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Roman Ack Terrefe

Roman Ack Terrefe

Roman Ack Terrefe
Illusion Form (Actual Form Not Revealed)​
NAME: Roman Ack Terrefe
FACTION: The Sith Council
RANK: Apprentice
SPECIES: Nàrran-Ulki Hybrid
AGE: Actual - 39, Illusion - 25
SEX: Male, though can appear as female, asexual, hermaphrodite, etc.
HEIGHT: Actual - 2.40 metres, Illusion - 183 cm
BODY BUILD: Actual - very muscular, Illusion - fit
EYES: Actual - medium-dark blue, Illusion - light blue
HAIR: Actual - none, Illusion - brown

(+) Nàrran-Ulki Hybrid - being a hybrid of these two species, he has some of their strengths, including physical strength, bigger body and the power to change his physical form.
(+) Force-Sensitive - being Force-Sensitive, Roman has advantages over normal people.
(+) Sly - Roman, though not having enormous amounts of knowledge, often manages to get out of troubles with his sly nature. His sly personality brings a few other, still undiscovered facts about him.
(-) Nàrran-Ulki Hybrid - being a hybrid of two species doesn’t mean, that one gets only their strengths. His weaknesses include bad actual body build, warmongering nature, cultural primitiveness and anarchic personality.
(-) Stubborn - Roman, being as stubborn as he is, has got into lots of trouble because of that.
(-) Loves Smoking - even though Roman understands smoking is not good for his health, he still loves smoking whenever he feels like he needs to do it.
(-) Suffers Depression - behind the strong surface of a monster, there lies a depressed soul in the core of Roman, being like that for most of his life.

Roman, born on a basically unknown planet called Crystalsong on a hot summer day in Markhareim, the capital city of Ulkirammor. Being half-Nàrran, half-Ulki, his childhood was crazy. Surprisingly, an Ulki woman’s - Roman’s mother - and a Nàrran man’s - Roman’s father - DNA allowed the creation of a hybrid. He was often seen as a monster, as a freak. He was bullied a lot and he often came home late at night, afraid to show himself to his parents because of being beaten up.

Despite being a hybrid and having strengths of both species, he was still quite weak compared to his “friends”. On one day, he was even kicked so hard, that his bones were broken and, like it was later discovered, he had been on the edge of death. It happened when Roman was only six years old, thus being too stupid to know what to do. His parents decided on that day, that they can’t continue living in such a place, so they moved away from Markhareim City, away from Ulkirammor.

They moved to a Niok tribe known as Crystal Caves. It was the biggest one there was, but the family didn’t fear being bullied again or discovered by the previous “friends” of Roman’s. They managed to live a happy life in the tribe, living like Nioks. One thing they loved about the natives was, that they didn’t bully anyone. They were tolerating, something Ulki nor Nàrrans were. They understood what Roman had gone through, so many Nioks visited him every day, just talking with him. After school, some children came to his home and played with him and it didn’t matter to them, that he was different. Everybody was equal in Niok tribes.

But depression caused by the bullies in Markhareim City didn’t go away, no matter what.

Time passed calmly. As Roman started feeling better, he was put into a school like all Nioks, because they still followed the simple rule of Nioks: everybody is equal. He quickly found even more friends and they seemed to like him, though sometimes Roman understood, that deep inside, they were all frightened of him.

And then came a day when some people from Ulkirammor found Roman and his family. They came to Crystal Caves just because they wanted to insult Roman, beat him down or… kill him. They thought he was a monstrosity, something which goes against the laws of nature, something which was meant to be destroyed. And these Ulki actually managed to bully him. This situation would’ve ended with Roman’s death again, but fortunately, Niok militia was able to stop them and destroy them, though they weren’t able to save Roman from another hard time when he suffered even stronger depression. Being about sixteen years old now, he understood everything. He almost ended his life himself, but just a moment before doing that, he chose not to do that.

Using a power of Nàrrans, he changed his physical form, appearing as a human. After that, he has never taken back his actual form, promising to himself, that he will never do. Things became a bit better and slowly, Roman started feeling more optimistic until nobody was able to tell, that he suffered from depression.

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