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Rolland CZ M1 002

Commander Lusk

Character sheet

NAME: Rolland CZ MK1 002
FACTION: Galactic Empire
AGE: 27
SEX: Male
WEIGHT: 280 pounds (out of armor)
EYES: Green
HAIR: Brown
SKIN: White

• Augmented super human designed and trained to be one of the galaxies deadliest warriors
•Intelligence, understands his enemy. analyzes his opponent and take him down
•Superior training

• EMPs

• Drained from the force, as a czar they are genetically modified to become stronger, faster, and smarter. But lose a good connection of the force due to the augmentation process. Unable to tap into the force around him as well as other force users.

•The feeling of being invincible, though the augmentations have made him stronger he is very much mortal and able to die. And with the great power that comes attached to augmentation so does the want and need to excell by putting yourself in dangerous situations.

•The heavy armor itself does provide great protection but is also very limiting to his movements slowing him down greatly despite augmentation.

APPEARANCE: Outside of the armor the man is a physically fit and altered super human massively scarred from the augmentations and intense training they go through. So he prefers to stay in his armor. Though when he does remove his helmet his hair is cut short and brown and eyes green.

BIOGRAPHY: The story of Trace Rolland began as a nineteen year old overzealous Jedi padawan who wanted more than he was ready for. He showed great potential in the force but his arrogance and pride was his ultimate downfall. Thinking he was too good for the Jedi order the padawan left to wander the galaxy making it from planet to planet as a miracle worker for hire. Until he reached imperial space at least, on the planet Atrisia Rolland was captured by the Inquisition and tortured to submit to their way of life. Upon refusal he was tossed into Project Pantheon as a Czar candidate for test trials. Often serving as only a lab rat for experiments of drugs and stabilizing agents. Though showing great signs of potential was moved up from test subject to Czar candidate. After the successful augmentation of the first Czar @[member="JerrickShado"] Rolland was quick to follow through the process. But in order to keep the man from seeking vengeance his memories were erased of the inquisition and his first name stripped. Now he fights for the empire unknowing of who he truly is and where he came from. Though only a student still he shows great progress and will make it through training to become the perfect warrior

SHIP: None



Lord Ghoul

This needs actual weaknesses. Not having the Force and being "untested" are not weaknesses.

You should also definitely flesh out how this genetic program "drains the force" from people, while simultaneously making them physically enhanced. Why does this detriment even happen in the first place? Wouldn't the lack of force powers be a problem that the program is looking to solve in future tests? Wouldn't the scientists want to weaponize this force draining if possible? These are questions that should probably be answered.

Otherwise, it looks pretty interesting. I'm interested to see where you go with Master Chie- excuse me, Rolland.

Oh, and 235 for a 6'8 super soldier might be a little on the light side.

Commander Lusk

@Mikhail Shorm you do realize the spartan program was based from the movie soldier, as well as the ancient Greeks themselves minus the kidnapping part, and the people who join this are volunteers? I just wrote up this character to be like this to make it more interesting. But thank you for the advice and I somewhat explained why they are slightly less cut off. And the materials used to augment them are all cannon. Star wars could of made Spartans a long time ago if they so chose to its just I haven't seen anyone put them together in this manner before. So yes you can call him master chief but you could call master chief Kurt Russel as well. Food for thought