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Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae

Warden, Traveler, Hopeless Romantic
Aboard the Munificent-Class Frigate Young in Spirit, Wandering Hotel and Broadcasting Station
@Delila Castillon
"You know, I'm really glad you agreed to this."
Sammo said, smiling back to Delila as he led her through the metal corridors of his ship. Here and there old B1 droids could be seen cleaning the ship or making some repairs, the skeleton crew of sorts to the ghost ship.
He was holding a large box in his hands, probably Delila's clothes or some other stuff, he was helping her move in after all.
"I don't really get that many companions to fly with me, not for too long at least, I'm really excited actually."
He grinned to her.

They entered the cargo hold of the ship, now converted into the living quarters for visitors to the mobile hotel. Long rows of metal containers, each a room, filled the hold, stacked on each other and wielded together for security.
He would lead her up metal stairs on the side of one of the container groups. They were rectangular simply metal rooms but they were painted and furbished to make themselves presentable.
"And think of all the adventures we'll get into together! I should really tell you about the one time I had to climb a greater Krayt dragon."
@[member="Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae"]

Living on a weird skeleton ship and traveling with a pack of droids in its creepy interior was going to be odd. As in take some alcohol to sleep and not have nightmares odd. Sammo was normal enough for an HRD, its the ghost ship that gave her the creeps. As if they had come along something abandoned and overrun by droids and decided to stay the night. When he mentioned there weren't many flying companions that didn't stay for long, she could see why.

"Oh no problem, glad to be aboard. Not like I've got anything else going on....might as well get in trouble with you."

Climbing up the stairs, Delila looked at all the housing rows.

"So, how many people are staying on board with us? A lot right....I see quite a few rooms."

Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae

Warden, Traveler, Hopeless Romantic
@[member="Delila Castillon"]
He led her on a balcony sort of thing that you often see in motels, except there were no windows next to the door, looking into people's rooms that easily would be kinda creepy.
"Oh that really depends where we are going or from, people tag along and I ferry them to planets, saves them on fuel at least. We have few permanent members though. There's a Tarc cook who helps out in our on-board cantina, an Iyra medic for our infirmary, we have quite a lot of refugees from the Sith Empire, even from before the Empire fell, many were looking for first chance to escape. But now with war I expect to pick up even more of them."
He sighed,
"Then there's some spacers who just like crewing a ship like this but they were never accepted into any academy, and we have tourists surprisingly."
He smirked, looking back to Dells
"Some people like the creepy feel of the ship, although I tried to keep it much more decent inside than it is outside, helps in case we get into trouble."

He would stop in front of the room with number 147 on it, he would swipe a handy pass-card in the electronic lock to unlock the door,
"Well there we go, it's not much but it should be enough for travels."
It was a simple rectangular house, a bed with a nightstand was just to their right side, a holo-net screen on their left in front of the bed. In the back of the room there was a small kitchenette corner along with a sectioned out square compartment, bathroom probably.
The walls of the room were smooth, covered with a layer of plasterwork to cover the metal and painted over with khaki paint, a light green carpet covered the main section of the room, white tiles were placed in the back.

He offered the pass-card to Dells, she had to get back into the room anyway
"I would offer you to stay with me in my personal cabin near the bridge, but I don't exactly have a bed."
@[member="Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae"]

The room looked non-murderous enough. Seriously, it could have been far worse then again...Dells couldn't be choosy. What other choices did she have? Sleep at her desk at Firemane and be completely uncomfortable due to a certain brunette or grovel back to her parents home on Ord Mantell. Nope, Murder Motel was it for her, creepy droids and all.

Taking the pass card from Sammo, she pocketed before smirking slightly.

"Shame you don't have a bed. The night can get lonely and its been awhile." Taking the box from the arms of Sammo, Delila kissed his cheek and backed into her room.


Shutting the door, Delila placed the box down on a small chair and looked around her new home. The HRD had mentioned adventures and wondered exactly where the ship may be headed.

Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae

Warden, Traveler, Hopeless Romantic
@[member="Delila Castillon"]
Sammo's brows rose as she kissed his cheek and he was backing out of her room
"There's a bed right there."
He motioned to the one in her room, still backing out of the room
"I have a chair!"
He tried to plead
"A comfortable chair!"

