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Sarkus "Twin" Kilborn

Sarkus Twin Kilborn

The Warrior Time Forgot
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NAME: Sarkus Kilborn was his birth name but since being freed from his ice prison, he took the mantle Darth Twin
FACTION: Sith Empire
RANK: Sith Knight
AGE: 6,000 standard years or so.
WEIGHT: 13 stone
EYES: Red core iris and bright yellow edge
HAIR: Brown
SKIN: Pale white


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+Strong Force Powers
+Mind Control Powers higher than most due to his Anzati blood.
-Slight alcoholism due to losing @[member="Isis Fontana"]
-Over confident in his Powers and Form skills.
-Stab wound from years ago gives him constant burning pain.
+/- Craves soup, giving eternal life and can sense when strong soup source is around (aka Force Users)

Twin Speed


Sarkus start off as most Anzati do, born and lived on Anzati, during the Great Hyperspace as it started, he was found to be a strong Force User at the age of 3 and joined the Jedi Order. During this, they had to take into fact he was Anzati and craved soup and could not survive without this. They allowed him to feed on several Jedi Masters, no one who he would be able to over power if he did not stop. He was happy with this way of life, and joined the Great Hyperspace War, nearly it's ending and afterwards helped the Republic reclaim peace.

Several thousands years later, training and teaching as a Master Jedi in the Jedi Order, never taking the mantle of Grand Master due to his dark secret of consuming soup. He was significantly stronger than most, his Mind Powers were incomparable, he saw Revan and the Revanchists leave the Order to help the Republic and decided to join them and fought in the Mandalorian Wars, he was not there at Malachor V, but when Revan called for the Jedi who joined him to turn Sith, he did. And this was his path to darkness.

He fought and killed many Jedi, becoming a Sith Assassin, he drained his victims of soup and left them for dead. After Revan's disappearance into the Unknown Regions after defeating Malak, he was supported by several other Masters for the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith but the Sith Order had collapsed into a shadow of it's former self, so instead he ran from Korriban and hid from system to system using his trusty Twin Speed.

He then joined the True Sith against the Jedi Order during the Great Galactic War, he grew restless during the Cold War and was excited when the Galactic War was restarted, shocked to hear that his former Leader was now a Jedi, he felt torn but he stuck to his guns and continued to support the Sith and ruthlessly assassinate Jedi. This lasted another few hundred years before he was sent to Hoth for another assignment. He had begun to grow bored with killing Jedi, the Sith were too weak for him it seemed nowadays. He was power hungry, he only respected those who seemed to be stronger or at least strong in the Force.

He landed on Hoth and stalked his prey, not knowing that the Sith had allowed him to spring a Jedi trap to stop him, fortunately he had sensed something was wrong so instead of killing him as he quickly began to overpower them, they encased him in ice. Where he remained for 4,000 years. Unknown to him of how much time had passed and how much the galaxy had changed.

It was thanks to @Xardus Folidaar who freed him from the imprisonment, in thanks he helped slaughter Republic troops. Nothing major. He begun plotting his revenge against the Jedi and the Sith, they had betrayed him and he knew that they knew the trap was there for him. He trained under Isis Fontana and the two began to grow close, eventually becoming a couple, and several years later, while engaged they had a baby girl who eventually abandoned them for the Republic and Jedi.

During an invasion of a Sith planet, in which Isis and Sarkus were assisting with, as Sarkus decided to settle his personal feud with the Sith to one side and take on the Jedi. He felt Isis had abandoned the Dark Side and become a Jedi once again. This deeply upset Sarkus. More than he could ever remember, he fell into deep depression and began to drink his sorrows once it had been confirmed that she had joined them. And you can now find slumped against a bar or on the floor of one.

He later rekindled his relationship with Isis Fontana and married, but due to sensing a disturbance in the Force, Sarkus left the Known Region and sent himself into unofficial exile, seeking the source of the disturbance. This search eventually allowed him to return to known space but he had grew apart from his love and he had become more and more of an alcoholic.

Personal Possessions:

2 Lightsabers, Purple and Red.
Personal Sith Armour, Medium
Casual Sith attire, very worn
Hand made mask, slits for proboscises

Force Powers:
Choke - //////////
Push - //////////
Speed - //////////
Lightening - //////////
Jump - //////////
Mind Trick - //////////

Shii Cho //////////
Makashi //////////
Soresu //////////
Ataru //////////
Shien/Djem So //////////
Niman //////////
Juyo/Vaapad //////////

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Sarkus Twin Kilborn

The Warrior Time Forgot
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Sarkus Twin Kilborn

The Warrior Time Forgot
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Sarkus Twin Kilborn

The Warrior Time Forgot
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