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Approved Species Ruferalahuín

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A female Oólb Rudle chieftain dressed in ritual garbs.
[Goddess Ahri by phoenixboy.deviantart.com]

Name: Ruferalahuín

Designation: Sentient, Mammalia, Humanoid
Homeworld: Ulúk Tgalieh (Currently Unplayable)
Language: Alat Rufer
Average height of adults: 1.82 meters
Skin color: Alabaster, Normal, Tan, Light Brown, Peach, Orange, Gray, (ultra-rare) Midnight Blue
Hair color: Blue-Black, Jet Black, Ash Black, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Brown, Ash Brown, Maroon, Blood Red, Muddy Blonde, Blonde, Platinum Blonde, White, Blue Sterling.
Eye Color: Yellow, Orange, Brown, Moss Green, Jade, Hazel, Slate, Gray-Blue, Light Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Whiteout.
Breathes: Type I

Force Sensitivity :: Though some more than others, all Ruferalahuín are deeply connected to the Force. One in every four are Force-sensitive individuals, with numbers being higher for the enclosed tribes. While their knowledge in its use is primitive, there exists among rare races in their culture certain refined skills they have discovered and honed over generations. While those born of these races may be taught or be naturally aligned to the arts of their tribe, the Ruferalahuín as a species knows nothing else about the Force. They will even find it more difficult than the average individual to grasp the concepts discovered by countless other species and generations, thus they make tenuous but promising students.

Hyperdexterity :: The Ruferalahuín are extremely agile by nature and their swiftness allows them to be great acrobats and scouts.

Acute Senses :: The Ruferalahuín have a refined sense of smell, excellent sense of directional hearing and modest vision at night.

Bio Immunity :: Due to the bioweapon that their ancient progenitors used to erase themselves, the Ruferalahuín immune system in turn happens to be strong against viral infection and neurotoxicity.

Mushrooms :: No one knows why, but mushrooms are the bane of all Ruferalahuín existence. This, and the majority of the other natural fungi are toxic to their digestive system and can cause violent allergic reactions in any member of the population.

Sonic Blasts :: Huge levels of sound can be detrimental to the sensitive hearing of the Ruferalahuín, and thus a sonic blast or unnaturally loud or focused level of sound might rupture or even pop their ear drums.

Minor Population :: The Ruferalahuín have a small and spread galactic population, and their lifespans enable them to breed at a much slower ascent, thus causing their overall population to grow at an almost level rate and be much smaller than that of any other sentient species.

Space Fare Anxiety :: Because it is not natural to them, the Ruferalahuín are reluctant about space travel. Most will be anxious or nervous while some may even be fearful, phobic or resentful. However, this is only true for some folks and can be overcome individually.

Dark Side Aptitude :: Because of the method of their evolution, the Ruferalahuín seem to have a stronger affinity towards the Dark Side of the Force. This is not to say that all Ruferalahuín are naturally Dark-Sided, however many who grow powerful enough may feel more of a tug of temptation to it than others typically would and will find it much more addicting once engulfed.

Forceblood :: The Ruferalahuín are largely dependent on their connection to the Force by nature. They average about 11,000 midi-chlorians per cell. To upkeep their need for this state, they often seek to consume Force-sensitive individuals (usually once a month); as if they do not, their health would gradually deteriorate and they would die. Whether their food is sentient and living or not is all a matter of moral compass, and they frown upon cannibalism.

Ruferalahuín is a distinct species of humanoids with near-human features. Their bodies are almost identical to the common near-human races, though they also bare physical and biological traits that make them greatly different. The Ruferalahuín are born with canine-like ears higher up on their head, fangs, sharp nails and a single tail. Over their adolescence, more stubs begin to grow out of their final row of vertebrae and slowly develop one by one into eight more tails of their own. They do not become a full adult until their sixties, however they continue on at their prime until their fourth or fifth century, in which internal decay kicks in. Thus, a Ruferalahuín can live to the ripe age of five hundred and still appear to be in their early twenties. This phenomenon is almost directly related to unleashed substances on their former homeworld which instigated their bonds with midi-chlorians to rapidly develop over their course of evolution.
Ruferalahuín cannot mate with human races or other humanoid species to produce a Ruferalahuín. The outcome of a Human-Ruferalahuín relationship will always result in human offspring, with nearly a 60% decreased chance of successful copulation. For humanoids and non-humans, the two are incompatible. However, the genetics of a Ruferalahuín are close enough to a near-human's, with the proper genetic engineering, a genetically full-Ruferalahuín offspring can be created from the samples of a human and Ruferalahuín. It is theorized that even seldom, specific non-human humanoid species can be hybridized, though such subjects may be highly unstable.

The Tera'Ma are the common race of the Ruferalahuín. This race consists of the most broad range of colors and genetics, and often includes mixed and interracial clans. Though most simply look caucasian with varied features, this group holds the largest population and can include almost any combination of aesthetic racial traits depending on those of each parent.
(Characters of this group do not carry any of the perks of the pure-blood tribes; e.g. fire resistance, bioluminescent pathways, et'c.)

