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Alrighty, as you may know I am the Voice of Sector IV, which encompasses a large amount of territory stretching from the Fringe, to the Fel Empire. Use the map enclosed in the spoiler above for a reference to my designated sector.

Like the Harbingers of Sector I, I will need appointed Hounds for each major faction within the sphere of influence seen above to organize operations for each of those individual factions.

These factions are:
  • The Fringe Confederacy (Lords of the Fringe) (Hound: Vacant)
  • The Fel Empire (Hound: @[member="Darth Naefas"])
  • The United Mandalorian Clans (Hound: @[member="Darth Vindica"])

If you notice, small portions of the Protectorate and the Republic also bleed into my sector, but those are not as important as the three mentioned above although I will not be against operations being done in those portions, or even further so long as the Voice of the Sector that territory crosses over into is made aware of your schemes.

What I require from my appointed Hounds is as follows:
  • Always attempt to keep the One Sith's involvement secret, never declare yourself a member of the One Sith, nor divulge any sensitive information about the Order's existence to anyone.
  • Report any missions to Darth Vornskr (Either IC or OOC is fine), along with the mission's status on a regular basis, and it's success or failure.
  • Keep Darth Vornskr updated on your own personal hierarchy, so he has a compiled list of who works under who. This hierarchy can include non-Sith, such as Mercs, Bounty Hunters, and whoever else you can manipulate/coerce into doing your bidding.

These are some hopeful long-term plans I have in mind for Sector IV:
  • Kill the Emperor of the Fel Empire
  • Destabilize the Fel Empire to cause it's eventual fragmentation
  • Incite terror across the edges of the Galactic Republic, and create cults dedicated to bringing their planetary governments down
  • Spread the worship of Sh'onath to manipulate the weak-willed masses into following Sith ideologies
  • Continue to fan the flames of the Fringe-Protectorate War
  • Help incite hostilities between the Republic and the United Mandalorian Clans to further destabilize their weakening relationship

So, who wants to be a Hound?

(Inspiration for the general setup from the lovely @[member="Darth Apparatus"] ((A.K.A The Dark Lord's Apprentice)) )
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You can cooperate with the Hound of whichever faction you want to assassinate someone in, and you could work together.

Or you can go off on your own, it doesn't really matter so long as we get results.

Aros Varr

Welp as your apprentice, I'm down to be sent where ever you need me too. If there any Hounds who need help just tag me in da fight, I'll show up.

Marcus Faust

Fracti No Ultra
Nazari and I do the assassinations around here kiddo, but you can tag along if you're nice (kidding) @[member="Vinyata Nicashii"]

Oh, and let me reign terror on teh mandos.