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Saran Drast

Saran Drast

NAME: Saran Drast
RANK: Jedi Knight
SPECIES: Miraluka
AGE: 28
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 1.7 m
EYES: None
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Tanned Caucasian


+Force Sight: As a Miraluka, Saran sees through the force, rather than conventional eyes.
±Ataru specialist: Saran's combat style is almost entirely Ataru. While this leaves her with an effective and strong offence, she has very little in the way of defense, and if forced into a prolonged fight, will tire before an opponent using a more defence-oriented form
-Scarred: Saran has been through enough at her age to make most her age to balk. From slavery to loosing her fiancé, she has managed to soldier on, focusing on making sure others don't go through what she has.
-Hatred: While she knows it's unbecoming, Saran hates the Sith. In her eyes, they took everything from her. While it is possible to get on her good side as one, it is difficult.

The Knight has changed much through her journeys. The once robed padawan has been replaced with a knight in a modified version of her Ossus robes, with added armor for a little extra protection. Most of her is covered, save her face, which normally rests under her cowl. While she still holds the mixed signature in the Force she had as a padawan, it is much stronger, if not slightly darker, now. She is hesitant around those she knew before she left, but is willing to stand with the Order who raised her.

I was raised in a time of war.

The Sith Empire had been a stain on the galaxy for far too long. Finally, the Republic had called on allies from across the galaxy to aid us in destroying the scum. We invaded them, drove the mack, again and again, until they were defeated, and forced into hiding. This was the Jedi order I was brought up in. I was trained in a time of war. I lost my master in a time of war. I was knighted in a time of war. And I walked away from the order in a time of war.

Some part of me thinks I should have stayed. I should have helped my brothers and sisters in their struggle. But I could see where I was going. I was young, angry. I hated the enemy, and my war against them was rife with outrage. They had taken away the man I had seen as a father. I knew only hatred for them. So I left. I could not stay in a war that I knew would drive me to the Dark Side. I could not become what I hated.

Not that my years away from the Order were not without their own wars, but they would be wars that I could restrain myself in. I helped a group of brave men and woman raid slavers, killing them and freeing their captives. It was rewarding, and I knew I had found something right to do. But still I needed distance. I still killed in anger, still fought with the darkness inside of me. I found the distance I needed in a different order.

The Order of the Grey welcomed me, despite my shortcomings. And they taught me a lesson I will not forget: The Force is meant to be in balance. The Light and Dark must exist in peace. If that were to happen, the Jedi and Sith could live in peace. But I also saw how that truth, that dream of a balanced Force and a peace between the light and dark, between Jedi and Sith, was impossible. The Order was torn apart by the One Sith’s war. So many were killed, so many more falling to the Dark side. Once again, I left. I could not see it through to the end.

I was born in a time of war. It shaped me, formed me into who I am. It has helped me understand.

The Sith must be destroyed. No matter the cost.

None at the moment




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