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Approved Tech S-1 Heavy blaster pistol

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Like Lightning

Thanks to Section 8.
Intent: To create a standard Pistol for the Fel troops.
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Kelliak Arms and Armor
Model: S-1 Heavy blaster pistol.
Affiliation: Fel Imperium
Modularity: Minor
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Durasteel, Titanium.
As the Fel Imperium needs a standard Plaster pistol, they want something that can give some kick. The blaster has a standard energy clip of 20 round, but can be replaced with a 30, and a 40 round mag. Under the bottom of the blaster, is an attachment railing that can be used for a Laser, or flashlight.

The down side of using the blaster pistol, is that it is rather bulky and to not to be used as a concealed weapon.
Classification: Heavy Blaster pistol
Size: Handheld
Status: Military
Length: 20.3 Centimeters.
Weight: 2.3 kilograms
Ammunition Type: Power cell
Ammunition Capacity: 50 shots
Effective Range: 30 meters
Max Range: 100 meters.
@[member="Xander Carrick"]

I like it, and unusually you’ve underpowered this a bit.

I reckon you can increase the shots per clip to 50 as a base without any issues. Conventional canon weapons have clips up to 100 without issue.

For range you can increase maximum range to 100m, with an effective range of say 30m.

Do that and this will be approved.
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