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Approved Tech Seeker Tracking/Targeting System

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  • Intent: To submit a consolidated system package for First Order vessel/submissions, which also offers some non-standard improvements
  • Image Source:
  • Canon Link: Targeting Computer; Individual components linked to appropriate wiki entries
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Link
  • Manufacturer: The First Order
  • Affiliation: The First Order
  • Market Status: Closed
  • Model: STT-system
  • Modularity: Yes; additional sub-systems or routines can be incorporated into or around this packages systems
  • Production: Minor
  • Material: Durasteel, electronics, circuitry, insulators, other appropriate materials specific to military-grade systems included
Includes all standard components for a military-grade targeting suite, notably:
  • Able to provide targeting solutions when sensor or scanner jamming is active, due to inclusion of laser technology
  • Capable of continued operation under EWAR effects, due to non-standard laser systems
  • Combination of standard and non-standard sensor reliant targeting methods that improve firing solutions and enemy transitional data on the battlefield
  • Non-standard systems able to work either in conjunction with, or independently from, existing First Order vessel sensors and scanners for improved battle targeting
  • Capable of improved accuracy against non-invisibility based stealth ships (sensor coating, hull patterned, etc), due to ranged estimation enhancement via laser triangulation systems
  • No inherent improvement in targeting invisibility based cloaked vessels, without specialized sensors not included in this package
  • Is not capable of detecting stealth ships, which require specialized sensors not included in this package
  • Individual components and systems retain typical properties and technical weaknesses
  • Prone to standard weaknesses offered by electronics and machinery, such as EMP
  • Requires dedicated crew to use, maintain and update data continually alongside standard systems of vessel
  • Due to specific systems, heavily damaged components require replacement at First Order shipping yards, limiting field repairs
  • Requires adequate power and space, not available to starships smaller than Corvette-class
The Seeker Tracking/Targeting System is a military-grade targeting/tracking package that has been fine-tuned to allow easier and more efficient integration into First Order military vessels. It uses a combination of standard and non-standard targeting systems to essentially work in conjunction, and provide improvement to that vessel purpose, and also includes a multi-spectrum laser-based targeting system that is able to continue targeting solutions even under EWAR effects. The system uses a method of ranged triangulation lasers, targeting modules, imaging, tracking and display systems; these work together to pinpoint vessels, gauge range, estimate headings and offer a vessels targeting computer this information for more accurate firing solutions. Also, this system is engineered to work in conjunction with other existing vessel data, by supplementing standard sensor information sent via Seeker system crew, which can assist with improved battle data and efficiency of weapons and aim.

The secondary use of this system is to overcome shortcomings with sensor and scanner modules, and the weaknesses exploited by EWAR and technology-based disruptive effects, through those fore mentioned laser systems. Incidentally, due to the nature of triangular laser targeting, this system even offers improved weapon accuracy against stealth craft that use non-invisibility based methods, such as sensor disruption coating technologies or patterned hulls, once they are detected by various means (visually, ion emissions, comm waves/bursts, proximity, etc). Still, while the laser systems used are able to estimate locations against sensor disruption coatings, it isn't one-hundred-percent accurate, and the system offers no real improvement against cloaked and invisible targets. It also does not include specialized invisibility cloak detecting sensors or systems.

Still, no system is completely without shortcomings, and there still remains the standard limitations of electronics and machinery when exposed to unprotected EMP or ion properties. Additionally, this system requires adequate power and space, and is unavailable to anything less than a Corvette-class First Order vessel.
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