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Seeking dual Master(s) of sorts


Crazy Man McJangle
And by of sorts I mean the kind that isn't looking to get romantically involved in their apprentice, to have a hugging relationship, or to look to play patticake with the other Sith in the galaxy. Someone to take this wretched beast and to drive him further into insanity; feeding his terror of the Rakata and letting the fires of hate burn beneath the the skin of a long history.

...Of course to keep things confusing...

By sorts I mean a being of knowledge and peace seeking to calm the hate boiling in the body of a child of the past. One seeking guidance towards truth and understanding of history rather than vengeance.

And the third event:
As both cannot be done simultaneously, I'm still open to the possibility of having someone participate in a dreamscape from the opposite side of the spectrum. Certainly not required, but leaving the offer on the table!

Rules and Restrictions:
  • No Governors, Kings, Senators, or Emperors.
  • No "Fake" Jedi; aka Dark Jedi, Shadow Jedi, Purple Jedi, etc.
  • No skanks
  • No Rakata
  • No Ewoks


Crazy Man McJangle

I'd like to give it a moment to see if I can grab someone who doesn't already have an apprentice as I've never seen multiple apprentices as making much since. But I'm a strong believer in the rule of two concept. :p