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Sand Belongs in Hourglasses [PM for Invite]


What do you get when you combine vast sandy beaches with an excitable Kath Hound?

Instant regret.

Sand, sand everywhere. Don't bother to ask how it gets in certain hard to reach places because it won't tell you. Sand is secret, sand is safe. Also sand is the grain of Space Satan and you mustn’t let him whisper sweet nothings in your ear but that's when he'll get you. You think you're safe, 'I wore protection' and then you move, you feel the grain. It irritates. So nasty. Too nasty.

Chomp the Kath Hound bounded up and down the beach with impressive speed, he had no concerns of getting sand between his toes, mostly because they had hooves. I'll probably still incorrectly say that the creature pads places, but I don't play by your rules.

Giving into the Sand Lord's demands, she watched on in mild annoyance as Chomp thoughtfully dived into the ocean. It was going to be a joy and a half to wash him.

Some imagery.

Picture a corgi, a mildly retarded corgi. Dashing around like a torpedo on speed, covering any and all who foolishly chose to sunbathe on this day with damp clumps of sand, except instead of a short stumpy dog, it was a large tusked beast. “Oh Chomp...” the young woman withered, half ashamed but secretly amused by her four-legged friend's antics.

Also, in case I hadn't hammered the point home enough, sand is bad, m'mkay.
Roleplay Judge
Sopher was excited from a day off. He was excited because Daella was allowing him time to explore the planet they were on. The boy had decided to venture towards the beaches, he needed tan, and how could you be a sexy jedi if you didn’t have some sweet sun kissed skin. Sopher moved towards the beaches and lathered himself in some sun tan oil that smelled oh so sweet. Looking around, he wiggled his toes into the sand feeling its graininess. He could see that this stuff could flipping everywhere!

Groaning softly, he sat down and laid against the sand to hopefully get some sort of sun to kiss his skin. It was sudden, but a huge shadow flashed over him and he sat up seeing a Kath hound? Raising an eyebrow, he stood up and started to dust off the sand and eye the kath hound who seemed more excited about being on the beach then he really should be.

Who would bring a Kath Hound to a beach? Sopher in all his glory stood there, well more like a lack of muscle definition stood there and watched the beast leap around and play. A crooked smile spread across his face as he looked around seeing at the time the only other person on the beach.

A girl.


Was she pretty? Did the Kath Hound belong to her? Was she lost? Did she need the HEROICS OF A JEDI!?

All thoughts ran through his mind, but mostly his brain functioned as such.

Girl hawt
cute GIRL
@[member="Evelynn Dorn"]​


She often pondered what it would be like to be Chomp. I mean, it wouldn't actually take that much effort to creep inside of his mind and know how it felt to be that happy that they were at the beach but Evelynn always felt that it was rude to intrude on her companion's thoughts.

Also, what if Chomp was thinking about lady kath hounds?

The peculiar scent of the oil must have set him off, it wasn't a smell that one encountered every day on Dantooine after all and therefore it had to be inspected. With ragged breath and his tongue lazily hanging out the creature began to sniff the boy. New smells. Strange smells. Evelynn watched on in horror at her hound's lack of social skills or spacial awareness.

Wait. Why was he smiling?

Better yet.

Why was he so shiny?

It was then that Chomp decided to mix things up a little and the young woman could only watch on in horror as her companion shook off the water from the ocean. It happened in slow motion, globs (that's a word?) sand and globules (this is a word too?) of water spraying everywhere and no doubt covering the poor lubricated boy.

There was nothing she could do to stop it. “Oh gosh!” she gasped, her brain beginning the first phase of panic meltdown. She tried scrambling to her feet but managed to lose footing in the sand and wham, face plant. Try that one more time. Now with a face burning scarlet she got back up to her feet and ran over to her hound and the absurdly shiny boy.


Chomp however, did not care as he felt fabulous.

@[member="Sopher Jakobs"]
Roleplay Judge
I would so plouuuuuch---OH DEAR FORCE

Sopher didn’t have a moment to keep thinking deep thought about the girl who seemed to belong with the Kath hound. The beast barreled and shook spraying him with water, it was a good thing he was covered in oil, the water slipped right on off. Using the Force the boy, summoned his towel and he wiped off the oil and the water. As he looked up, he noticed the girl face plant into the hot sand.