Finally the door shot before him as he was out of the room, he took a few steps down the corridor towards the stairs before he stopped and leaned on the wall.
He touched the spot where she kissed him on the cheek lightly and grinned.
He whistled to himself as he continued down his way.

After a moment,
the door to the bridge opened, the droid skeleton crew manning the consoles as Sammo took his seat in the captain's chair.
"Anything to report?"
He asked glancing to the droids
"No sir, everything functioning at optimal conditions, passenger and crew did not submitted any reports."
He nodded, taking out a datapad and tapping on it
"Alright, set course for Abregado-Rae, connect me to the intercom systems."
Confirmed the droid as Sammo was relayed to the ship's system, soon enough his voice would be heard through the ship.
"Hello, this is the captain speaking, we will be setting course for Abregado-Rae, Protectorate Territory, to resupply and refuel, after that we will be heading towards the old Sith territory, seeking any distress signals from refugees. Pirate or slaver encounters are anticipated. Today cantina serves a bowl of MRE soup, slices of MRE, stir fried preserved vegetables and crumbled MRE, and a can of preserved mojo fruits. Courtesy of the Iron Chef Company on Abregado. Iron Chef- there is no meal like the one made by cold calculating hand of a droid."
He sighed
"That is all, enjoy your stay, however long it may be, and may the Force be with you."
He shut off the communication as he tapped on his datapad

He began speaking to the electronic tablet once more
"Dear diary, I helped Delila move in today to Young in Spirit, she gave me a kiss on my cheek, it's been first time that happened to me-"
"Good for you, Sammo, it was time for you to find that one girl meant for you, tee-hee!"
The diary responded to him in squeaky voice
"It fills me with a range of strange calculations and feelings I have not experienced before-"
"O-okay, Sammo, well maybe this is not something you should be talking about out-loud, especially on helm, there are other droids around you know-"
"I believe I will be re-watching that memory file through the journey to Abregado-Rae in my private quarters."
"Gross, please shut me off now!"
@[member="Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae"]

I hope the cold, calculating hand of a droid was sanitized.

Down in the cantina, Delila was eating her breakfast. She had survived her first night aboard Murder Motel, despite all the creaking she had heard. Hopefully it was merely an older life support system with loose fixtures. Leaning back in the chair, she thought of the message last night. Pirates and slavers. Reminded her of the time she wandered the Galaxy hunting down Bando Gora for the Protectorate. Those were good times. Steady work. Steady explosions. Unlimited Iron Chef meals on the battlefield.

The only thing that hadn't changed was Iron Chef apparently.

Stuffing a piece of canned mojo fruit into her mouth, she hoped some excitement would be headed their way once leaving Protectorate space.

Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae

Warden, Traveler, Hopeless Romantic
@[member="Delila Castillon"]
By then they would be in Protectorate space, in orbit of Abregado-Rae

Sammo walked through the metal corridors of the frigate, they still had some down time while shuttles were leaving or arriving on the Young in Spirit, any passengers on board took the occasion to either leave before they got a piece of too much excitement or purchase a bit of weaponry and armor on the surface of the planet.
Entering the cantina few passengers nodded to Sammo, muttering a greeting, he gave them a smile and a nod of return but quickly went back to scanning over the place. He quickly found who he was looking on, a smile appearing on his face as he spotted Delila, he strutted over closer to her table,
"How did you sleep, Delila?"
He gave her a nod and a smirk as he sat across the table from her
"Hopefully you didn't regret the decision and missed me too much."
He grinned and glanced to his right, seeing a Magnaguard and couple of B2 droids carrying large cases of MRE's and other supplies.
@[member="Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae"]

HK..ahem...Sammo was the only droid she knew that could strut. Probably made women jealous with that walk. Downing the last of her watered down powdered muja fruit juice drink, she looked across at the table. Dells joined in his grin, a joke already lined up for this very moment. Perhaps a touch cruel but there would be littler opportunity for such a joke ever again. One had to strike while the iron was hot.

"No regrets at all. I just traded one vibrator for another."

