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Approved Vehicle RT-01 Basilisk

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King of Pumpkins
  • DION Fibre - allows it to be resistant to EMP/Ion attacks
  • Mirdimorut droid brain - Allows the droid to come up with new tactics quickly.
  • Silicar - allows the droids to be more resistant to the cold and heat.
  • Shields - The droid is shielded against a lot of damage
  • Beskar - being made out of beskar these droids are resistant to lightsabres.
  • DION Fibre - is easily damaged by psychical damage.
  • Mirdimorut droid brain - Can be jammed stopping it from communicating with base.
  • Silicar - Silicar is difficult to repair.
  • Heavy - the droid is very heavy due to the beskar on it
Rex was looking at what he could possible do with a mix of different mandalorian tech to make these basilisks droids. He used his company to make them and added some stuff from Mandal Arms as well as Raxis Independent. All in all it created a fairly large droid vehicle that 3 people can sit on together and ride it through a battle. However it only takes one person to drive it.

Armament - For armaments he took some old Cezkar tech that he found a while ago. These were the incineration-class plasma rail gun. This weapon is hidden deep within the bowels of the droid and is shot out of it's tail. Then Rex asked Mandal Arms to added one of their auto cannons to the droid vehicle. He then added a ammo bin with it so it had to be reloaded less.

Defences and materials - To make the droids formidable Rex took some Beskar, some of his companies DION Fibre and Raxis Independent's silicar. He then added a droid brain so it would be able to think for itself and be really accurate in battle. He was proud of all of these then he added some deflector shields to help with resisting damage even more. Making this droid largely able to resist most types of damage. This allows Rex to ride one of these into a battle field very easily. However due to all of this it is heavy and can't always fit on board ships.
Not open for further replies.