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Saewon Idaeus


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General Information
Name: Saewon Idaeus
Nickname: Lil'Snake

-The Deceiver
-The Abhorred

Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Shi'ido
Sexuality: Pansexual

Voice Sample:

​Affiliation: The Sith Empire
Occupation: Sith Sorcerer
Current Rank: Knight Level
Force Sensitivity: Yes, Master

Physical Information

Eye Color: Golden Sith colored
Hair Color: Constantly Changing
Appearance: Because one of his natural abilities is taking on different forms and shapes at will, Saewon somewhat constantly shifting his form in order to match the task at hand. He is known for using his shape-changing skills in the middle of battle, assuming many different forms in order to confuse or intimidate his opponent. Likewise, when presented with the option Saewon would use a specific form in battle, which he named Daechir. This form is specifically designed to inspire fear and intimidation within his opponent- as Daechir he will make himself the tallest person on the battle-field, and kindly gift himself with a large muscular frame. Furthermore, in this form he posses a square jaw-line, a mouth that looks like a furnace, eyes that burn like fire, a flat noiseless face, and deathly grey skin- he will commonly wear some sort of armor with this form as well. Though this is not the form he chooses to take when preforming daily duties, and even in battle he rarely uses this form due to his intense hatred for it. You see, Saewon holds an intense obsession for beauty and perfection, and he holds a deep hatred for anything other than those two things. For that reason, he almost always assume a beautiful form that would make him seem innocent and well aesthetically beautiful, and to hide the nasty evil within him. Because he recognizes that humans hold an significant advantage over 'alien' races, Saewon almost always assumes an androgynous humanoid form- now the reason that he chooses an androgynous form is due to the fact that gender is a mental concept to him, and a stupid one.