Winking, Delila barely held it together before laughing. Trying to catch her breath and not let out any more giggles, she did her best to continue on.

"So what are we doing today? What can I help with?"

Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae

Warden, Traveler, Hopeless Romantic
@[member="Delila Castillon"]
Sammo opened his mouth in a horrified gasp and gave out a little squaky
"Oh, my, Dells, I am agape."
He would lean back on the table, reaching across it towards her hands
"That's all you think of me, it makes me wonder whether I should talk to you at all."
He smirked, slightly tickling with his fingers at her hands
"And also it makes me wonder why in that case you were so eager to stay on the ship as me."
He gave her a wink

"As for today, we will be leaving Abregado soon and then heading towards old Sith sector like I said, not sure what we would need to prepare for, I might just need you as our security commander in case of boarding or ambush, or maybe if we would need to get down to planet's surface, I would need you right by my side as my bodyguard."
He gave a little shrug
"Nothing too bad or that we didn't face with the Protectorate."
@[member="Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae"]

"Don't flatter yourself." Delila hadn't spent time in HK's company in some time. She had forgotten his attachment to any breathing woman who paid him any attention at all. The redhead was fairly certain the droid was carrying a torch for Cira. Between the droid and Sarge the pair could form some type of weird club to commemorate their far away love.Standing to return her tray to the mess kitchen, she motioned with her head for Sammo to follow her.

"Your bodyguard? I wasn't aware of my new position. I also wasn't aware of your new found fragile state." Either way, she was ready to stretch her legs and do something."Don't expect me to take a bullet for you, I don't exactly have health insurance anymore."

Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae

Warden, Traveler, Hopeless Romantic
@[member="Delila Castillon"]
"But it is flattery!"
He smirked standing up to follow her
"With your background and skills, you have options Delila, much better ones than hanging out with me on a ruined ship and stick our noses in other people's business. But you chose to at least spend some part of that time and opportunity with me. That is flattery to me."
He grinned at her as he watched her put away the tray, motioning for her to follow him instead
"I'm not stopping you from leaving either way, you're my guest not a prisoner."
He would open the door to the cantina for her, or at least keep it from closing and let her go through first, since it was automatic and all.
"But I would miss you around here, like I missed you when I was on my leave away from things."

He would lead her through the halls of the ship towards turbolift that would take them to the bridge

"As for guarding me, well I am the captain after all, I'm kind of needed around here, and not everyone knows of my condition like you do, keeping up the ruse would be good for me, it's always another ace up my sleeve to pull out in case we get into serious trouble."
He smiled to her, by then they should be in the lift hopefully
"Besides, have you ever seen a captain take a bullet for his guard?"
He would push a button to the bridge as the lift's door would close and he looked up at the changing numbers of floors they were on as he said absently
"Although you know damn well I would take many for you and others."
@[member="Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae"]

"Taking a bullet for me is one thing. However, I can die. You merely get repaired."

She was following Sammo anyways. After all, he was apparently flattered by her staying on the ship. Must be a slow day in his life. Silently walking along the corridors with him, she could only assume they would be headed to the surface soon. Or a meeting. After all, why would he need a bodyguard to follow him around on his personal vessel?

"Lead the way, O Captain"

Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae

Warden, Traveler, Hopeless Romantic
@[member="Delila Castillon"]
"True enough, and I realize so, Delila, I've had plenty of organic friends since the Old Republic. Over time they went on to happier places where there is no Sith or war."
He smiled to her slightly but it was an empty smile, more of a gesture rather than honest smile of happiness, organic mortality and his lack of it was something he just had to cope with when developing friendships with organics. In some ways he came to peace with it, in others, it still haunted him.
A ding of the turbolift would snap him out of his thought as the door open
"Either way,"
He continued as they stepped aboard the bridge and looked back to Delila
"Let's just make sure I'll be catching more bullets for you than you for me, yep?"
He smiled to her more honestly then before one of the B1 droids came up to him, this one had blue markings on his head and shoulders

"Captain, all transfer has been concluded, we are ready for departure."
The droid nodded, Sammo responded with a nod back to him, stepping forward to sit on his Captain's Chair
"Very well, Second, thank you. Open transmission with the planet for me, hail the Observer."
He would turn back slightly to look at Delila, he motioned between her and Second
"Deli, this is Second-in-Command, by the way, he came with the ship."
The smaller droid looked to Delila, giving her a nod,
"If I knew that I will have to suffer the idiocy of his stunts, I would chose to remain deactivated."
The droid droned passively as he went to his console, soon image would flicker up on the screen of ship's holotransmitter.

