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Seeking distant rp horizons

Hello everyone~

I am Caramel. Though sometimes I go by Amelia. I have been rping for a while now but I have never done sw fandom before. That doesnt mean I have not seen the movies but I have only rp'd mostly in fantasy settings.

I will probably start out with my character I have been writing for a few years. I will need to change her a little bit for sw but I think it will be fun and I hope everyone will enjoy her like I have!

I'm a little shy so I may need a little nudge. But I don't bite. ^_^ I also may need a little help with some things. I noticed there is no republic or rebels on the map. Who are the good guys?

Thank you and have a nice day~ <3
Siobhan Kerrigan said:
[member="Caramel Simper"]

Welcome to the site! If you got questions, feel free to ask. There are plenty of friendly people here who can help you out.

The main 'good guy' major factions are the Galactic Alliance, Outer Rim Coalition and the Silver Jedi. The GA is presently at war with the First Order.
Thank you very much fellow redhead~ I will go check those out


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