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Screw everything, I've an idea in my head and it won't go away.

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Now I've done it. I came on once to say high and I'm addicted once more. Having a relapse, not sure how long it'll last if it will last all. I might just need to get the need to make a character out of my system. I have a super uber stupid idea and I can't get it out, also, I find it highly unfortunate that Doctor Who fans are cropping up with their star wars version of the On Coming Storm... because well... unfortunately.

I might do a teeny tiny bit of the same thing... sorta. I'm sorry, I tried to find a different old man by the "War Doctor" From the 50 anniversary (John Hurt) just fit perfectly.

Remember that ridiculous power that has only ever been accomplished successfully by a descended of Skywalker who learned in Aing Tii space to watch Anikan's life? No? I guessed none of you would, but it's been mentioned very long ago. Insert like here: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Time-drifting

I have a very screwy idea for the far future of whatever insane character I may or may not generate, but ultimately I just want to talk to you all.

So discussion!

Flow Walking/"Time-drifting". How much influence does it really have? Flow Walking says directly that it can merely alter the perceptions of people of the past without actually effecting historical events... in other words a hyper real hallucination simulator. Time-drifting though seems to be different in some way, in that it seems to be so inherently powerful it has the risk of altering events in some way. This might be due to the fact that in flow walking you have a subtle influence that probably doesn't change very much, though the limits of the subtly is vague. However, the meaning of Time-Drifting is that its Flow Walking, but so powerful it becomes "unsubtle".

Now I'm not suggesting I'm going to be messing with events, that would be absurd and quite obviously OP, but it would make a very interesting plot. A Madman who is everywhere at once in Time... but only in one place in space. Tangent! Back on topic.

Obviously, no one on this board or really any board for that matter should regularly accept that a character can be built to learn such a power, because no one has done it except for the most powerful force user in history's grandson, and the technique developed by a strange unbelievable species isolated in a bent part of place, generating special properties of the force. A feat such as this would require an ability and command over the force like no other, that really just isn't possible to write into your character without looking like a complete moron. I have a work around for the power issue, but I'll get there if I get there.

If the occurrence is entirely controlled with the understanding that this event will not disturb the heart of star wars and role playing on this board, am I even allowed to consider this ability achievable in any way or fashion... ever?
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Hmm, maybe this should have gone in Roleplay discussion. Oh well.
Probably not. Back to couped-land with you! *shot*
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Also, excuse my typos. I'm tired. I should be asleep, but I've had a thought that just won't give the hell up and go away.

*shoots @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]* NOBODY ASKED FOR YOUR OPINION!


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Some Force Powers should probably be seen more akin to 'Plot Devices' than actual Mage's Spells. This might be one of them. And while that might make for a massively entertaining story to read? It's probably not really appropriate for this board as a whole. Lol.

PS: good to see you again. Even if you are breaking curfew. :p
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Don't feel as if you're killing an idea, @[member="Soliael Devin Talith"], I've asked you a question on a controversial topic that I requested guidance for and you provided :)
Nice to see you too, @[member="Jay Scott Clark"]!

Anyway, I think the character in my head won't really change, his story line will just be a tad different without this aspect.
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So um, so I don't have to spend hours finding out old news, can anyone fill me in as to what has/is happening around here since my absence?