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Savitor Draay(W.I.P.)

"The only way to discover the limits to what is possible, is to go beyond them, to the immpossible."
  • Name: Savitor Draay
  • Alias: The Guardian,
  • Force Alignment: Neutral
  • Force Rank: Apprentice
  • Species: Titan
  • Races: Mandalorian,
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 8'5"
  • Build: Pending
  • Eye Color: Blue-Green
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Skin Pigmentation: Mid Tan
  • Face Claim: Ryan Murphy-(The Swimmer)
  • Force Sensitive: Yes
  • The Vanguard: Templar
  • The Iron Empire: Legionarry
  • Vanguard Industries: CEO
  • (+)
  • (+)
  • (+)
  • (-)Mild Parnoia: While he does not always act so, inthe presence of strangers he may, and probably will, become parnoid unless they are his allies
  • (-)
  • (-)
Notable Enterprises:
Shatterwolf Workshops
-Vanguard Industries
Notable Possessions:
Notable Vessels:
Notable Force Powers:
Apprentice(I)-Lower Knight(II)-Upper Knight(III)-Master(IV)

  • Alchemy
    [*]Force Move

Notable Lightsaber Forms:
  • None

Aron Tedesky

[member="The Guardian"]

Oi. Your avi choice could be better by far as I dunno what the guy looks like out of the armor.

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