It showed HK in a darkened room of his office on the planet, there was a painting behind him but it was unclear what it was.
"What do you want?"
He asked simply, Sammo simply smirked
"Just letting you know we're about to head off-"
The droid cut Sammo off slightly, but Sammo continued
"Was there anything you wanted for us to do while we're around?"
HK took a datapad nearby, looking over it
"Check around Sith territory, see if their remnants are trying to grab a hold of their old planets, then stop by Coruscant and go under-cover, there were rumors of discord between the Jedi and the Republic, see what that is about. After that check on Kaeshana, I have been working with Colonel Kerrigan, Protector Tegaea, and Major Castillon, perhaps they could put you to work as well."
The droid Observer would look up at the holotransmittter, not realizing Delila was present on the bridge as well.
"Now go do your role and I will do mine. Don't overstay your welcome."
The transmission would shut off promptly as HK hanged up.

Sammo sighed,
"Nice to see you too."
And he would look to Second,
"Set course for the Sith territory as planned, let's see if there'll be any trouble around."
Droid responded as the ship turned towards proper course into the darkness of space. Soon enough, their engines would zoomed and stars prolong into lines of light as they jumped into hyperspace.
What sort of trouble they would encounter? Only fate could tell
@[member="Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae"]

"Thank you for reminding me of my impending death." Delila said perhaps a bit too snarky of a manner. "I will add those thoughts to the musings of my current homelessness and jobless state."

Talk about joyous subject matter. In fact, it set her in an even worse mood than before. It wasn't necessarily Sammo's fault but more of her own, which was probably the reason she had just a rather angry reaction. Making sure she had a blaster, she continued on, nodding where appropriate and doing her best to look like a mean and scary bodyguard. Which in all honesty was probably fairly easy right now.

Keeping quiet throughout, Delila raised an eyebrow at the mention of Major Castillon. That was a long time ago. It made her immediately suspicious of this 'droid observer'. While it may simply be lack of communication, it was something she wasn't going to forget anytime soon.

-- Hours Later --

Outside the viewports the stars blurred, indicating they were still in hyperspace. In reality, they should be coming up on Sith space fairly shortly, if they werent already in it. If she was pretending to be a bodyguard she supposed it took some efforts to 'look' the part.

So here was was, wandering the halls near Sammo's quarters and communication rooms. It gave her time to think anyways.

Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae

Warden, Traveler, Hopeless Romantic
@[member="Delila Castillon"]

"I'm not immortal either, my end will come as well, it's just something we have to cope with."
Sammo would look back to Delila,
"And as for you being homeless, and jobless, that's not true."
He would smile softly at Delila
"You still have me-"
After a quick consideration he added quickly
"-and the Spirit, of course, of course."
He stumbled a bit, looking back to the viewport trying to avoid eye contact immediately after the comment, thankfully, Delila would probably not stick around too much longer after that.

-- And Hours Later Because Ti'Cira Rolled a 6 --

While Delila was wandering, Sammo would be left to his own devices, looking over the bridge and the ship, planning out next courses, making sure they had enough food and fuel supplies, things like that. They did not had that much time for peace once they crossed into ex-Sith space, because suddenly,

The entire of the ship would shake as they forced to exit from hyperspace,
"What's happening?!"
Sammo called out to Second quickly, droid working over his console
"We have been pulled from hyperspace by localized gravity well, a number of smaller vessels are in bound at intercepting trajectory."
Sammo would motion to the communications droid
"Sign alarm, all hands on deck, hail the biggest vessel."

Red lights would flash and alarms blare through the Young in Spirit, stirring spacers and security droids aboard alike.