Psychological Information
Personality: Saewon is a man of many different paradoxes and contradictions, one of them being his admiration for beautifully constructed objects and ironically his fascination with or causing destruction. Likewise, while he does harness the dark side through extreme emotion it is not the same approach most darksiders would take. He channels the dark side through his conflicting passions for both order and destruction, and well his overall sadistic desire to inflict suffering and torment. This method of channeling the dark side came natural to him and it leads him to be rather calm compared to most Jedi Exiles. For the most part he tends to be an apathetic observer of his surroundings, quietly assessing people or situations while throwing out the concepts of morality- as he views them to be contaminating factors. Being someone of sharp mind and quick wits Saewon commonly carries himself in a formal manner, a manner which could be accredited to a posh well educated member of society. Even when he was younger he fancied himself an firm annalist of human nature, and has unintentionally developed a small superiority complex over them. Which can be accredited to the fact that he views them as an species consumed in self-importance and blind to the happenings of the world. To which he firmly believes that they need a firm hand to guide them to success. However, he is ironically is consumed within his own delusions of corrupting ambition and nihilistic self-destruction.It should be noted that Saewon is completely self aware of his psychopathic nature and has used his understanding of society's standards to disguise himself in lies. Saewon can be considered an insidious force that works through the use of manipulation and deceit, corrupting his enemies into turning on themselves or leading them to their own self-destruction. Admittedly he hates direct physical confrontation, and prefers to work through the force or other people. Because of this preference to corruption and deceit Saewon has become incredibly patient, to the point that he is willing to wait years for a plan to come into fruition. First and foremost Saewon is an strategist that is capable of comprehending almost all matters presented within any situation. He is capable of both commanding armies from afar and manipulating people like they were chest pieces on a board. As mentioned above he does not like to directly engage an opponent and admittedly prefers to work through others or through the force- which is arguable his greatest weapon. This is mostly due to him acknowledging his own limits and recognizing that he doesn't really do well without preparation. Besides working as an corrupting and unseen force, Saewon prefers to gather information on his opponent before entering into a duel with them, and then based off the information that he had gathered he would then decide on how to approach the situation. If he feels like he cannot overpower that person in direct combat either the force or saber combat, he would then opt to assume a fair form and use a more indirect approach. He commonly uses mental warfare in order to sow poisonous thought of despair and terror into the heart of his opponent, which is just a testament to how much he prefers to work through deceit. In mundane terms this range from simply commanding any soldiers under his command to show an extreme ruthlessness and prejudice when carrying out a task, or by ordering them to attack locations of personal significance.Whatever the case the idea is to simply exert dominance over his opponent and essentially trick them into believing that there is no hope in winning this fight. In fact if given enough time and if applicable, Saewon would personally attack the things closet to his opponent, and even attempt to isolate his victim from everyone else. He would do this in order to make it seem like that person is all alone and no one could help him- with the end game being to make his opponent unstable to the point of becoming sloppy in battle.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • The Deceiver: Saewon primary works through the use of corruption and deceit, which has earned him the title of the Deceiver. He posses an the ability to manipulate people and events like they were pieces on a chessboard. He commonly uses his natural ability to assume many different forms at will, to seduce people and manipulate them into doing what he wants. His skills within manipulation can be accredited to the fact that he considers himself a firm annalist of human nature, and well of course he does use the force to aid him in some situations that require a little aid. Furthermore, the main reason why he holds such skills in manipulation is due to the fact that he recognizes his lack of strength and makes up for it in intelligence. This trait also makes it harder for people to lie to him.
  • A Force Baby: Saewon holds an natural connection to the dark side of the force, a connection which existed even when he was younger. This connection to the dark side allows him to use force techniques that someone of his rank wouldn't normally be able to preform, and it allows him to learn force techniques rather quicker than most. Because of this strong connection to the force Saewon is considered a prodigy in the force, and holds an inept talent for Sith Sorcery. Some people theorize that Saewon's strong connection to the dark side can be accredited to his sociopathy, of which prevents him from feeling empathy for other people. Furthermore, he believes that a true master in the force doesn't need a lightsaber.
  • Destructive: Saewon holds an fascination with the concepts of destruction and annihilation, which in return conflicts with his admiration for order and perfection.This controversial admiration for destruction and order leads him to be unconsciously destructive in his attempts to achieve perfection, and to forge order from a currently chaotic galaxy.In this manner you can consider him a destructive perfectionist, in which he uses destruction in order to create perfection, and mold chaos into order. Though inevitably his actions lead potentially lead to his own self-destruction.
  • ​Non Light-saber Enthusiast- Saewon does not like to use a lightsaber and well he doesn't like physical combat in general and he views them both to be primitive. Because of this intense dislike to what he considers mundane combat, Saewon does not have massively impressive skills with a lightsaber, but simply posses the necessary skills to survive. Saewon's basic physical strength prevents him from mastery form V and has forced him to pursue alternate forms to utilize. Despite this his skills with a lightsaber shows his preference for manipulation and trickery, and well the force.
Saewon came from a rather modest background and he wasn't always a total sociopath. At first he was born into a wealthy house-hold on his home-world of Lao-mon with his family being well respected members of society- both being part of the local government. When he was born Saewon was said to be rather distant and often quiet for a baby, this trait admittedly caused his parents to worry about him, but that would eventually change as he started to grow older. Before his father became a member of the local government- he was once a tactician and apart of the republic's military, but he retired when Saewon was born. For that reason his father was a military minded man and demanded absolute obedience in the house hold, which admittedly caused the two to butt heads often. Saewon as he grew older became a rebel and would at times purposely challenge his father's authority in the house, which would lead to a lot of fights. Though admittedly, Saewon would form his obsession for order and perfection from his father's shrewdness- which he doesn't like to admit. Either way Saewon received a well-paid education and attended many private schools, in which he would constantly excel in. Eventually, when he reached a certain age Saewon was allowed to leave his planet and explore the galaxy. Quickly, taking his chance Saewon took the next ship out of Lao-mon, and well he quickly learned the chaotic state of the galaxy. During his travel Saewon came into a contact with a Sith lord and the Sith sensing the force in him, took Saewon as his apprentice. Admittedly, being someone who fell for people in power Saewon held a minor infatuation with the Sith Lord. The Sith Lord taught him some techniques of Sith sorcery, and definitely showed him how to tame the force, eventually the lord died when on a mission, and Saewon managed to gain the rank of Knight after his death.


New Member


Weapons: Basic Crimson Saber


Force Abilities
Acolyte-)Apprentice-)knight-)Master-)Complete Mastery
Universal Techniques
  • Force Telekinesis: |===|===|===|===|===|
  • Far-Seeing: |===|===|===|===|===|
  • Force Barrier: |===|===|===|===|===|
  • Battle Meditation: |===|===|===|===|====|
  • Force Confusion: |===|===|===|===|===|
  • Force Telepathy: |===|===|===|===|===|
  • Pryokinesis: |===|===|===|===|===|
  • ​Alter Environment: |===|===|===|===|
  • Force Projection: |===|===|===|===|===|
Dark Side Techniques
  • Sith Sorcery: |===|===|===|===|===|
  • Force Illusions: |===|===|===|===|===|
  • Force Lightning: |===|===|===|===|===|
  • Force Insanity/Fear/Horror: |===|===|===|===|===|
  • Force Wound aka Choke etc: |===|===|===|===|===|
  • Sith Alchemy: |===|===|===|===|===|
  • Mind shard: |===|===|===|===|===|