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Rook Lokar

Rook Lokar

Young Blood
Aspiration is the strongest of convictions.

Name: Rook Lokar
Alias(es): N/A
Rank: Smuggler
Age: 22 GSY
Homeworld: Corellia
Citizenship: N/A
Affiliation: Independent
Occupation: Smuggler
Force Sensitive: No
Force Alignment: N/A


Father: Unknown
Mother: Ayla Lokar
Siblings: None
Extended Family: None
Others: None

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 1.81 M
Weight: 70 KG
Build: Athletic
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Modifications: N/A
The Smuggler isn't too tall nor is he too short, in fact he's rather average. His build shows off the muscle that he possesses but allows hims to remain athletic and physically fit, even agile. A certain smug smile is often stretched across his face, accompanied by his youthful looks.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality Type: ESTP
Strengths: Bold, Sociable, Perceptive, Innovative, Adaptable.
Weaknesses: Arrogant, Stubborn, Insensitive, Risk-Prone, Impulsive.

+ Silver-Tongue: ​It must be those Corellian genes, surely. Rook finds himself on the charismatic side of life, and with it comes the ability to talk your way out of, or even into, a lot of things. Be it a restricted area or out of someone's blaster sights.

+ Gunslinger: Seems it wasn't only the gift of the gab that Rook was on the receiving end of. Might argue that it was something trained, or maybe something that came naturally. Make no mistake, Lokar is quick on the draw with his sleight of hand that comes in use elsewhere.

+ Pilot: What good is a Smuggler if he can't fly? Rook's been doing this a long time coming, and after he took to the stars things only began to look up. Avoid a patrol, take a hazardous route, outmanoeuvre some imperial fly-boy even. You name it, he'll at least give it a good crack.

- Troublesome: The natural attraction to the attitude of living fast and dying young isn't common in most people, but it certainly is in Rook. He'll find himself in all kinds of trouble all over the galaxy. The severity of it always changing, but be sure he'll be in the thick of it.

- Verbal Sprinter: A natural liar, thief and cheat. A Scoundrel. That mouth of his never seems to stop running. It might work with those inexperienced with his kind of people, but there are all too many who are- especially in his line of work. It's bound to get him into trouble.

- Dangerous Youth: Inexperience and arrogance has never proven to be a great combination. Danger seems to be a common theme for Rook. Might as well make this one more reason as to why he'll no doubt end up in it soon enough.

In-depth Background

The Smuggler had no glorious beginnings, no tale of grandeur, or long line of legacy to descend from. It was the dirt, in which he owned. As the spawn of a one-night stand between a Slave Dancer and a Corellian Smuggler, Rook's upbringing was as one could assume given the cards he'd been dealt. That Smuggler that he may have called 'Father' wasn't there for his birth, and it's believed that his Mother only went through with it due to the leniency she'd receive in her time of pregnancy. Of course, it may be frowned upon, but what did a slave care for etiquette?

They had the dirt.

Rook faced adversity from birth. The Galaxy wasn't fair, and so he'd treat it accordingly. The boy was put to work taking things apart, putting things together, but stole what he could in order to make a quick buck. It was an easy thing to rationalise, really. When you stole from slavers there wasn't much of an argument to make, but it was all in the need for survival. Rook had come into his own when sitting behind the stick in his teenage years, learning to drive, learning to fly, learning to race. His ultimate salvation.

After all those years, all this time, he'd been given his opportunity to escape. A race of slaves, and the winner gains his freedom. Swoops haphazardly slabbed together, a death trap that was bound to get someone killed - spoiler, it did. The race was harsh, and as a boy in his late teens on the cusp of adulthood he'd scraped by through by the hair on his head. Rook would be lying if he said he felt fine with his actions within it, but that was the golden ticket.

Then what?

Caught in the open now. He had nowhere to go, he had nowhere to sleep, nowhere to eat. Perhaps being a slave was better than this. With Corellia in a state of disarray, everything was... difficult. The boy, or should it be man now? Man it is, had found employment at the Corellian Shipyards, spending several months. An honest living for a dishonest man. A YT-1500 caught his eye, and once it was all ready to go it found itself departing Corellia with a criminal at it's helmet. None other than Rook Lokar himself.

Smuggling was a prosperous career, no? It is where he turned, under that assumption. Spent time here, spent time there. He had made money where he could, and there was nothing else to it. Maybe he'd finally found his break...


Trade Mission - A Fresh(er) Start
Treasure Hunt - Debts Owed
Glitz & Glamour - How The Other Half Lives
Madrugada - Specs Of Sand
Lacuna - More Than She Bargained For
Youngblood - Kept In The Dark
The Siege of Commenor - Truth Hurts


Apparel: Generic Clothing
Weaponry: A13 Blaster Pistol
Vessels: YT-1500
Companions: R2-C4

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