Oólb Rudle
The Oólb Rudle are a rare and exotic tribe of Ruferalahuín. The second smallest and most patriotic of the Ruferalahuín tribes, the Oólb Rudle are stapled by their affinity to pyromancy, courage and warrior's honor. They have maintained the art of pyrokinesis in the Force throughout their generations. Quick to forgive but never forgetting, these peoples tend to customarily resolve disputes through duels and head to head combat. They are also very outspoken and quick to rise to debates. Despite their nature, they are typically very peaceful and choose preservation over destruction whenever affordable.
The Oólb Rudle have skin ranging from fiery human to peach to orange, hair shades of red, brown or blonde, and eyes from yellow to brown. They average around six feet in height and have the same construction as an average human. They share facial features very close to that of high elves from the TES series, most notably the eyes.
Force Affinity: Pyrokinesis
Advantages: Fire-retardant fur, high body temperature, high heat tolerance
Disadvantages: High blood pressure, frail in cold environments, poor night vision

The Ruksenmih are by and large the smallest, most introverted race in the species. Ruksenmih are known for their appearance but also for their cunning, stealth and aptitude for the Force. They are the most naturally sensitive race of the Ruferalahuín and excel in Force sensory and stealth. The people of this tribe grow a very peculiar secondary nervous system down their writing hand side which ranges from the side of the neck to the foot. This small pathway is filled with cells containing a special bioluminescent enzyme that reacts directly to midi-chlorians energy. When the being manipulates the Force, this pathway begins to glow a bright shade of blue or purple. While it is uncertain what the actual purpose of this is, it is presumed that it acts as a medium for easier Force control, or perhaps a learning mechanism that rapidly enables their discovery at an early age.
Ruksenmih usually bare black or blueish hair, alabaster or gray skin and eyes ranging from marble slate to dark or gray-blue. They are slightly over six feet tall on average, usually slender and have very attractive bodies with thin, wide eyes.
Force Affinity: Force Sense
Advantages: Agile, good body control, excellent night vision
Disadvantages: Soft physiology, introverted, higher chance of corruption

Irapualh Muttéls
One of the more common tribes, often distinguished only by their unique traits. The Irapualh Muttéls do not have anything unique about them when compared to humans. They mildly resemble the Korun in many ways. Though not unique in the Force or psychology, they are still very different from the Tera'Ma race. Their fur is slightly thicker and deeply-colored than the other tribes and their builds are known to be slightly more muscular or defined. The tallest known individual measured just over seven feet. Contrary to initial belief, they are more commonly desert and steppe folk and create a blend of the two physiological aspects. What they lack in exotic traits they make up for in endurance, perseverance and diplomacy.
Force Affinity: None
Advantages: Heavy build, tolerable of multiple climates, greater endurance, balanced in the Force
Disadvantages: Least vulpine instincts, least traditional ideology

Average Lifespan: 600 Galactic Standard Years
Races: Oólb Rudle (Orange), Ruksenmih (Blue), Irapualh Muttéls (Korunesque), Tera'Ma (Common & Mixed)
Diet: Raw meat (levo-amino), cooked meat, raw fish, cooked fish, soft fruits, varied vegetables, mushrooms and most fungi
Communication: Alat Rufer (native language), Galactic Standard Basic (intersolar language)

The Ruferalahuín are very few and far between. Wherever they go, they are often regarded as angels, demons and even sometimes monsters, spawns and deities. Many are confused by their feral features yet others stricken with awe at their exotic beauty. This is particularly true with the named tribes. Because of the attention they command, Ruferalahuín often stick in groups or choose to lead solitary lives away from the prying eyes of others. A flamboyant few seldom parade around, proudly flaunting their features without fear of amorous attention or persecution. Tribes often stay connected, even after diverging across several planets. This sense of community and kinship keeps their perseverance strong among a galaxy that far outnumbers them.

Technology level:
The Ruferalahuín do not have any native modern technology. They exist in a perpetual technological state similar to the pre-Middle Ages. Black powder is an extremely rare and eventful commodity for them and even the heads of the tribes have difficulty acquiring any, though they do know how to produce automatically reloading crossbows, siege cannons and smoke bombs. They do not make spacecraft or firearms.

General behavior:
Typical Ruferalahuín behavior is as varied and ideological as human behavior is. The only traits that appear to be constant are the custom of consuming the hearts, livers or blood of deceased Force sensitive creatures, and tribal patriotism though nonviolent. For those not of the tribes, life is often varied and communal. Most Ruferalahuín are hardy and have good health despite their lack of advanced medical science. As a species, they have no planetary government but simply choose to coexist peacefully.