Back on the bridge,
The holo-transmission terminal would flicker as the enemy ship was hailed, soon enough, an image of Old Empire's Navy Officer would appear
"State your designation before capture, unidentified vessel."
The aged remnant officer ordered as Sammo smirked slightly, pushing himself off of his captain's chair to appear in his whole form through the transmission.
"I am Captain Sammo of Rae, and this is civilian ferry vessel the Young in Spirit, we mean no harm, we are only passing through."
He answered as the Officer nodded simply,
"You will serve as supplies and fuel then, and your passengers as workers and soldiers, for the glory of the Empire."
Sammo smirked again as he moved closer to the communications terminal,
"My condolences on the untimely end to the glory of your Empire, by the way."
He quipped, the Officer scowled as his stance shifted into more aggressive one
"You insolent-"
Sammo pressed one of the buttons on terminal cutting off the transmission before the Officer could ramble for too long, instead switching to the intercom

"Hello, Young in Spirit, this is your captain speaking, it seems we are forced to face an Imperial Cruiser with a host of starfighters, they pulled us away from our journey with artificial gravity well and claim that the Glory of Empire requires sacrifice of passing civilian vessels. Well, I for one would like to show them that they should just take a hint and stay dispersed instead of keeping up their banditry on free folks of Galaxy, however, I will not push you into a full on battle just for my ideals."
He sighed a bit
"We will be jumping away as soon as we will exit their gravity well range, until then, all hands on deck and scramble our escorts, the battle will still be tough, I'm sure, and they will attempt to board us. To all of you, I wish good luck, and may the Force be with you!"
He would shut off the communications then motion to the security control droid

"Divert power from the long-range communications and broadcasting arrays to shields and make sure our security systems are powered up, I don't think they will be very talkative and there isn't anyone we can call for help in these parts. Direct bulk of our security droids to hangars, our hull is thick enough to avoid boarding actions in other parts but just to be safe, keep patrols around corridors."
He would slightly turn back to Second again as the security control nodded and followed the orders given
"Contact Security Officer Delila, have her meet me in the hangars."
Second would nod in response,
@[member="Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae"]

Exit their gravity well range?Pft, fat chance with this hulk.

Delila was summoned down to the hangar. Now, if they were expecting her to fly a starfighter and live they had better get another idea and quick. Most of the droid crew acted as if they had seen this before. Calm and collected, if droids could be such. Armed patrols wandered the corridors, looking through viewports where available. Emergency lighting was in full effect, giving an otherwordly glow to the rather normal passageways.

Jogging down to the hangar, she broke through the controlled chaos to find Sammo.

"You wanted to see me? What am I doing, tossing grenades out the window?"

Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae

Warden, Traveler, Hopeless Romantic
@[member="Delila Castillon"]
In the hangars,

Sammo was wearing his armor, directing the droid and spacers troopers in setting up barricades and defense zones in case they will get boarded.
He smiled to Dells and shook his head as he replied over the noise,
"No! We tried that, the air being sucked out, and then they bounce back due to the gravitational pull, it's a mess!"
He grinned to her as he motioned to the barricade positions they set up,
"I need you to take charge of our on-board security forces! Just like in Omega except we are the ones getting boarded this time!"
He would turn to her
"In mean time I'll be managing our spacers to get us out of here in one piece! And on the off-chance we will not make it-!"
He would look through his pockets, taking out a spare metal ring-socket he had for his lightsaber somewhere on him, he cleaned it hastily as he knelled in front of Delila, smirking to her,
"I hereby pronounce you my utmost lo- affection and other such positive feelings, will you marry me Delila?"
He grinned, teasing her as the ship shook, engines screeching in the distance as the ships on board began to scramble and started to engage into dogfights with enemy fighters and landing crafts. The shields around the Spirit lighted up with brilliant blue radiation of energy as the cruiser's bolts sprayed against the frigate's defenses.

"Sir! Enemy landing crafts incoming!"
One of the spacer soldiers hurried Sammo frantically as their defenses were about to be put to the test.
"Just one minute, soldier,"
Sammo would turn to him briefly,
"I'm still waiting for the answer."
He would say grinning to Delila.
"Oh for feth's sake just say 'no' already!"
The soldier called out with his voice almost breaking as another rumble shook the ship, Sammo's brows widened as he turned to him,
He called out to try and discipline the space trooper,
"Oh like proposing like this ever worked, you crazy son of a Whiphid Zombie!"

