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House Mero Historic Standard, used as Company Insignia
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Corporation Name: Samaria Heavy Engineering
Headquarters: Isobe
  • Althea Factory: Samaria Heavy Engineering owns a modestly sized factory on Thustra called “Althea” factory in honour of a Sephi Princess. The Althea Factory has the capability to manufacture eighteen units of their advanced power armour models in a single day at full production output. Another line within the Factory can assemble approximately seventy-one small arms each day, the long times is contributed to by the Company’s insistence that each line of product be overseen by a team of experienced Sephi Armourers and Machinists who also perform quality control testing.
  • Mero Design Bureau: Located on Isobe’s surface is the Mero Design Bureau which is responsible for designing the products that are then put into production upon approval by the Chairman appointed by House Mero. The Design Bureau is staffed by skilled Sephi Engineers who create prototypes based on contract requirements or at the behest of the Company’s Leadership. The Company’s Chairman then typically approves a limited production run of prototypes and then performs internal testing before permitting customer assessment. The Design Bureau also doubles as the Company’s Headquarters as per company tradition.
  • Powered Armour Manufacturing & Design.
  • Kyber Crystal Infantry Weapon Manufacturing & Design.
Tier: One

Powered Armour:
Kyber Crystal Weapons:


“Quality Sephi Engineering.”
-Official Company Motto
Samaria Heavy Engineering is a Private Sephi Company that manufactures, designs and tests a wide variety of Advanced Powered Armour systems with a history stretching back to about 150 ABY with the Company changing names over the course of history. Its’ Chair has always been occupied by a member of House Mero however, typically an Engineer who has been deemed worthy of the honour by the family’s unofficial ruling Matriarch or Patriarch and current Chair. The Company has only lost its’ Private-status once in its’ history and this was during Sheev Palpatine’s Galactic Empire where many industries were nationalised and forced by law to produce equipment for the Imperial Military, during this time Samaria Heavy Engineering was contracted to build Stormtrooper Powersuits which it completed with such a high-level of quality they became widely demanded and eventually Samaria licensed out production of the Suits to make Imperial-Demand, while many companies suffered under Imperial occupation and rule Samaria enriched itself though its’ family at the time harboured anti-Imperial sentiments as it was a successor to the Republic and ended up turning the research and design knowledge collected against the Imperials when the Rebellion liberated the Thustra system and ended up selling their products briefly to the Rebellion and then the New Galactic Republic before its’ disarmament at which point the Chair secured contracts from various planetary security forces and private security organisations. In a universe consumed by war Samaria Heavy Engineering has never completely gone under, and with their unique focus on powered armour and kyber-focused energy weapons have consistently made enough sales to keep the company profitable and growing steadily. Samaria Heavy Engineering company philosophy places an emphasis on Quality over Quantity, ensuring that their customers have a technological edge over the competition but the truth is their disdain for mass-manufacturing is a result of both expense and ideology with the products they create without fail being costly to produce and expensive to acquire for prospective customers. It’s quietly acknowledged by the family based on their history with Stormtrooper Powersuits that the only organisations with the funds to purchase their products in enough quantity to warrant mass production are huge interplanetary governments and thus on occasion they tender for government contracts to provide personal protective equipment for soldiers.

House Mero and Samaria Heavy Engineering ideology and culture demands that they do not accept contracts or tender for Governments or Organisations that have a known and demonstrable endorsement or active relationship with Dark-Side cults or organisations that perform unambiguous acts of evil. Many House Mero members historically have been members of the Jedi Order in the days of the Galactic Republic prior to the rise of Sheev Palpatine’s Empire. In the modern era this means they refuse to accept contracts from most major interstellar powers out of a sense of moral obligation which is unusual amongst arms manufacturers and even rarer that House Mero is willing to permit their competitors to secure contracts that would have otherwise been theirs to secure. During the Gulag Plague and subsequent period of Ignorance Samaria Heavy Engineering lost much of their Powered Armour Research and Development with several factories being destroyed across the system in the subsequent Chaos, most of their Employees were wiped out. The steady rebuilding that followed set them back all the way to designing simple industrial exoskeletons and using Kyber crystals in weapon systems that were far too large to be practical within a tactical environment. Only now is Samaria Heavy Engineering beginning to get back on its’ feet with a steadily expanding pool of staff with old production lines restarted and churning out ceramic and durasteel plates necessary for construction of their powered armour. Samaria Heavy Engineering’s designs’ beauty has dropped with recent years, losing the artistic touch usually expected from Sephi architects and engineers with customers sometimes complaining that their newest products lack the flair of historic designs that can rarely be found around the civilised parts of galactic space sitting in museums. Samaria Heavy Engineering has always struggled with manufacturing Powered Armour in quantity without sacrificing on quality, approximately in 852 ABY they were attempting to rectify this issue by attempting to decrease the amount of polygons in their designs while continuing to use the advanced technology expected by customers. They desire to expand their research and production into droid models in the near future under the current chair’s leadership.

Samaria Heavy Engineering has always been chaired by a member of the Mero family with significant experience or education in Architecture, Engineering, Machining or Programming. Much of the Leadership team is made up of House Mero individuals or their extended family if there are no suitable scions hailing from the founding house. Anarielle Giala Mero comes into control of the family at one of its’ lowest points of history, pressured to accept its’ leadership by its’ current excited Patriarch who sees an opportunity to use his Ancestor’s ancient knowledge to bring the Company into a new Era but also out of respect considering the galactic history that Anarielle lived through. Anarielle already possessed an education in Engineering and Programming and had worked on Seperatist Droids centuries ago, and helped oversee the construction of a unique production run of Powered Armour made during the Clone Wars to commemorate the Sephi’s succession from the Galactic Republic. Anarielle’s main input into the Company comes into the design bureau and she often personally reviews customer requirements and creates technical drawings for prototypes and reviews those prepared by the design team. With her experience with droids Anarielle is believed to be the best individual currently within the family to lead Samaria Heavy Engineering forward in bringing forth new and improved droid designs and after several galactic catastrophes manpower is every more valuable and automated warfare presents a solution to organic casualties for private security companies and foreign governments.

Subsidiaries: None

Parent Corporation: N/A
You can submit this at Tier 2 if you like, granting you another location and operation slot.

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Ivy Lasranae said:
You can submit this at Tier 2 if you like, granting you another location and operation slot.

Is it your intention to submit this company at Tier 1?

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Apologies, it seems I forgot to amend the Tier into the tags that has been rectified so it should go without saying that I do intend to submit this as Tier 1 and write the Company's steady climb up.