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Tyr-Kyr Magnus

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~The Tried~
"They believed they were ready. We believed they were ready, but rarely do those that brave the fires of war emerge unscathed." -Unknown Jedi Master reflecting on the Invasion of Ossus

This is a basic idea I have tossed around after seeing just how many Padawan were taking part in the Liberation of Ossus. The basis goes on the fact that we have numerous young Padawan thrust into battle which none of them were prepared for. Some succumbed to blood-lust, while others broke under the pressure, yet none of them would walk away from the battle the same as they were when they entered. After the invasion has ended these Padawan will have to live with the decisions they made during the battle and decide how they will continue living as a Jedi after seeing the horrors of war first hand.

This particular group of idealogical Padawan, now promoted to Knight status after surviving the war as their trails, will have faced their inner demons and come to terms with the events that transpired on Ossus. Seeing first hand the sheer evil that Sith Lords are capable of, these young Knights have come together and decided to not allow the tyranny of the Sith to continue and have resolved to fight them on every front until they no longer pose a threat to peace or the Republic. Casting of the more passive ethics of the Order they show Sith no quarter and refuse all surrender.

1. So what exactly are The Tried?
The Tried are a group similar to the Jedi Militants, however instead of facing all of the Republic's enemies they primarily target Sith.

2. How do The Tried operate?
The Tried works as closely together as possible during conflicts splintering into smaller groups only when necessary to avoid being overwhelmed by powerful opposing forces.

3. Is this an actual faction?
Not currently no. It will start off as just a way to promote Role-Play and Character Development for the Padawan that took place in the Ossus Invasion. If it gains enough support then an appeal might be made to make it an official part of the Order, however it will be more up to the Role-Play to decide.

4. What are the perks of joining?
You will be around like minded individuals that will encourage Role-Play and Character Development for your character.

5. Will the group have it's own threads and objectives separate from the Jedi Order?
Yes, you will be brought into a group conversion via the PM system when time arises.

6. Who is the leader?
No one currently. I believe it will be more fun to have a few threads after the Invasion of Ossus is over to decide something like that.

7. Cons of Joining.
You will more than likely be shunned by the more conservative members of the Order. You may also face repercussions from the Republic or the Order depending on the groups actions.

8. Are we against the Order? Even just a liiitttllleee bit?
No! We are not terrorists or radicals. Don't join our little group just so you can be a dick to all the Masters and try to fight them.

[OOC: The name is up for the members of the group to decided on later. I just chose it becomes it seemed appropriate for now. Also when/if you comment don't be too harsh on me. I'm just trying to stir things up and create RP. If I overstepped my bounds or stepped on some toes then sorry.]
But, that's part of being a Jedi. Overcoming trials and being stronger after each one. I don't think these Padawans would resent The Order so much as they would, their individual Masters.

Also, there's already a faction of Jedi who don't wanna stop being Jedi but are still focusing on The Sith a lot: The Army of Light.

I do see where you're going with this, though. You can be like..The Ashleys.

Tyr-Kyr Magnus

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They don't resent their masters or the order, sorry if that wasn't clear lol. They just hate the Sith after what they did on Ossus and dont believe the council is hard enough on them.

It's mainly, for starters, just supposed to bring the surviving padawan together to promote rp on a common goal.