Another rumble was heard through the hangars as few of the Remnant landing crafts burst inside, preparing for imminent boarding action.
@[member="Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae"]

Delila did not look pleased. Mainly at the news of being boarded. Secondly was the fact the only real romantic interest in her life at this moment was a droid. Talk about falling to new lows in her life. One truly was kicked while they were down.

" Affection and positive feelings fade my dear." Imminent death did not bother her. Most likely due to the high number of close calls and injures she had sustained during her life as a soldier. She touched Sammo's cheek gently, smiling sadly. "I'd just break your heart."

Leaving Sammo kneeling on the decking as the ship shook, Delila slowly walked backwards. She didn't have her armor here. In fact, she didn't have any armor at all. Her personal armor had been sold to pay off an old debt. Still had her blaster rifle though, yet that was in the cabin...room...whatever she was staying in. Delila would either have to run back and get it or commandeer one.

Getting tossed a comlink that linked her to the entire security force, Delila turned back around to look at Sammo.

"Besides, your ring is crap. A little more sparkle next time."

Winking, Delila left the hangar to get her weapons, listening to chatter on the comlink.

"Secure all entrances. Rancor head formations for those of you who know what that is."

Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae

Warden, Traveler, Hopeless Romantic
@[member="Delila Castillon"]
"Don't you break my heart, my achy breaky heart?"
Sammo smirked back at Delila as she stepped back,
"Fine, if we'll make it through I'll get you something with more glamor!"
He called back to her as he stood up, taking his lightsaber into his hand as he looked back to the shuttles.

"What's the situation?"
Sammo spoke into his commlink as he looked over the spacer soldiers and droid regiments shuffling into formation Dellsy ordered them too. He let her take charge of them, he wouldn't interfere in that, he trusted that she knew her stuff, besides, droid's mind was better used in keeping track of all the chaos outside.
"This is Rogue Ropo Squad Leader, so far so good, their interceptors are on our tail but we can handle things so far, no causalities to report."
Sammo nodded to himself, tumbling behind a barricade to look out for any potential charges the enemies could conduct.
"Good, keep on it, Rogue Ropo, make your priority keeping our engines running, tramp freighters, how are you doing?"
There was a pause there before the Squad Leader responded,
"This is.. This is..-"
A sigh was heard, Sammo smirked,
"Say it."
Another pause before the Squad Leader continued,
"This it the Joyous Jiggly Puff Squad Leader, no casualties, we are performing flanking maneuver against their interceptor column to keep our fighters together.. Requesting squad's name change."
Sammo chuckled,
"Pay back the credits you owe me and then we can talk, carry on, Jiggly Puff."
He smirked, finishing the transmission, he may have been slightly silly but at least the news were good, their pilots were doing their job well, at this pace they would be in safety zone in no time.

But in mean time, a blaster bolt hit nearby Sammo's head and he scowled slightly, igniting his lightsaber as the combat in the hangars began. Another barrage came in their direction, many spacers hid wisely behind barricades, couple got hit with a stray bolt and collapsed, Sammo deflected few of the bolts, sending them back at the Remnant troopers.
@[member="Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae"]

Her earpiece chattered with talk about...a Jiggly Puff? What was that? Some type of dessert? Delila would have to ask exactly what such a thing was later on, if she survived. One's luck could only last for so long anyways and if she died on the Young in Spirit....well....then it was meant to be. Dying on a floating motel. What a way to go.

Shuffling into position, a barrage of blaster bolts continued down the hall. Soldiers tucked into alcoves where possible, firing back. Should they survive, Delila was going to mention installing hidden barricades to hide behind. That was if they were going to be constantly getting into these situations. Preparation was always extremely important to her.

The dizzying amount of bolts continued. Losing focus, Delila found herself quickly grazed on her bicep. Growling in frustration and pain, Delila wondered how angry Sammo would be if she threw a grenade. Wait....she didn't even have one. It was probably a good thing. Firing at their opposition and managing to drop a few, Delila spoke into her comm.

"Come around to the South corridor via a back entrance. Lets pinch these guys and knock them out."