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Rinn Vax

NAME: Rinn Vax
RANK: Apprentice
SPECIES: Zabrack
AGE: 17
HEIGHT: 1.87 Meters
EYES: Purple
SKIN: Tan with the Tattoo's being Black


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Strengths: Two hearts, good resistance to physical strength, good lightsaber skills, musular
Weaknesses: Poor Vision in the Dark, Most Animals hate him, poor agility making him not able to run for long periods of time
N/A (Yet, I will update for when he gets one)
.Double Bladed Crimson Lightsaber that can split into two with a button near the top
.Black Sith robe
.Cybernetic Mask allowing thermal vision and increased sight
.Cybertronic armor under robe explaing why he is slow most of the time and it also protects his body from heavy blows

Vax grew up like most Zabrack kids, going to school and playing. At Home he sparred with his dad using sharpened Sticks almost every night. When his 11th birthday came around a Strange ship landed in the city he lived in, he went out to go investigate what it was. He found a Sith Knight standing at the foot of the ship looking out then see's Vax and speaks to him telling him to come with him because, something bad would happened if he stayed. Vax would ignore him then turns around to walk back home then see''s building on fire, He noticed pirates killing Civilians and he saw some Civilians that were his parents. He rushed off to go help but was stopped by a pirate, Rinn would grunt as he stopped him then kicked him in the gut making the pirates weapon fall and Van would take it then loads it and fires at the Pirates neck. The Pirates would fall to the ground just as he saw some pirates Kill his parents. His mouth would hang open then closes into a angered expression and he would run up to the pirates, he would fire at one hitting it's head then he would leap upward and pulls all his for to his right fist and opens it up as a wave of force comes out knocking some pirates away. He would see his parents bodies then turns around and walks up to the Sith Knight
I'll go with you
he would follow the sith into his ship, Rinn would show rage on his face as he glanced back at his old home.

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