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Approved Tech Rife Glands, The Ultimate Hairdoo

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  • Intent: Additional Products Sold by The Hierophant's Entity
  • Image Source: Here and Here (Specifically Here, however.)
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Butcher's Nails
  • Manufacturer: The Hierophant's Entity
  • Model: Rife Glands
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market
  • Modularity: Yes
    Additional Durasteel Plating Optional

[*]Production: Semi-Unique
[*]Material: BonemerGen'Dai Genetic MaterialAntennapalpsFire Wasp Genetic MatieralTarc Genetic MaterialBiotoxin GlandsAmphistaff Genetic MatieralPower Glands
  • Extreme Sensory Expansion
  • Additional Appendges
  • On-Call Neurotoxin
  • Lightsaber Resistant
  • Self Healing
(Describe in detail the special features of the technology item. )


  • Blind Man's Sight -
    In the mess of hair, a few careful strands serve as exceptionally powerful sensory organs. Each offer the host various information based on their surroundings, starting with expanded 'hearing' range and sensitivity, echolocation on a subsonic level, extreme sensitivity to air currents and movement, organic recepetors that sense surges in emotion and detect danger, and lastly a very slight sensitivity to changes in the force due to the process in which they were created. Effectively, each nerve strand is capable of sensing a human's heartbeat at nearly two hundred meters.

[*]Hail Hydra! -
  • With each follicle serving as a seperate entitiy, the host is given a series of varying appendages that work as newly formed hands and in extreme cases, even legs. This, in conjunction with the Gen'dai DNA, create a series of extremely powerful limbs that are capable of doing damage to anyone and anything that find itself in their unfortunate path.

[*]Spittin' Hot Fire -
  • ​In addition to great strength, each strand of 'hair' is coated in a series of specialized barbed coiled threads that jut out to break skin in the reciever. While the host is immune to the effects through immune adaptations, the releasement of nematocysts into the foreign body creates an excruciating experience that lasts only a few moments before fading into numbness, and lastly full paralysis. Despite the potency of the venom, standard medical pathogens are capable of nuetrolizing it if administered early on.

[*]Saber Jockey's Bane -
  • With Amphistaff powerglands brought into its very construction, the structured hair replacement is invulnerable to standard lightsabers in combat, and otherwise extremely durable against more standard weaponry. This is in part due to mimicking the frequency at which lightsaber's work, but also in part due to the bonemer plating over Tarc based chitinous exoskeletons of each.

[*]Wound-Be-Gone! -
  • ​Each strand is a miracle of healing capacity by taking from the Gen'Dai their regenerative properties. With millions of nerve clusters situatated throughout the entirety of the structure, they experience not only the additional sensory acuity but the ability to recover from complete dismemberment. This doesn't apply to the host's main form, strictly reforming only the enhanced biology of their antenna like structure.

Weaknesses :
  • Loud Noises! -
    When first acclimating to the new organs, many subjects suffer a slow fall into insanity do to not being able to process the boundless new sensory information they recieve. To even be compatible with the bioengineered parasite like device, one must have an extreme resistance to mental strain and an iron will. Those who fail this, even in the beginning, will experience their own mind broken; especially if not taking the first steps to a new limb slowly. ​

[*]Apoptosis -
  • As with the sensory information, those beings who are unable to create the naturally forming resistance to the toxins found in the strands of hair will find themselves soon the target of their own venom. Many a man has been killed by falsely thinking their own body strong enough to overcome the sickness that comes from the hair; leading to much of those who attempt the symbiotic relationship to fall paralyzed in a shallow grave.

[*]Big Wig -
  • Simply put, they're heavy. Under normal circumstances, the muscular structure and pure density of the 'hair' cause normal necks to be unable to form a proper foundation. Without secondary enhancements, or a burly standard to begin, most who use the organ will see themselves off balanced, if not outright unable to fight nor walk without assistance.

[*]My hair! -
  • Although often covered by the more impervious exterior appendages, a few of the more sensitive strands that grant the weapon its potent sensory information can find themselves exposed. In these situations, if struck the host would be overcome with unbearable pain; something so horrendous that the body would instantly fall victim to its own response.

[*]So... Hungry... -
  • As with any expansion of the body, the food intake of the body must increase to compensate for the extra organs. In this case, depending on the size and strength of the appendages, hosts will be forced to double, if not outright triple their intake of food. This forces them into a precarious situation should they ever be faced with a survival situation, or any prolonged combat situations such as battlegrounds or sieges.

[*]Lobotomite -
  • Due to its sensory requirements, hosts suffer from portions of the brain replaced by newly synthesized versions that become supplementary to the hair strands and only the hair strands. As a result, emotional sections of the brain that would normally help equalize the host's mood are void; effectively creating an emotionally unstable titan that works for nothing more than whatever changes their fancy at the given time. Effectively the emotional health of an insane teenager mid puberty.

[*]Haircuts Don't Work -
  • There is no practical way of getting rid of them short of dying; as the replacement of sections of the brain do not allow for removal. Should one even attempt, brain death would come in short order, and the end of the life would be in only moments.

[*]Well... I like them... -
  • Honestly, they're pretty gross... Like, really gross.

[*]Metaphysical Touch -
  • ​Due to standard Gen'Dai and Tarc genetic sequences within the strands, they are still susceptible to the force and its whims; meaning those who wear this weapon should still take into consideration the dangers of force sensitives.

[*]​Allergic To Honey -
  • ​Through genetic issues that were not able to be solved by simple alterations, the user will inherit a susceptibility to sparkbee honey. While usual reactions often occur in the form of hives to severe anaphylaxis, users who are subjected to such a substance and do not remove it will suffer from cerebral edema, creating a plethora of problems ranging from seizures to death.



Rife glands find their genesis in the abominable factories of The Slave; inspired by nothing more than witnesses a haircut while under various substances. After consulting the leadership and council of Lorrd, and their subsequent advice not to do it, he created the ultimate head based organ to ever be created in the galaxy.

Effectively, through a symphony of genetic material and synthetic structures, The Slave created a outright potent follicle system that not only allows for expanded sensory information, but even more so the ability to fight with nothing more than the meters of bone enforced muscle structures; each armed with abhorrent neurotoxins that are capable of destroying muscles structures and paralyzing nearly anyone who is exposed.

When ordered, the creature is nothing more than the size of a small earwig; and forms as such. Placed in the ear, those who subject themselves to the parasitic and tumorous like growth of the Rife Glands will be subjected to extreme pain over the course of several weeks while the horrifying growth around their scalps and skull are restructured to accommodate for the massive tentacles.

Once formed however, the organs are as natural as anything; simply an extension of the body like an arm or leg. However, because of this they do require exercise and training to be utilized at full capacity; lest they fall into subjective disrepair, becoming nothing more than dense paperweights that hold the neck tight against the shoulder.
[member="The Slave"]

Thank you for your patience.

Upon reviewing this, it is quite a powerful biot. You are also mixing gen'dai genetics into this.

A few of these weaknesses are not really weaknesses in a PVP mentality, so I am recommending a few to balance this out. I'd also like this to be Semi-Unique, meaning that it can only be used by PC characters.

Some more weaknesses are:

1) You could give the person residual sparkbee allergy across their entire body

2) Still subject to Baffor Pollen Allergy

3) Due to the gen'dai genetics, is still susceptible to the force.
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