So there was someone just as clumsy as he was. As he ran around the Kath Hound he ran over towards the girl, doing his best he puff out his scrawny chest he held his hand up rather gallantly. He wanted to be as manly as he could and not show that he was slightly hurt that the Kath Hound ruined his tanning session. The young Jedi smirked sheepishly and nodded slightly.

“I-I’m good. I’m okay! But you have sand in your hair!”

Reaching over as carefully and as prince-like as possible, he brushed his fingers through the blonde hair trying to get the sand out. Though because this isn’t a Disney movie, his fingers got tangled and she shook his hand a little slightly pulling her hair.

“Gah its eating my fingers~”

@[member="Evelynn Dorn"]


What else was to be expected when the two most awkward citizen of the galaxy came across each other?

It was pure reflex to pull her head back when his fingers got tangled in her head, which didn't really help the situation but rather spread on yet another layer of awkwardness. “Sorry! Sorry!” she squeaked, sounding like the most broken record in the galaxy. She had no idea why she was apologising, it wasn't as if she controlled her hair or how hungry it was. Maybe the girl just had to say sorry every five minutes or she would die!

Ladies and gentleman, future master of beasts, Evelynn Dorn!

Chomp on the other hand was completely beside himself, looking about as proud as punch before remembering how exciting it was to be on a beach. Thus he bounded off again to splash, leap and otherwise frolic. The girl suspected that her kath hound's antics were very much deliberate, the catalyst for conversation. Although she really shouldn't be standing there mentally accusing her companion of skulduggery when there was a boy stuck in her hair.

Now the colour of beetroot, Evelynn finally took his hand and gently guided it out of the tangles. A little teamwork is all that it takes, you know?

“I'm sorry,” she said, still clearly stuck in apology mode. The girl sucked in a large breath before speaking once more, “my hair isn't usually so carnivorous.”

Did, did she just try to break the ice?

@[member="Sopher Jakobs"]
Roleplay Judge
Feeling as if he’d lose his hand while she yanked, he did his best to stay strong and not whine like a little girl. Girls don’t like whiny boys and this girl was quite adorable. As she worked out the young Jedi’s fingers from her hair, Sopher couldn’t help but watch her lips form every letter of her apology. Why was she saying sorry so much? Once his fingers were free, he retracted his hand back and gave them a little wiggle to make sure they were all there of course.

She kept talking and he tilted his head while his hazel eyes peered towards her hair then back at her face. He wondered what it was like to have hair that ate fingers, then he wondered towards her hands and saw that she had all of her fingers – so it was possible it only ate other hands. Shrugging he laughed slightly and ran his hand through his hair.

“Ha! It’s okay. You know any other words besides sorry? I’m okay! No worries! Is that your Kath Hound? He’s pretty awesome what’s his name….well uh what’s your name?”

Looking at her hand once more, he was curious if hair in general was hungry – he had never fed his hair so using his quick Jedi reflexes, he reached down and grasped Evelynn’s hand and brushed it through his short blonde hair.

@[member="Evelynn Dorn"]


Did, did he just check that he still had all of his fingers?

Evelynn stifled a giggle, all the people she had encountered so far in this galaxy had this grandeur about them, the phenomenal cosmic beings, all powerful gods and beast masters and then there was this boy. He definitely had a bit of the special about them. Out of the mighty and impressive larger than life characters than stood atop epic mountain in the unbeatable range, this boy stood out, he shone.

Or maybe that was the leftover oil on his skin.

After bombarding her with several questions, Evelynn pushed down the urge to apologise yet again. Resolution: stop being sorry. The words fought back, “I'm s-”

Before she could even spit out the dreaded words, he swiftly took her hand and ran it through his own hair. This perplexed her greatly. Although at the same time it was surprisingly soft, did he condition? What brand did he use?

The girl stood there sheepishly, hand still in the boy's hair.

“I'm Eve,” she smiled pleasantly, before doing a mental double-take. Eve? She never referred to herself as Eve. BRAIN. STAHP. She pointed towards her hound, who was currently trying to beat the galaxy's high jump record, “That's Chomp. I am really sorry that he ruined your tanning, he really likes the beach.”

“W-what's your name?” she queried, her voice an adorable squeak.

@[member="Sopher Jakobs"]
Roleplay Judge
Sopher felt his face slowly turn red. She has kept her hand in his hair which probably meant they his hair was happy and eating her hand gently. Figuring the redding of his face just meant his hair was getting full from the pretty girl's touch. He wondered about what other magical properties this girl's touch had.

