out from the forest.

Focusing her mind on the beast, her eyebrows came together as her hand came up. The animal took up a stance as if to attack her, but her will to survive and dominate it was stronger. After what felt like an eternity, it let out a sniff and huff only to turn around to go hunting in the woods around them.

"Breakfast will be coming soon. Let's get that fire going again."

Rejoining Rann, she just hoped the trick she did with the hunter had worked and they wouldn't end up being prey for it when it came back.

Rann Thress Rann Thress
Lord of Rannon


Rann watched Aren quizzically as she walked over to the edge of the clearing. Was she about to go hunt herself? He smiled, she could do it all. Then she sat down and he cocked his head to the side. The Force? Would she will some beast to present itself to the slaughter for them? Deliciously cold hearted, he loved it.
Then some creature came out of the woods. Predator, not prey. It got close to Aren and Rann drew his lightsaber from his waist in preparation for an attack, but it didn't come. The beast turned around and lumbered back into the forest. "So you dominated that creature and compelled it to bring us food? I love it." he smiled and approached the campfire. He knelt down and started clearing the ash and burnt logs from the site.

"I had a thought. Why don't people use lightsabers to start fires?" He asked kind of absent mindedly. He shook his head and looked at Aren. "How did you sleep? I hope I didn't make you too uncomfortable."