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Approved Tech Sagittarius-Class Targeting System

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  • Intent: To provide certain droids with better aim.
  • Image: N/A
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: It’s me, in all my suffocating mediocrity.
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Helix Syndicate
  • Affiliation: Helix Syndicate
  • Modularity: None
  • Production: Mass
  • Material: Coding
  • Model: Sagittarius-Class Targeting System
  • Rapid Analysis of Weapons Routine

The Sagittarius was designed with modularity and adaptation in mind. What distinguishes the Sagittarius from other weapon systems is what has been termed a RAWR - Rapid Analysis of Weapons Routine.

When a droid with is handed a weapon, the Sagittarius rapidly scans it to account for a number of variables. For example: Weapon size, type, projected recoil, climate, and ammunition. These factors are scanned over the course of several seconds once the droid has come into possession of the weapon. This trove of rapidly acquired information allows the droid to adapt the way it uses the weapon accordingly, increasing accuracy significantly. The longer an instance of the Sagittarius is utilized with a certain weapon, the more it adapts to the nuances of that weapon. This results in a greater increase in accuracy over time.

  • [Strength] Substantially improved ranged accuracy in battle droids.
  • [Weakness] The system is only compatible with Epicurus-Class Droid Brains.
  • [Weakness] Exotic, highly customized weapons do not to register properly within the system. Capacity to use such weapons (for example, a bo-rifle) is greatly diminished.
  • [Weakness] The system is prone to overheating and error when confronted with too many tasks in rapid succession.

When the Helix Syndicate forcibly shut down Dynamic Automata, it acquired a wealth of information on the company’s projects. The projects were abandoned due to the shutdown, but the Helix Syndicate elected to finish them for their own benefit. One such project is now known as the Sagittarius-Class Targeting System.

The Sagittarius-Class Targeting System was made to improve the accuracy of battle droids and does so through the previously described RAWR special feature. Despite the tremendous benefit this feature has on improving battle droid accuracy with standardized weapons, there are still some shortcomings.

If a droid cycles switches weapons too many times, problems may arise. Either the system will glitch out and begin displaying inaccurate information in that droid’s heads up display or overheating will cause the system to shut down entirely. In either event, the accuracy of the droid starkly decreases and it essentially becomes useless. Further, the RAWR is generally incompatible with weapons that have been too extensively modified, are excessively foreign, or require too much specialized training to utilize.
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