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Approved Tech Sasori Heroes and Villains Plushie Line

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Intent: To showcase the heroes and villains of the galaxy as well as the ones in between.

Development Thread: If needed

Manufacturer: Sasori Research

Model: Plushie

Affiliation: Jedi

Modularity: Yes some have removable accessories you can mix and match.

Production: Limited edition

Anaya Plushie - Comes with seven degrees of Anaya minigame
Valik Plushie - comes with a scalpel
Ashin Plushie - with sith poison stains
Mikhail Plushie - Squeeze to hear over 15 different snarky comments
Sirella Plushie - has chia pet hair
Voracitous Plushie - Supersized
Jacen Cavill Plushie - With glowing eyes
Val'Ryss Plushie - Squeeze to release dark mist
Azar the mystic - Now with more tank destroying power
Shinju - Careful you might lose a finger on those teeth
Emberli Garrett - It is reversible to change genders
Spencer Jacobs - With optional Ashin duo back
Circe Savan - Comes with certificate of marriage
Danger Arceneau - Hourglass shaped and able to cling to clothing (currently out of stock because of HK-36)
Sarge - Squeezing will result in "The hell are you doing."
Teferi - with hover chair and cane
Daella - Comes with microphone and music player
Fabula - Sold in three parts and can double as pillows
Jorus & Alna Merrill - Comes with removable weapons and dream ship
Ayden - Non-removable hat
Joshua Dragonsflame - Comes with plaque and removable armor
Domino - Comes with weapons, armor and collared slave
Tyrin - Take home the emperor today he is very lovable

All come with small stat cards, lightsabers (where applicable), a stand and are anatomically correct with several catchphrases

Material: Cotton stuffing, felt, silk, synthetic fibers

Description: Designed to give a new face for the jedi order, several jedi masters and knights have been hand crafted into plushies to give away to charity. Much like an old jedi stat card used to talk about the other masters in the council. (often mistaking some races or position) The small item is also a gift set given to Fabula for her help in the Dark Harvest event. The limited production of the dolls and charity give away is to drum up interest in the order and show they aren't just monks in a temple who meditate. These jedi have lives and dreams atop of their dedication to protect people.
Not open for further replies.