The history isn't going to be in worded format. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but trust me, when it's finished and posted it will blow your minds. I will summarize it for now.
The Ruferalahuín were born as a species tens of thousands of years ago. Aside from that, little if anything is known about their past or their origins. Unknown to anyone, there was once an advanced race before theirs which once civilized the world of Ulúk Tgalieh. However, some sort of global event had removed them and all traces of their existence, somehow leaving the rest of the world and its inhabitants intact. They are, in truth, the true progenitors of all the tribes. All that remains of this enigmatic race is a small, hollow artificial moon cracked open from a grazing collision with its true moon, thrown into decay by many millenia of disrepair and abandonment. The surface of the planet is littered with visceral beasts, thick rainforests and Force-irradiated debris fallen from the lunar Dyson; a place where only the Force adept would survive. Having minimal contact with the outside galaxy due to location, they weathered the Gulag Plague and those who would spread it. Despite their comfortable but solitary existence alone in the fringe of the Atrisian Unknown space, a very rare few seized the means to leave everything they know behind in search of something greater. Answers.

95,000 BBY :: An ancient advanced race of solar spacefaring beings (known for history sake as Progenitors) lived on the planet known as Ulúk Tgalieh. Their civilization nears its peak.

92,000 BBY :: The Progenitors faced global warfare, and a weapon of mass destruction is developed with the intent of "resetting" society by the losing side by eliminating their entire population. It is delivered in the form of an ICBM and unleashes a biological agent which specifically targets all advanced sentient beings. Within years, global population reaches near zero.
91,500 BBY :: The few surviving Progenitors spend the remainder of their fated lives tending to final preparations to remove all signs of civilization and maintain the natural environment. A bio-engineering project secretly conducted prior by a private subdivision is all but lost to history and remains sealed within the surface of Ulúk Tgalieh. The final Progenitor dies in 91,567 BBY.

77,500 BBY :: One of the three celestial bodies orbiting Ulúk Tgalieh, originally believed to be a low-class moon, finally loses sustained orbit and enters a trajectory for the second smallest moon. This critical failure of the construct causes the ruinous containment cells on Ulúk Tgalieh to release. The Ruferalahuín race is born.

57,900 BBY :: Over the next few millenia, it intercepts the moon and collides off-center, splitting it open and sending debris and chunks of the moon to rain down on the planet. The local flora and fauna population is decimated. Trace amounts of remaining bio-agent samples are unleashed on the planet. However, it has no negative effects on the new population, mostly due to their related genetic construction.

Circa 1,200 BBY :: The second moon reaches a perigee of 42,597 km from Ulúk Tgalieh thanks to its accidental artificial orbit.

457 BBY :: The first Ruferalahuín leaves Ulúk Tgalieh.

Notable Player-Characters: Please PM me, a Species Factory Judge or an Administrator so that they can put you down below!
@[member="Ayña Kottos"]

Intent: A new species to make playable and a unique Star Wars interpretation of the Kumiho spirits from Korean folklore. No NPCs without permission though, please. They're too rare and powerful as it is.
@[member="Alachei Mnemenos"] There is one very big no-no here right off the bat.

"were born immune to the Gulan (sic) plague that would come many eras later." The Gulag plague is not curable, no living creatures are immune. That's a hard rule for species creation here. The only way to avoid it is not to be somewhere that it spread to.

As much as I wish to take your word on the history, I'm going to seen to see it all. Even if you PM it to me or put it in spoilers, I cannot judge this fairly without having a history.

I am also not comfortable with an entirely Force sensitive race, especially one which has these other advantages. I would explicitly limit the number who can actually use their abilities to say 25-30%. The rest have instinctual empathy or something which they can't use directly.

Possibly because of the abridged history I don't know how they've left their planet or where they live, considering they don't make space craft.

Please let me know and @mention me when you are ready.


I didn't even know it still existed so I didn't think it would be a big deal D: edited.
I don't know why the heck I always spell it "Gulan."

That is the history... it's just not a fancy way of putting it.

"Entirely" is dwarved by their "smaller than that of any other sentient species" population, but if that wasn't enough, then Ok.

In those seldom times someone from one of the major governments or some traders pass through, they stowaway, get a trip, ask for a transport to come, et'c. It's all individual basis. There could literally only be hundreds or even dozens off-world at any given time.

@[member="Tegaea Alcori"]


@[member="Tegaea Alcori"] Again, that is the complete history, however vague and boringly written it may be. Besides, I threw the timeline in right before you posted anyways. xD
@[member="Alachei Mnemenos"]

I'm in two minds about this. On the one hand I appreciate the work you've done here making a new and complex species. On the other I fear it could be abused. I'm going to approve this, but bear in mind that I will come down heavily on any misuse of this species' powers.

It's not what I could call Star Wars, but nor as the Turians, Krogan, dwarves and elves we have here approved. So I'll let this go, but we are watching.


@[member="Darth Kyros"] Isn't that kind of irrelevant considering anyone can make a FU character, and that it was already approved at virtually 100% because of the uber-small population count?

Anyways, it is done. (It now says one in four now, which falls in the "25-30%")
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