The boy smiled sheepishly as he glanced towards the Kath Hound. Laughing slightly he looked back at the girl named Eve. Answering her question with a stutter he sighed softly and just stared.

"Name m-m-m-y Sopher...name. Pretty Eve. "

Water splashed against him snapping him out of the hypnotic trance the Beast Master in training caused him to fall into. Blinking rapidly he ran his hand through his hair, boy it was soft - Diana's conditioner worked magic~

"Sorry about that-basic isn't my first language! Your name is like uh really pretty! Don't worry about my tanning, I got enough sun and you're probably a whole lot hotter than the sun so - I wouldn't want to get burnt or something."

He just called a girl hot, is that normal? He never figured girls were hot, Diana and Daella were attractive, but they weren't hot...oh boy! Non Jedi girls were totally where he needed to be!

"I'm sorry"

He caught the bug...

"I couldn't help myself I don't know when to shut up"


I need to take a moment.

That first paragraph kills me every time I read it. I can't. I need to sit down. But you're already sitting down. Oh, right. The prospect that Sopher Jakob's hair was a separate entity on the boy's head was one of the most amazing things ever. That it had the capacity to eat gently or that when it was full it caused Sopher himself to beam. I can't. I genuinely can't. I had to make a picture, just so I could try to show you how Sopher's hair makes me feel.


Evelynn herself was amazed that there was somebody else out there in the galaxy who shared her ineptitude in speaking. Upon being referred to as 'Pretty Eve' she finally removed her hand from his hilarious hair. Had she misheard him? Probably.

Or maybe not.

No, she had been elevated from the status of pretty, now, now she stood at the lofty heights of hotter than the sun. This caused the girl to make a noise that was somewhere between a giggle and a gargle. A girgle. This also made the blush-off between the pair intensify, Eve now turning a shade of scarlet so critical that a meltdown was soon on the horizon.


He's cute.



“...do you want to...do...something? Go...somewhere...?”


@[member="Sopher Jakobs"]
Roleplay Judge
Blushing, she was blushing. Sopher blinked a few times trying to register the possibilities that would make her blush. She was pretty that way, oh so pretty – the sun reflected off her pale skin so nicely, so red you could cook and eye on her forehead. A dopey sort of grin spread across his face as he day dreamed for a moment what other places might be hotter than the sun and redder than the Tuscan moon.

The maiden’s voice echoed in his mind and he was brought down from the Tattooine could nine. Hey look at that, its one fat rhyme. The now red boy looked out from under his unkept mop and took in what she had said. She wanted to do something and wondered if he wanted to do something too. Quite the forward woman and the more he thought the wider his grin got.

“Sure! I like doing things, but I want to do this first”

Leaning forward, he puckered his lips and grasped the girl with both of his hands, doing his best to seem stronger, he used the force to help whisk her off her feet into a dip like in all the holofilms. Though as his lips found their target, he lost control because this wasn’t a holofilm, nor was it the end to some epic romance movie. It’s Sopher and Evelynn, its Justine and Louise – them teenagers fell in an awkward fashion.

@[member="Evelynn Dorn"]


It was the moment that every girl dreamed of.

Well, with the exception of every single tomboy who would claim so indignantly that they would never fall for such displays of clichéd romance but they are dirty liars. Why are you so afraid? Let me see you, take off that giant hoodie, why are you hiding? You're beautiful. Let yourself be taken, let yourself be vulnerable for just one moment.

Just one second.

That paragraph however held no relevance, Evelynn Dorn was no tomboy, she had no reservations about being swept off her feet. So they kissed, they fell and the entire planet of Velusia almost imploded due to the atomically high levels of awkward that surrounded them. God. Imagine if they did create an explosion in relation to how graceless they were. It would be complete carnage. They'd get hunted down for the genocide of an entire planet, putting Sith-kind to absolute shame.

“I...I...” she stammered with the extreme derp of a Jedi now on top of her. She'd never been kissed before, never mind being whisked off of her feet. There was going to be sand everywhere now.


What?! Can we deploy the logic cooling system?


The good captain gasped, his monocle falling into his cup of tea with a small clink. Four-hundred percent?! We're doomed.


It's been a pleasure serving with you, men.

“...good...like did that...you?”

@[member="Sopher Jakobs"]