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Saphir Steele

Saphir Steele

Here to kick names and take - that’s not how that goes?
NAME: Saphir Steele
AGE: 24
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 203 cm
BODY TYPE: Athletic
HAIR: Red (Dyed brown)
EYES: Blue

Vahla (Native)
Basic (Fluent)
Huttese (Select phrases)
Rodian (Took a holonet course, passed with a 71% and forgot everything save for useless phrases and particularly silly words)

Can’t Touch This: Substituting bone for cartilage, Saphir maintains flexibility like no other, leaving her in a situation perfect for both close combat and dodging attacks of that sort.
Pressure Points: There’s a time to avoid combat and there’s a time to knock people to the side and make sure they don’t get up. In those moments, it’s almost like she’s a different person, crackin’ skulls and breaking limbs with an almost bored expression upon her face.
Another Shot: No stranger to cantinas and their various products, Saphir can handle her liquor quite well, to the point in which even when intoxicated she’s relatively functional.
Loyalty: Slow to warm up to people, when she does get used to a person, Saphir’s there to stay. In the event that a friend would be in trouble, she wouldn’t hesitate to put herself on the line in their place.
+5 Dex: For one with little drive to do anything, Saphir can move fast when she has to. Like really fast.

Spiraling Alcoholism: Saphir’s seen things, which is sort of expected from a lot of people these days. It seems her prefered method of coping just happens to be that sweet, sweet, alcohol. Why, of course she doesn’t have an addictive personality to begin with. And yes, she could stop at any time. She’s got this completely under control, now cough up the next drink.
Neutral Party: About as interested in galactic events as she is taxes, one isn’t going to find Saphir being particularly keen on taking sides. She’ll go great lengths to avoid it, actually.
Social Outcast: Saphir’s not the best on the social side. A bit abrasive, a bit lacking in censorship, those who can deal with her antics find a friend for life. Those who can’t are in for an unpleasant interaction.
Haunted One: Possessing a less than savory past, Saphir is slow to trust and quick to scare off. While she possesses a relatively carefree nature, it comes across more so that she’s given up. Which isn’t entirely inaccurate.
Taking Donations: As shocking as it is, living costs money. Giving the nature of Saphir’s lifestyle, being constantly on the move, there’s not exactly an abundance of coin to be had. Flint is almost always finding herself barely scraping by, sometimes more so with the charity of others.
We Don’t Trade Lives: Saphir isn’t one to get attached to people. It’s too much effort and people have a tendency to be a bit squishy so she’s refrained. That being said, no one takes the fall for her.

It’s fine, everything’s fine. Yeah, I’m bleeding. It’s fine.

A being with a firey temper yet otherwise chill personality, Saphir's absolutely the type to take the easy way out of a situation. She can't be bothered by petty threats or monologuing. If anything, such behavior is met with an uninterested tilt of the head and an even less enthusiastic 'Wow.’
In hard times, Saphir found refuge in cantinas, relying on liquid courage to get her through the days. That has since carried over to her general life, the woman at least sounding relatively intoxicated the majority of the time. There's little regard for rank or title, each met with an attitude reminiscent of someone with a death wish.

‘M not about that life.

Once considered blessed by the Goddess Vahl with hair the tones of fire, Saphir spent her childhood believing she was special, and then having all that dashed away. Her family particularly devout followers of Vahl, the pressure to do well was heavy on her shoulders, coming with expectations Saphir just didn’t quite meet.

As to be expected from her people’s nomadic lifestyle, Saphir’s family was constantly on the move. Already possessing a tendency to wander, it wasn’t entirely surprising when Saphir wandered too far and found herself left behind. It was perhaps Vahl’s will that another group of her own weren’t far, seemingly eager with taking the redhead in. Everything seemed fine, as far as the young Saphir was concerned. What could possibly go wrong?

Even more devout followers of Vahl than her parents, this new group was particularly prominent with the Embers of Vahl, a bit too much for Saphir’s taste. It weirded her out quite a bit, actually, so much so that she jumped ship first chance she got, preferring the company of pirates and all sorts of scoundrels over her own.
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